10 Fun Second Wedding Gift Ideas for LGBT Couples

Looking for fun second wedding gift ideas for a couple?

Wondering if you’re even supposed to give a gift for a second marriage?

Below, we’ll go over a few basic etiquette tip!

Then I’ll share some of my favorite ideas for you to consider!

Looking for fun second wedding gift ideas? Wondering if you even should give a gift? Read on to find out, then check out our top 10 favorite ideas!

Second Wedding Gift Etiquette

If you were to ask about second wedding gift ideas back in, say, the 50s, the answer would probably be “your presence is all the gift they need.”

Of course, back then it was almost unspeakable to get a divorce, even if you were in a really horrible loveless marriage.

Today, with more and more people marrying a second (or 3rd, 4th, or in Elizabeth Taylor’s case, millionth time), second wedding gift etiquette is a lot different.

We realize that sometimes marriages just don’t work out, and we’re (hopefully) past the point of scorning those who choose to get out of them.

We’re also (hopefully) at a point where we realize that all couples deserve to be celebrated, regardless of whether it’s their first or 5th wedding!

So while Miss Manners-style etiquette dictates that a gift isn’t required for a second wedding, I say it’s rude to show up empty-handed

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In other words, a gift may not be a requirement, but it’s still nice to give one.

The big question now, of course, becomes “what are appropriate wedding gifts for a second marriage?”

To that, I say: it depends! On what? Keep reading to find out!

Is it a second wedding or second marriage?

There’s a big difference between a vow renewal between an existing couple and a totally new union between two people.

Vow renewal

In the case of a vow renewal, gifts really aren’t even expected, but again, they’re still a nice touch.

Chances are you’ve already given the couple a practical wedding gift, so this time, Nina Callaway of The Spruce recommends opting for a sentimental gift rather than a practical one.

You could give them a beautifully framed photo from their first wedding, for example.

For couples renewing their vows on an anniversary, Callaway suggests following tradition and getting them a gift that reflects that anniversary.

In other words, if it’s their 15th anniversary, opt for something made with crystal. A 20th anniversary/wedding gift should be made of china. For their 50th, gold.

Second marriage

On the other hand, if it’s a totally new union between two people who haven’t been married to each other before, the “rules” are a bit different.

First, if the couple has a registry, try to stick to that. Again, couples make registries for a reason!

If they don’t have one, go with either the super generic (yet practical) or the super unique.

By “generic,” I mean gift cards or cash, something that couples can never have too much of!

A unique gift is something that reflects their personality and that they very likely don’t have (because, by definition of “unique,” no one has it!).

For example, for an LGBT couple, you could get them one of these great personalized lesbian wedding gifts.

Is it a second marriage for BOTH halves of the couple?

The other thing to consider is whether it’s a second marriage for both halves of the couple.

When my dear friend got married recently, it was his second wedding, but her first.

Now, some would say, “well, you’re on his ‘side’ of the wedding, you don’t need to give a gift!”

How fair is that to her, though? Should they only get gifts from her “side” of the guest list?

Doesn’t she deserve to be celebrated, to have the full “first wedding” experience?

I say yes, she does!

So, while Miss Manners and such may say that if either part of the couple has been married before, you don’t need to bring a gift, I say if one of them hasn’t, treat it like a first wedding.

In any of the cases, as far as a second wedding gift amount goes, it’s up to you. If your budget only allows for a small token gift, that’s fine.

If you want to spend a billion bucks on the ultimate wedding gift (and you know such an elaborate gift won’t make the couple uncomfortable), that’s fine too.

Now that we’ve covered “official” basic etiquette (as well as my version of it), let’s get to the good part!

Below, you’ll find some of my picks for fun second wedding gift ideas

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Fun Second Wedding Gifts Ideas

I’ve tried to choose a fairly wide range of ideas, ranging from sentimental to somewhat practical to things everyone wants but never asks for!

That way, all types of second weddings are covered. :)

Looking for fun second wedding gift ideas for an LGBT couple? Check out our top 10 favorite ideas!

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1. “Back in the Day” Gift for a Vow Renewal

8x10 1944 Birthday Gift // Back in 1944 Newspaper Poster // 78th Birthday Gift // 78th Party Decoration // 78th Birthday Sign // Born in 1944 Print (8x10, Newspaper, 1944)

Although this is advertised as a birthday gift, I think it makes a neat idea for a vow renewal gift!

