8 Beautiful Lesbian and Gay Engagement Gift Glasses

Finding lesbian and gay engagement gift glasses isn’t terribly hard. Find the perfect set, on the other hand, is a bit trickier. Do you go with funny or sentimental? A tumbler or a stout glass? I included a little bit of everything for you below to help narrow your choices. Take a peek!

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In a rush and need something right away? Check out our top Amazon picks on the table below! Then, read on for the full list, including some from Etsy.

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8 Beautiful Lesbian and Gay Engagement Gift Glasses

From personalized glasses to funny ones, there are tons of choices, and probably not enough time to see them all! Take a look at these lesbian and gay engagement gift glasses, and choose something amazing!

1. Personalized Engagement Glasses

These ones are absolutely perfect and also personalized. You can find them on Amazon and customize them with their names and engagement date. They can even use them on their big day to share a toast!

2. Hand Painted Boho Champagne Flutes

These glasses are absolutely perfect for anyone. They have a stunning design, are entirely hand made, and the couple receiving them will have a blast! These are available on Etsy and you can even add a small personalization.

[lasso ref=”tidd-403″ id=”20722″ link_id=”77517″]

3. Funny “Engaged AF” wine & beer glass set

If one half of the couple loves wine while the other prefers a hearty stout, then this is the set you want! It’s funny without being NSFW (we all know what “AF” means, right?). Plus, it’s super durable, so it’ll last well beyond the “I Dos.”

4. “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged” Wine Glass

Awesome glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and this one is definitely awesome. You can get this for your couple, and see how happy they are to show their rings off, and also prepare for the big wedding! It’s available on Amazon.

5. I Took a Shot, I Said Yes Shot Glasses

These glasses are absolutely perfect for the newly engaged couple! One says “I took a shot,” and the other says “I said yes.” They’re great for both gay and lesbian couples because there’s no “he asked, she said” gender-specific language. You can personalize them with the couple’s engagement or wedding date.

6. Personalized Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are a thing, and these ones from Etsy can be fully personalized. For starters, you need to choose how many you need, as you can ask for one, two or three glasses.

Then, you can select the month, year and day the couple got engaged, which will make the calendar, and then have their names written there! These are going to become the to-go shot glasses for a long, long time.

[lasso ref=”tidd-404″ id=”20726″ link_id=”77524″]

7. “I Asked” and “I Said Yes” Champagne Flutes

If you like the shot glasses above but wish they came in champagne flutes instead, check these out! They have a wonderful design which will definitely make a difference. You can change the color of the glitter, wording, and even the ring design. Grab them on Amazon Handmade.

8. “This is my Wedding Planning Wine” Tumbler

Of course, after the engagement, it’s time to start preparing for the actual wedding. This wine tumbler will definitely make everything awesome for both of them! You can find it on Amazon.

It can be incredibly hard to find the right set of glasses for a newly engaged couple. You may not know if you want them personalized, simple, or maybe even with a funny message. Happily, you now have all these awesome lesbian and gay engagement gift glasses, so you’re covered!

From cute to gorgeous to just plain funny, these lesbian and gay engagement gift glasses will be a huge hit with the couple. Check them out!

Which one of these engagement gift glasses do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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