8 Thoughtful Vow Renewal Gift Ideas (Review)

If you need some thoughtful vow renewal gift ideas, stick with us. Renewal parties may not be as big as weddings, but they’re very significant.

Weathering all the hard times that relationships bring and still being together and loving each other? It’s something worth celebrating.

But what are the best vow renewal gift ideas? Here are some ideas below!

a woman hugging his husband after giving her his vow renewal gift

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Vow Renewal Gifts Top Picks at a Glance

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Check this comparison table for a quick peek at our favorites, then read on for all of the details.

Editor's Choice
wedding portrait

from: Zazzle Inc.

from: Zazzle Inc.
Made from pure leather
It’s very customized
It’s very sentimental
It’s a great decor addition to any house
It has a very beautiful design
Made from pure leather
It’s very customized
Editor's Choice
wedding portrait
It’s very sentimental

from: Zazzle Inc.
It’s a great decor addition to any house

from: Zazzle Inc.
It has a very beautiful design

Vow Renewal Gift Ideas (Review)

1. Wedding Vows Journals

Everyone thinks to give couples vow books on their actual wedding day, but they’re just as amazing for a renewal party. After all, those vows are just as meaningful and deserve to be preserved.

Allow the couple to do this by buying them this beautiful wedding journal. Most of them won’t have thought of this, so it’s a great surprise.


  • The wedding vow journals are made from pure leather
  • They’re enough pages to write the vows, and you can ask the seller to add more pages


  • This gift can’t work for vegan couples.

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2. X Years Personalized Art

It’s human to forget all the good things that have happened to us in life. Most people feel like time just passed by, and they have nothing to show for it.

This personalized art is your chance to remind your friends of the amazing things that have happened for the years they’ve been married.

The art is customized with the time the couple has been together for decades, years, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It also has other information like the number of kids, grandkids, etc.


  • It’s very customized, which makes it very sentimental
  • It’s a sweet reminder of what a couple has accomplished together


  • It works best for a couple with kids or an old couple with grandkids.

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3. Personalized Money Clip

Personalized Money Clip

I love gift ideas that can be carried around, and this is one of those ideas. This gift is appropriate for a gay couple who hate carrying wallets.

It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s durable; it doesn’t tarnish or scratch easily.

The money clip is customized with the years the couple has been together, their names, and the date of the vow renewal ceremony.


  • The money clip is made from steel, so it will last for years
  • It’s something that the recipient can use in their daily activities


  • It’s only for masculine recipients.

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4. Wedding Couple Portrait with a Special Message

wedding portrait

This is another thoughtful vow renewal gift that every couple will love. The portrait is customized with the couple’s wedding photo and a special message. The message can either be the lyrics of the “couple’s song,” their wedding vows, a poem, etc.

My favorite option is writing a heartfelt message to the couple (this is great when you’re close friends with the couple).


  • You can choose a product or digital version
  • It’s very sentimental
  • The print is premium


  • It’s handmade, meaning it may be a little different from the picture.

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5. Customized Mug

from: Zazzle Inc.

I always go for a cute customized mug when I don’t know the person I’m gifting very well. Or if they’re the picky type ( we all have people whose gift we can’t get right).

Luckily, everyone loves a pretty mug, and you can’t have too many mugs. This mug is personalized with the number of years people are celebrating.

You can add a special message like, You Belong Together, To many more, or an inside joke you have with the couple.


  • You can’t go wrong with a personalized mug
  • This mug is of great quality


  • Mug gifts are very common, so you need to come up with a great message to make it special.
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50th Wedding Anniversary Golden Hearts Coffee Mug | Zazzle.com

6. Wedding Anniversary Childhood Photos Large Clock

from: Zazzle Inc.

This is an amazing and funny gift. Well, you’ll have to dig deep to get photos of the couple when they were around the same age.

I love this gift because it’s just a reminder of how far they’ve come and the good people they’ve met. It’s also a gentle reminder to enjoy every minute of our lives and experience each other because time flies!

The clock also has space to indicate the dates (wedding – present date).


  • The couple can actually use the clock long after the ceremony
  • The clock is beautiful, and it’s a great decor addition to any house


  • Getting childhood photos of both photos can be challenging.

