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Lesbian couple embracing and celebrating a year of firsts

Now that your epic wedding day is behind you, the fun truly begins! Looking for some super cute ideas on how to celebrate a “year of firsts” in style? We’ve come up with a list of things to celebrate, plus some great tags and other little gifts to mark the occasions and make sure those memories last a lifetime. All of these ideas are perfect for anyone, including, of course, same-sex couples.

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How to Celebrate a Year of Firsts in Style

Every year, you make new memories, reach new milestones, and have “firsts”. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, these will still occur.

That could be the first time travelling to a new country, the first bottle of wine, or the first argument. Whatever it is, you can celebrate.

If your anniversary is coming up, a year of firsts gift is a truly wonderful idea. Here are some of my favorite little gifts to buy each other. Then, keep reading for some fun ways to use them!

P.S: We do make a small commission when you use one of our links to buy an item. It costs you absolutely nothing – full disclosure.

1. Year of firsts gift tags 

A year of firsts milestome tags
Picture: BestCelebrations / Etsy

How amazing are these gift tags – you can attach them to any other sentimental items you may have bought – including wine bottles? Just an idea.

They say things like “first dinner party” and “first home”. You can personalise them for your own little milestones. I’ve seen people attach these to jars of sweets, date night prompts, and other little gifts.

I also love them because they actually give you ideas you may not have thought about, like your first dinner party.

2. Poem tags 

Poem tags for a year of firsts
Picture: SweetTeaPaper / Etsy

A little bit similar to the tags above, but these include a lovely little poem. If you want to add a little more pizazz, these are a great little addition.

Of course, they are wine tags, but you can use them to tag, quite literally, anything – the possibilities are endless.

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3. Floral year of first tags 

Picture: NoraKatie / Etsy

The same concept as above, but with a lovely little floral design. The major difference, this set only comes with 4 gift tags. So, I’d also grab of the others for all your other year of firsts celebrations.

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4. The year of firsts basket tag 

Marriage Milestone Wine Basket Main Tag
Picture: SimplyMegaDesigns / Etsy

Why not fill your own basket up with your very own year of firsts? With this gorgeous “main” tag, it can become a nice little piece of decor.

I actually think this would look amazing on the side of a jar. When you reach a new milestone or something new happens, write it down on a little piece of paper and put it in the jar. Every now and then you can pick out some of those special memories.

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5. Year of firsts wine labels 

Year of firsts wine labels
Picture: KLRDesignsShop

This is one of my favorite year of first ideas. Stock up on some wine of your choice, and stick a label on them. Take these examples “First anniversary” and “First Christmas” – when that milestone comes around, crack the bottle of wine open and celebrate.

Please keep in mind these are PDFs, and you will have to print and stick them yourself.

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6. One year down notebook

One year down notebook
Picture: Thecraftbus /Etsy

How cute is this notebook? You could consider writing down all your firsts in this book. Alternatively, you write them down as the year goes on, and give it as a present on your anniversary. It’s so thoughtful.

I would buy two, one for each of you. After each first, you both write down your thoughts/feelings about the day in your own journal. Then, swap them on your anniversary.

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7. Year of dates

A Year Of Dates Box Valentine Gift  Date Night Cards First image 0
Picture: LittleBirdDesigns Ltd / Etsy

And a notable mention – this cute little year of dates box, which I just had to share with you all. It’s filled with an entire year of date night ideas. Remember, every single date is technically a “first,” since it’ll be your first time doing it as a married couple.

It comes in multiple colors and styles, so you can personalize it for a gay or lesbian couple.

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A Year of Firsts Ideas to Celebrate

So, with my little gift ideas out of the way, what are some “year of firsts” ideas? I’ve compiled a list, do you don’t have to. Here is my year of firsts list:

  • First Home
  • First New Years
  • First Thanksgiving
  • First Christmas
  • First Holiday
  • First Camping Trip
  • First Road Trip
  • First Baby
  • First Day Married
  • First Fight
  • First Dinner Party
  • First Valentines
  • First Puppy
  • First Anniversary
  • First Car
  • First Holiday
  • First Easter
  • First Halloween
  • First Movie
  • First Date
  • First TV Series Finished
  • First Time Spent Apart
  • First Major Move

Really, anything is an excuse to celebrate – especially if there’s wine involved. Can you think of anything else that would be a notable “first”?

I think these kind of gifts are so thoughtful and really set a mood for the next year to come. Like I said, whether it’s your first year or 20th year together – you’ll constantly be experiencing new firsts. That’s marriage.

Lesbian couple embracing and celebrating a year of firsts

Do you have any other ideas on how to celebrate a year of firsts? Share below!

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