7 Beautiful Gay Wedding Traditions

If you want to take your big day from special to truly memorable, you’ll love these amazing gay wedding traditions.

They really give you the recipe for success.

Some are old, some new, and some bring a touch of the old into the new!

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Take a look and incorporate on (or heck, all!) into your own wedding.

Traditions in general can be beautiful, but gay wedding traditions manage to go the extra mile into creating unforgettable moments.

7 Gay Wedding Traditions

From “will you” to “I do,” we’ve covered every aspect of choosing beautiful gay wedding traditions.

Let’s start where every marriage begins, with the proposal!

1. Engagement Gifts Instead of Rings

You don’t have to “put a ring on it” to make your engagement official. More and more gay couples are choosing to exchange engagement gifts instead.

Rather than the classic rings, they would rather give their partner engraved accessories that better represent their feelings.

For example, maybe you truest love works in a hospital, where rings aren’t always practical. Instead, you may give him an engraved stethoscope!

Perhaps he spends his day in a suit and tie, so something like engraved cuff links or even a tie clip would be more meaningful

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2. Bachelor parties

In the past years, the frequency of the “classic” bachelor parties has dropped among gay couples.

Instead, they prefer to spend their time together or with their friends as a couple rather than during separate parties.

I can’t think of a better way to spend your last “hurrah” as a singleton than with the person who will be part of all your future hurrahs!

3. Black and White no

People tend to believe that the only appropriate colors for the grooms are black and white, but that’s definitely not the case.

More and more gay couples just say “no” to that tired old tradition.

Instead, they go for bright and colored outfits to match their joyful personalities or even matching dresses and suits.

4. Bouquets

Just because some of our couples don’t grab one of those traditional bouquets, it doesn’t mean they completely forgot the traditions.

It has become a common occurrence for lesbian and gay couples to choose beautiful wedding tiaras decorated with their favorite flowers and create their own wedding traditions.

5. Walking Down the Aisle

This is one of the oldest wedding traditions. Although some of the gay couples chose to follow it, there are others who prefer to be different.

Maybe create a big entrance or just wait patiently there until everyone arrives. Whichever their choice may be, they are creating moments to remember.

6. The Night Before the Wedding

Ok, I agree. Separation before the wedding sounds very weird in general and gay couples know it.

They would rather spend the night before their wedding together and prepare for the big day instead of pushing themselves into such traditions.

7. Vows

How else would your partner know how much you love them? The best thing about vows is that they can be customized to express exactly how you feel, becoming appropriate for any LGBT wedding.

Traditions in general can be beautiful, but gay wedding traditions manage to go the extra mile into creating unforgettable moments.

What’s amazing at all these gay wedding traditions is that you can always modify them and create your own.

Just the way you and your partner want. You can choose to make a grand entrance, you can write your own vows and you can decide if you want a classic bouquet or to decorate your costume with your favorite flowers.

Only you can decide what your gay wedding traditions will be.

What are some of your favorite gay wedding traditions? Share below!

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