You give the seller their original wedding date, then you’ll receive a fun printout of all the things that were happening that year.

It doesn’t come with a frame, though, so you’ll need to grab one. I like this one!

2. “The Start of Us”Framed Star Map

Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map WATERCOLOR, Multiple Colors, Sizes and Fonts, Star Chart, Choose Your Occasion, Night Sky Poster

This one works great for any type of second wedding. If it’s a vow renewal, choose the date of their first wedding.

For a new marriage, go with their current wedding date, the day they met, or the day the got engaged.

Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map WATERCOLOR, Multiple Colors, Sizes and Fonts, Star Chart, Choose Your Occasion, Night Sky Poster
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3. Personalized Couple Dolls

If you have a decent budget, these dolls are adorable and super unique.

They’re one of my favorite LGBT second wedding gift ideas, but the artist can make them for any couple

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Just give yourself plenty of time, as they take about a month to make.

4.  Willow Tree Family Sculpture/Frame

Willow Tree Family Sculpture/Frame

For couples blending two families together (or for a vow renewal), this shadow box sculpture frame (I really have no idea what to call it) is a fun and beautiful idea!

The artist also offers silver and other options for different anniversaries.

5. Match Made Craft Coffee Subscription

Coffee-loving couples can never have too much Joe. Heck, I can never have too much of it, and I’m single!

Each month, they’ll get two coffees and two cookies that are basically a “match made” in paradise.

Not only does this gift keep giving for months to come, the whole concept of a “perfect pairing” is what weddings are all about!

6. Resin Art Placemats

Resin Art Placemats

Forget the couple, get these for me! Aren’t they just gorgeous? Who knew placemats could be such a thing of beauty?

Each one is decorated by hand, so no two are the same, making it a truly unique gift.

7. World Travel Map Print

This personalized world map is a great idea for travel bugs!

Choose between a ton of color options for the print, then add on markers so they can track their journey around the world.

You can even change the “I’ll Go Anywhere With You” text to something else.

8. Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker

Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker

I wanted an ice-cream maker for like a decade before I finally got one.

It’s just one of those things that you wish for when you’re craving homemade ice cream, then forget to buy.

I love this one by Cuisinart because it’s fully automatic, looks great, and doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Cuisinart ICE30BC Ice Cream Maker, 2-Qt, Silver
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY: This brushed stainless steel fully automatic heavy-duty motor makes frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 20 minutes
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Large ingredient spout for easily adding favorite mix-ins including a retractable cord storage that keeps countertops clutter free
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9. Personalized Wood Clock

Sure, everyone just looks at their phone to tell the time, but I still love the idea of a gorgeous wall clock.

This one is perfect for those who adore rustic decor. Personalize it with their names and the date of their wedding.

It comes in two different sizes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is buy-now.png

10. A Really Great Gift Basket

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Connoisseur Gourmet Gift Basket

If the couple doesn’t really need anything for their home, consider giving them a fun gift basket filled with things they love and that they can share together.

One idea that I adore, a classy basket filled with gourmet goodies.

They can take it on a nature hike, head to their favorite park, or just save it for a rainy day and have a “picnic in bed.”

Wine Country Gift Baskets The Connoisseur Gourmet Gift Basket
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  • PERSONALIZED GIFT MESSAGES ARE AVAILABLE: Personalized Messages are also available to share your customized sentiments for every situation that can arise. This heart-warming option has been included to allow you to share your custom created message with your gift recipient
  • A WHOLESOME GIFT DELIVERED: Send this beautiful basket to your recipient at home, school ,work and more, it's the Perfect gift for any occasion or just a delicious way to stay connected

Other great second wedding gift ideas

If none of the above catches your eye, some other broader ideas include:

  • Gift cards to local restaurants, wineries, etc.
  • Certificates for couples classes (like ballroom dancing, couples’ cooking, etc).
  • A subscription to a meal delivery service if neither of them likes to cook.
  • Other subscription boxes based on their interests.
  • Money! Hey, you can never go wrong with that one!

What are some of your favorite fun second wedding gift ideas? Share below!

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