7. Chic Silver Hearts Throw Pillow

from: Zazzle Inc.

This is another gift that the couple will appreciate. The silver pillowcase has some beautiful love drawings. It also has space to include the name of the couple and the number of years they’re celebrating together.


  • This throw pillow will fit in any decor
  • It has a very beautiful design


  • It’s not a very creative gift idea compared to others on the list
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25th Anniversary Wedding Photo Chic Silver Hearts Throw Pillow | Zazzle.com

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8. Spooning Together Since Painting

Spooning Since

I saved the best for last because I wanted to end my vow renewal gift ideas list at a high note. And you got to admit; this is pretty creative.

The paint has two spoons (a big one and a small one), and the year the couple started spooning.


  • It’s very creative
  • It has high quality, and it will work well with any decor


  • It’s not very customized since this available version has space for the date only.
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How to Choose the Right Vow Renewal Gift

There’s no rule or set-in-stone etiquettes to follow for selecting the appropriate vow renewal present.  You shouldn’t make the mistake of selecting a gift based on the preference of one person. You must remember that whatever gift you will be selecting is for the couple to enjoy and appreciate together. 

The perfect gift to select will be based on your relationship with the couple and how much you are willing to spend.

In a case where your relationship with the couple is a close one, a sentimental gift would be preferable. Something like a photo book would suffice.

 For situations where you and the couple aren’t so close, it’s always better to stick with gifts that are traditionally appreciated.  

 Since it is not like the wedding ceremony proper, you are not expected to break the bank for a gift. Spend according to a budget you can afford and if you do not have a budget, let your relationship with the couple and how much you want to appreciate them guide you. It should be a purchase you will be comfortable with. 

Always keep in mind that the best gifts aren’t the most expensive ones but the most thoughtful ones that will touch the couple and show them just how much you love them.

Also important to note is that a vow renewal gift is different from traditional wedding gifts. While wedding gifts are for couples about to set up their home, vow renewal gifts are for couples who already have their homes set up. For example, Kitchen utensils and pots might be appropriate for the former but will not be ideal for the latter.

 It’s not compulsory to give the couple a gift on their vow renewal especially if you had given them one at their wedding already. However, it will always be a kind gesture for you to give one to show just how much you love and appreciate the couple. To find a suitable gift, you should try to understand why the couple has decided to do a vow renewal. For example, if it is to commemorate their 10th anniversary, a very sentimental and touching gift would be appropriate. On the other hand, if it is not a milestone occasion for them, a greeting card could suffice.

An occasion where a well-thought-out special vow renewal gift will be perfect is a situation where the couple never really had a grand wedding ceremony but instead opted for an elopement or mini ceremony.  The vow renewal in this situation could be the first major ceremony the couple is holding to celebrate their marriage and so a proper gift will be most appropriate to mark such an occasion.

Another important thing to consider would be how to present your gift most appropriately. Your options are bringing the gift yourself to the ceremony or sending it in advance. The size of the gift would be the determining factor of which method will be best to employ.

FAQs for Vow Renewal Gifts

Here are some of the common questions people ask about renewal gifts.

Do you bring a gift to a vow renewal event?

A vow renewal isn’t exactly a gifting ceremony since the couple has already established their life together. Many couples will include a ‘no gifts tag’ on the invitation. However, you can carry something small to the ceremony depending on your relationship with the couple.

What are appropriate vow renewal gifts?

Anything sentimental. When it comes to vow renewal gifts – it’s the thought that really counts ( literally). The more customized and creative the gift is, the better the gift is. It’s not the monetary value that counts.

Final Verdict

If you’ve never attended a vow renewal ceremony, it’s normal to wonder whether you should bring a gift or not.

I’m a giver, so I gift my loved ones on almost all occasions. And one thing I can promise you is that most of the gifts that have led to tears of joy and gratitude weren’t the thousand-dollar gifts. It was the most thoughtful gift.

So, don’t overthink or worry about your budget; just make the gift personal.

I hope one of the vow renewal gift ideas on the list worked for you.

Our Top Pick

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wife hugging her husband while holding his gift

What other vow renewal gift idea did I leave out? Which one is your favorite?

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