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What are the best wedding gifts when not attending? With current events making it hard for people to celebrate with their loved ones in person, I’m seeing this question pop up more and more every day. Even during the best of times, sometimes things happen and life gets in the way of attending our friends’ ceremony. 

How can you make your own little personal apology, and give the lucky couple something which makes them feel like you’re there in spirit? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite “Sorry we couldn’t be at the wedding” gifts, to make the entire situation easier to handle. We’ll look at some of the best options below.  First, though, let’s talk etiquette for sending a wedding gift when not attending. 

Should you send a gift if you’re not attending?

While opinions vary, it is ultimately your choice, explains Southern Living. While Emily Post would say wedding gifts are never optional, today’s society is a bit more relaxed in terms of etiquette. If you can afford to send one, though, you can never go wrong by doing so.

If you have decided to send a gift, here are our favorites below. We do include affiliate links in this article. This means that we do make a small commission every time you use a link to buy an item, this comes at no extra cost to you.

1. Personalized wedding print 

You can’t be there, but you can make everything a little personal. This wedding print is such a cute idea, which will be much appreciated by the lucky couple.

This includes the date and location of the wedding – showing that you wish you were there and that you’re there at heart.

Wedding Gift Personalized Print

Bespoke custom made engagement maps make the perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift or engagement gift!

2. Personalised Pajamas 

If you can’t attend a wedding in person, maybe you can have a little get-together after. Perhaps a weekend away with some of the bride’s closest friends? These personalized pajamas would be a great little thing to wear for that exact occasion. Of course, they’re a great wedding gift on their own, even without the sleepover.

Personalized Pajamas

 Material is high quality super soft stretchy rayon cotton with spandex.

3. Champagne flutes 

If you can’t be there to toast the happy couple in person, let them know you’re toasting them in spirit with these beautiful engraved champagne flutes. They can use them on every anniversary and think of you!

You can change the engraving, so this can easily become a Mrs. and Mrs. or Mr. and Mr. set.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

4. Cute soap 

heart soap

These handmade heart soaps are so cute and thoughtful! These are just a cute and affordable little gift and a perfect way to say “sorry.” They’re also super useful – who doesn’t need soap, right?

5. Membership box 

There’s a way to show somebody that not only do you wish you could be there, but you’ll always be there for them. This can be done in the shape of a monthly membership box. A curated honeymoon box gives the couple to be a selection of high-quality products that they’ll adore.

This is a long-lasting gift, which just keeps on giving. This is the perfect way to be with the lucky couple all the way, in your own unique way. They also have unique boxes for before the wedding!

Curated Honeymoon Box

With your monthly membership, you receive (1) Bridal Subscription Box (each month) & are eligible for shop discounts all month.

6. Funny Mug for the Bride

Don’t be afraid to get a funny gift. This mug will put a smile on their face, and make a sad situation (the fact that you can’t make it to their big day) a little brighter. Who doesn’t love a good pun, right?

Nacho Average Bride Mug

11oz ceramic mugs with a wide handle and glossy shine, finished on both sides.

7. Pampering Gift Set

Weddings are stressful, and you not being there might add to the stress. You can help with this by getting a great pamper set, which will just chill them out a little bit, hopefully.

I love this one because citrus is such a gender-neutral scent for both men and women, making it great for two brides, two grooms, or a bride and a groom. Nearly every part of it is handmade, too, so you support independent artisans.

8. Vow books 

You might not be there to witness the vows, but you can still be there in your own little way. That’s where the little vow books come into play.

With these beautiful books, they’ll remember the magical words that the exchanged with each other forever.

9. Wedding keepsake box 

This wonderful box gives the newlyweds a place to put all the important pieces from the wedding. Not only is this just a great thing for them to have – something to look back on and be nostalgic about, it also gives you something to look through, when you do get to see them.

Wedding Keepsake Box

This lovely wedding keepsake box is the perfect gift for a special couple or, if you are the bride or groom, to store keepsakes from your big day.

10. Small regret card 

Don’t forget to get the couple a little “sorry card.” It’s just a thoughtful gesture that goes great with whatever gift you choose. Of course, you could also add a gift card or even money to make it a complete gift on its own.

Sorry We Couldn't Make It Regret Card

This is a beautiful slightly textured white square card with the word Sorry in gold glitter and the words "but we can't make it" printed in black ink.

Do you need to send wedding gifts when not attending? If so, what are some great ideas? Read on for the answers to both questions!

We hope these ideas for wedding gifts when not attending will make saying sorry a lot easier and give you a few ideas on what you can get the lucky couple, instead of gracing them with your presence. 

Just remember, these make beautiful “I’m sorry” extras, but you should still make your primary gift something from their registry. They made one for a reason. 🙂

What are some of your favorite ideas for wedding gifts when not attending? Share below!

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