How To Plan an Epic Rainbow-Free Same-Sex Wedding During the Fall

Fall wedding decor, like gold pumpkins and leaves- perfect for your rainbow-free same-sex wedding.

A friend recently asked me for help planning a great rainbow-free same-sex wedding. As much as she loves the Pride flag and everything that it stands for, she never really envisioned walking down the aisle surrounded by a riot of color when she pictured the perfect day.

There’s absolutely no rule that says you can’t have a gay wedding without “rainbows, rainbows, everywhere!” So, if bright colors just aren’t your think, keep reading for some great tips to decorate without them.

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How To Plan an Epic Rainbow-Free Same-Sex Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the hardest “happy” things you’ll ever do. There are many aspects you need to keep in mind- what to wear, what to say in your gay wedding vows, how to deal with unsupportive relatives, how to keep great-auntie Karen from bankrupting you at the free bar…the list is never ending.

Rainbows, however, are NOT something that needs to be on your “to worry about” list. If you don’t like them or envision them as part of your wedding decor, ditch them. It’s that easy! At least that’s the advice given to this Redditor, who asked for tips for a rainbow-free “heteroflexible” wedding.

Let’s take a look and see how you can turn your same-sex wedding into one of the most impressive fall days for everyone. With fall right around the corner, we’re focusing on Autumn decor. That said, all of these tips work regardless of the season.

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1.Organize A Themed Wedding

Just think about what’s the thing you and your partner love. If you think about it, rainbows are a theme too, so feel free to use whatever you want without feeling guilty for making it the way you want.

The couple above, for example, decided to choose a Dungeons and Dragons theme for their wedding and the results were just pure fun! We love his advice:

Nobody says your wedding has to be anything but what you want it to be. Just have fun and don’t stress about it being perfect and think about what makes it right for the two of you. Good luck and enjoy the planning!

2. Make your venue part of your decor

What would work best for a fall wedding? Well, if the temperature allows it, having your wedding in a festive lodge or apple orchard. Look for details to complete your big day, such as golden leaves, fall flowers and golden accents. Think about it- the more you allow nature to take care of the decor, the more money you’ll save for other things!

Champagne glasses for two grooms in front of a fall table setting, perfect for a rainbow-free same-sex wedding.

3. Choose Complementary Outfits

Since all eyes will be on you and your true love, your outfits basically become part of the overall theme and decor.

Finding the dresses or suits for your wedding can seem like a very tough mission. When it comes to fall weddings, the colors may be a little hard to choose and match. Thinking about the dark shades, there has to be something you’ll fall in love with.

4. Choose Seasonal Flowers

Fall flowers such as anemones, orchids and roses will make incredible bouquets and centrepieces for your wedding. There are endless possibilities and nothing should stop you from choosing EXACTLY what you want. If your theme allows it, you can place decorated fruit bowls around the venue.

5. Go Rustic!

Nothing goes better with fall than the rustic style. Hay wagons, vintage trolleys and sophisticated decorations can make your day incredible. If you’re a fan of this style, then you should go ahead and find a venue where you can fully create it!

Rustic fall wedding decor with fruits and wine on a table

6. Choose Fall Specific Food

During the fall, you and your guests may want to enjoy the delicacies. Dishes such as spaghetti squash topped up with caramel apples and a pumpkin spice latte next to them will give your wedding that atmosphere you were hoping for.

Four caramel apples sit on a wooden block. Caramel apples make beautiful rainbow-free same-sex wedding decor.

7. Plan Your Photos

As the days are getting shorter in the fall, you need to make sure there’s enough light for your photographer to take the amazing shots of the whole event. You can ask him to go first and take photos around the venues until you and your guests get ready!

8. Make It As You Want

Since your big day is all about you, you need to make sure that everything is just the way you want it. Don’t be afraid to express your style, even if the theme comes out to be a combination of many elements. It’s going to be unique to you!

As we’re talking about a fall wedding, make sure you wear long sleeves, as the weather can change in any second. Of course, you can choose a custom dress or suit to be prepared in case of such events.

If you just never envisioned a riot of color as part of your big day, you'll love these tips for a rainbow-free same-sex wedding. Check them out!

Follow these tips and you’ll have a memorable rainbow-free same-sex wedding that your guests (and you, of course) will never forget!

What are some of your favorite ideas for a rainbow-free same-sex wedding? Share below!

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