10 Outstanding Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Already Living Together

wedding gift ideas for couple already living together

It’s often hard to find great lesbian wedding gift ideas for couples already living together. Choosing a gift to really “wow” them can be tough, especially when it seems like they have everything they need. However, we believe there is always something new that can spice things up or invoke a heartfelt “ooh” or “ahh” in the happy couple. Below are some top gift suggestions for all couples who already live with each other, LGBTQ or otherwise.

Our Top Pick

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Here’s a quick peek into what we have coming in the list below. Our favorite out of all these wedding gift ideas for couples already living together is the TWOVET couples comforter.  Different body temperatures? No problem! With this comforter you can still cozy up together under the same blanket.

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Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Already Living Together

We choose a mixture of great ideas from two of our favorite places to shop- Amazon and Etsy. Take a look at the best Amazon ideas on the table below.

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1. TWOVET Dual Zone Couples Comforter 

Coming in two different sizes to fit any couple’s bed, the Twovet comforter will have them happily wrapped up every night. Everyone can use an extra comforter for cold winter nights, right? There is a thin side and a thick side depending on who gets hotter during the night. It’s the perfect choice for couples who like to fight over the covers at night.

Make sure you know which size their bed is because you have a choice of king or queen. 

2. Housewarming Gift Wedding Gift Custom Doormat 

Housewarming Gift Wedding Gift Custom Doormat 

Already living together? No problem! No matter what stage their relationship is in, a custom doormat will really bring that sense of home to their abode. The name and the date are of course, customizable and the size is as well. The mats have an anti-slip backing making it suitable for all surfaces.

Pay attention when typing in the customization text because the seller copies and pastes it exactly as is, even the capital letters. You don’t want to make a typing error and ruin the gift!

3.  “Heart in Heart” Personalized Artwork

There is always room for photos on the walls in any home. Who wouldn’t love to look at sunny and sandy beaches all day? We know we would! This is why customizing this tropical vacation photo with the names of the happy couple can bring them to their peaceful place no matter what the weather is like outside.

The size and the actual photo can be customized. You can take a gander through the options which also include an American flag, a rowboat on a lake, and hot hair balloons!

4. Personalized Cheese Board 

personalized cheese block wedding gift ideas for couples already living together,

Whether you customize it with their anniversary or move in date, hint at the happy couple for more house parties and get togethers at their place with this customized cheese board. They’ll definitely think of you every time they break out this cheese board that can also double up as a cutting board as well.

Made from real wood, you can select the material for this gift idea. Of course, the words and lettering can be customized, making it perfect for everyone including same-sex couples.

5. Luxor Linens Couple’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe

What could be more of a definition of luxury and bliss than lounging around in soft terry cloth bathrobes after a nice and relaxing bath?

While the pre-printed robes do all say “his” and “hers,” they have personalization options that are a better fit for same-sex couples.

The bathrobes are made of tough and durable material that can withstand the test of time.

6. Push Pin World Map

Push Pin World Map

This world map is definitely one of my all-time favorite wedding gift ideas for couples already living together. It encourages them to celebrate traveling the world as newlyweds! If they don’t have much space in their dwelling, that’s no problem at all. You can customize the size and the material of the map.

Having this lovely world map on display will also hopefully help push them to go out there and explore this magnificent world of ours.

7. Aromascape “Home is Where the Heart Is” Scented Candle 

Coming home to a nice smelling house after a long day sure makes a place feel extra homey. Home is really where the heart is and is where the fragrance is too with this 3-wick candle.

The triple wicks help burn it more efficiently without having any part of the wax going to waste. If you find the label too literal, you can also take your pick of other sentences to put on the candle.

8. Wall Mounted Wine Rack

This one is perfect for that the couple who really enjoys a glass of wine or two at night. Help them organize their wine collection with this wall mounted rack. It is large enough to hold up to 5 bottles and even has a place to hang glasses to keep them safely stowed away. Plus, it comes with 6 cork wine charms just to sweeten the deal!

9. Handmade His Hers Paws Key and Leash Holder 

wedding gift ideas for couples already living together- key and leash holder

Misplaced keys are a common issue in any household. This key and leash holder is a great gift for couples with pets. I particularly love it because you can customize it with names and different designs.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a “guy and guy” or “girl and girl” option, which is incredibly disappointing. I am still including it because the designs can still work for many LGBTQ couples.

However, if you want something a bit more same-sex-friendly, I recommend going with LGBTQ Customs or this one with just the couple’s names.

10 . Mia Mio – Coffee Mugs/Kissing Mugs

Last but not least, everyone can use a mug for coffee or tea, or whatever beverage is their favorite. The unique thing about these mugs is that they fit together perfectly in a kiss, which celebrates the couple as well. They come in two different colors and gift packaging as well making them the perfect gift for any occasion for couples already living together.

Final Recommendation

It's often hard to find gift ideas for couples already living together, but we think these top picks will really wow them! Take a look!

A customizable doormat, a dual comforter, a customized cheeseboard and plenty of artwork, what more could a happy couple ask for to put in their home? Carefully gift wrap the gift and add a heartfelt card to really increase the sentimentality of the gift.

Which suggestions were your favorite? Which one did you end up choosing? Tell us your favorite wedding gift ideas for couples already living together below!

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