Two Brides Hosted a Stunning Lesbian Wedding Garden Party That’s Got Us Swooning

In 2018, two beautiful brides wed in the most stunning garden party that was just overflowing with love. With the official Pride Month coming to a close, sharing their story is a wonderful way to end it while reminding us that love wins every month of the year.

Two Brides Hosted a Stunning Lesbian Wedding Garden Party That’s Got Us Swooning

Two years ago, in 2018, Brooklin, NY saw one of the most impressive weddings. Zhaleh and Erica tied the knot in a Harlem Renaissance-inspired wedding that completely stunned everyone. The ladies met in 2012 and their styles completely matched! Check out their stunning wedding video below, then keep reading for more details.

For our guests, our wedding was a lot of ‘firsts’: first multi-faith (Christian and Muslim) ceremony, first experience hearing Farsi poetry, first time experiencing a gospel choir – we had Lavender Light, the LGBTQ+ gospel choir sing – and for many guests their first lesbian wedding. This is a memory that we cherish because this is how we live our lives every day, so it was very special to witness our loved ones experience this, too.

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A lesbian wedding steeped in love and tradition

The ladies hosted a themed wedding full of beautiful customs and traditions from their countries.

For example, Zhaleh’s family set up a sofreh aghd, which is a wedding table spread and a very important part of Iranian weddings.

Romantic Lesbian Bridal Bouquets
Romantic Lesbian Bridal Bouquets

Their guests were also a part of khaleh ghand, which is another Iranian tradition in which the guests grind cones of sugar over the couple, of course, on top of a lacy cloth. This traditions is means to bring sweetness to the newlyweds.

Alicia Smith from ILE Events said.

The love story of Zhaleh and Erica is one full of love and community and the many cultures that they blended together to become one!

On top of everything, their wedding supported small businesses, as well as what they believe in. Zhaleh’s lace top was made by Pyan Saheb Djavaher, who is an Iranian designer based in Berlin. They also invited their guests to donate to the Audre Lorde Project which has the mission of supporting the black LGBTQ+ community in New York City.

One of my favorite memories was walking down the aisle, hand in hand with Zhaleh, and seeing all of our friends, family, loved ones, and their children greeting us with big smiles, cheers, and tears. It was extremely emotional (which you can see on my face in the pictures) and just filled with so much love.

Their wedding was without a doubt something everyone will remember for a long time! We’re still talking about it two years later, after all!

Have you ever attended a lesbian wedding steeped in tradition? Share your favorite moments below.

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