5 Outstanding Wedding Tiaras for LGBT Weddings

Let’s talk wedding tiaras! If you ask me, nothing makes you feel more like royalty than strolling down the aisle with a crown atop your head. And if there’s ever a day you deserve to feel like the prince or princess that you are, it’s your wedding day.

If you’re planning on adding this royal theme to your wedding and you would love to learn more about it, stick with me. I’m sharing five of my favorites below. Start with the table for a quick peek, then keep reading for more details about each.

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5 Gay and Lesbian Wedding Tiaras Ideas

As promised, here are wedding tiara suggestions that will leave you feeling like royalty.

#1 Purple Vintage Tiara

purple vintage wedding tiara

If you want the ultimate royal wedding experience, then a purple tiara is the best option for you.

Purple is a combination of the energy of the color red and the stability of the color blue.

The purple color is therefore associated with power, nobility, luxury, ambition, and royalty.

This tiara is also a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly tiara.

If you can’t incorporate the color purple in your wedding theme, check out my next suggestion.

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#2 Vintage Gold Freshwater Pearl & Diamante Crystal Wedding Tiara

vintage gold freshwater pearl wedding tiara

If you’re looking for something vintage or for a wedding tradition, then this is a good option. It’s made of diamante, crystal and freshwater pearl, and vintage finish gold plated wire.

The headband is completed with loops on both ends to fit in safely into your beautiful wedding hairstyle.

If you don’t like the metal finishes, you can request something customized.

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#3 Crystal Wedding Headband Gold

crystal wedding gold tiara

If you’d love to wear a wedding tiara, but your afraid people will think it’s tacky, a small size tiara is your best option.

This silver crystal wedding band has shining Swarovski bicone and rhinestones in a cluster pattern set in yellow gold.

The tiara comes with a ribbon, and you get to choose the color of the ribbon.

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#4 Floral Wedding Tiaras

gold floral wedding tiara

If you love nature and plan on having a backyard ceremony wearing a floral wedding dress, then why not match it up with a floral tiara?

This minimalist floral tiara is made of crystal and rhinestone. The shiny tiara comes with a pair of matching earrings.

It’s pretty nice and heavy, so it’s long-lasting, and it will stay long enough to be passed over to your generation.

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#5 Leaf Wedding Tiara

gold leaf wedding tiara

This is another minimalist wedding tiara. It’s made of Swarovski pearls, flowers, and gold brass leaves.

The flowers and brass leaves are hand-wired to a gold-colored headband. The tiara comes in a gift box, where you can store it safely after the wedding.

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The History Behind Wedding Tiara

a simple gold and pearl wedding tiara

So, where did the concept of the wedding tiara come from? Well, the bridal tiaras concept has been there since time immemorial.

Brides have always won wedding crowns on their wedding to add to their elegance and attraction.

The purpose of wedding tiaras has always been to portray the wearer as someone mighty and special. In ancient society, it showed the gods ordained that person.

Every culture had its form of crowns or headdresses. The term “tiara” originated from Persia, where only kings were allowed to wear tiaras.

Buying Vs. Renting Wedding Tiara

There are several factors that determine whether you should buy or rent a wedding tiara.

Here is a comparison table that will help you make up your mind.

Buying a TiaraRenting a Tiara
It’s costlyIt’s cheaper
You can have your tiara customizedYou can’t have your tiara customized.
You get to keep the tiara and pass it to your children, or simply keep it as a reminder of your big day.It makes sense to rent a tiara for a one-day event, but you can’t keep it for your future generations.
You get to try the tiara before the wedding day.Most rental tiaras arrive on your wedding day, so you don’t get to test them before, which can cause a lot of anxiety.
You can alter the tiara to match your requirements.Most tiara rental companies don’t allow you to alter the tiara.

Materials for a Wedding Tiara

One of the main materials for making tiaras is metal. Most tiaras are made from gold, silver, platinum, and white gold.

If you’re a crafty person and you prefer making your tiara, this blog post will take you through 15 simple steps on how to one.

You’ll need:

  • Silver solder
  • Flux paste
  • Hotfix crystals

Honestly, unless you really love DIY projects and actually have time before your wedding to get crafty, it’s probably easier to just buy one.

As you saw above, it’s totally possible to find an affordable option.


A wedding day is the best excuse to have everything you’ve ever wished for. It’s the one day that all attention is on you, and everything revolves about making you happy.

If one of the things that makes you happy is looking like a princess, get yourself a tiara.

It doesn’t matter if other people think it’s tacky (some will); all that matters is that you’re happy.

I hope you learned something about wedding tiaras from my blog post and enjoyed my suggestions.

Our Choice

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a beautiful silver wedding tiara with a big  diamond in the middle

What do you think about having a wedding tiara at your wedding? Share with us your favorite wedding tiara below!

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