What If My Engagement Ring Is Too Big? 9 Quick Fixes

Imagine this: your special guy has planned an incredible dinner for you both. He really went all out. He dressed up, treated you to a fabulous meal at your favorite restaurant and even splurged on champagne. You’re both smiling and laughing, endlessly happy. 

Suddenly, the moment you’ve been waiting for happens. He gets down on one knee and proposes. Totally ecstatic, you say yes. Everyone applauds. Then, you try on your gorgeous engagement ring and it’s too big. 

It may seem terrible. Unthinkable, even — but it happens. Engagement rings don’t always fit like a glove on the first try. If this has happened to you — or if you’re worried that it might — here are some things you can do to get it fixed. 

1. Reach Out to Your Jeweler

When you have a question, going to a professional to get their advice is one of the best things that you can do. Reach out to your jeweler and explain the situation. 

He or she will likely have a few suggestions about how to proceed and make sure that the engagement ring is a perfect fit in the future. You may not need resizing at all, and your jeweler can help guide you to the best possible solution. 

2. Have Your Jeweler Resize the Ring

If the size is completely wrong, it may need to be resized. Take the engagement ring back to your jeweler and have them resize it to fit. It’s important to reach out to your specific engagement ring jeweler. If you get help from another jeweler, your warranty will likely be voided because one jeweler cannot be held accountable or responsible for the actions of another. 

Not only can your engagement ring jeweler resize the ring, but he can also give recommendations on how to take care of the ring moving forward. Plus, you can rest assured that you’re working with a trained professional, so you don’t have to worry about your ring getting broken or damaged. 

3. Get Sizing Beads

If the ring is only slightly loose, then sizing beads might be the perfect solution for you. Sizing beads can decrease the ring by about a quarter of a size, so they’re perfect for rings that feel just the slightest bit loose. 

Sizing beads are two beads that rest on the lower inside part of your band, and they work by anchoring the ring against the finger. Your jeweler can add sizing beads very easily, and they’re a great solution for rings that are close to the perfect size but just aren’t quite right. 

4. Rubber Band Solution

For this DIY option, you’ll need a thin rubber band that’s preferably transparent. Take the rubber band, slide it onto your ring finger, and loop it around until it feels comfortably secure — but not too tight. Then, put the ring on and make sure that it fits snugly against the rubber band. 

The band serves to bring your finger size up and keeps the engagement ring from slipping off. While this is an innovative solution, it’s best used as a temporary solution while you figure out a more permanent one. 

5. Get a Spring Insert

If you want a more permanent solution but don’t want a complete resizing, consider having your jeweler install a spring insert — a small, horseshoe-shaped spring that lines the bottom of the band. 

Spring inserts are great because they allow you to slide the ring on and off with no issues while providing a strong solution to the size issue. Plus, spring inserts allow you to avoid everything that comes with a complete resizing. 

6. Invisible Ring Size Adjusters

Available online, these invisible ring size adjusters are a great option for someone who needs a more budget-friendly option. Transparent and made of silicone, these adjusters slide onto the bottom portion of your band, rendering them nearly invisible. 

They’re perfect for when your ring is just a little bit too big. If you can’t justify the price of a spring insert or complete resizing, then these invisible ring size adjusters just might be the perfect solution. 

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7. Sizing Bar or Ring Guard

Sizing bars or ring guards are small, raised metal bars that hold the ring against the finger. By placing a raised bar against the bottom inside of the band, the jeweler is able to decrease the ring size and turn it into a perfect fit. 

Sizing bars are a great option for people whose finger sizes fluctuate or change throughout the year. And it’s important to know that sizing bars and ring guards are typically seen as temporary solutions. 

8. Floss, Thread or Fishing Line

This is another simple DIY solution that works as a temporary fix while you figure out a more permanent solution. First, take some waxed dental floss, waxed thread or fishing line. Take a line of it and wrap it around the bottom part of the engagement band. 

Once you’ve wrapped it around the band a few dozen times, make sure the line is secure and cut the excess. You’ll find that your ring fits better. However, it’s important to remember that this solution is only temporary, and it’s ideal for only a short period. 

9. Adjustable Shanks

An ingenious and out-of-the-box solution, adjustable shanks use a locking mechanism to find the perfect fit. With a built-in locking mechanism, the wearer simply pops the band open, puts the ring on the bottom of her ring finger, then locks it back. 

The great thing about adjustable shanks is that they can be built into a new ring or added to an existing ring. Though it may seem unorthodox at first, adjustable shanks are a great solution. 

10. Wait it out

Your first instinct on noticing your engagement ring is a little loose is probably to rush to have a jeweler fix that however, waiting until you’ve gotten your wedding band can help you decide whether you need it resized. Rings that are designed as part of a stacking pair may appear loose without the second ring but fit better once the wedding band is added. Even if they’re not part of a stack, if you get a well-fitting wedding band, it will hold the other ring in place without the hassle and expense of having it resized.

11. Have the ring remade

This is obviously the most expensive solution and that’s why we saved it for last. Sometimes, even the best jeweler can do nothing to help your situation. If you like the ring you can have it remade in the right size. We understand that this may not be in the immediate budget due to all the wedding planning you have to do. You can always schedule this for a later time when finances are less tight. In the meantime, you can make use of one of the above options. Who knows, you may even grow attached to the ring and keep it that way.

Signs Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big

In all the hustle, bustle and excitement of a new engagement, it can be easy to brush off the fact that your ring is too big. Or maybe you’re not sure what to look for in an engagement ring. Here are the biggest signs that your ring is too big. 

  1. It slides, slips, moves or falls off when you wash the dishes, take a shower, wash your hair, etc. If a little bit of water is making your engagement ring start to slip, it’s too big. 
  2. You constantly have to spin the ring back to an upright position. If your engagement ring keeps spinning and won’t stay upright on your hand throughout the day, it’s too big. 
  3. You or another person can easily take the ring off of your finger with little to no effort. While you want to be able to remove your ring when necessary, it should not slide off quite so easily. 
  4. You’re constantly worried that it’s going to fall off. If you feel yourself getting anxious about the possibility of your engagement ring slipping off, then it may be too big. Here’s a good way to test: if you can’t flick your wrist without worrying that your engagement ring is going to slip off, it’s too big. 

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Reasons a Ring Can’t or Shouldn’t Be Resized

  1. The ring is made of a material that can break or become easily damaged if a jeweler were to try and resize it. Some metals are very unforgiving when bent or stretched, making it hard to resize them. 
  2. You were planning to give the ring to someone else or use it as a family heirloom to pass down. If you’re planning on giving the ring to someone else, getting it resized may not be a great idea. 
  3. You have weight fluctuations or frequent swelling that affects your finger sizes. If your fingers do not stay consistent sizes, getting your ring resized is probably not a good idea. 
  4. Your ring is loose at the base of your finger, but you struggle to get it past your knuckle sometimes. If this is your situation, do not get your ring resized. Consider another solution, such as an adjustable shank or spring inserts. 

How to get the right engagement ring size

With the number of products targeted towards fixing a larger engagement ring, it’s obvious that most of you men are hitting and missing. So how can you get it right?

Enlist the help of her friends or family

Yeap, it’s as simple as that. If you have a great relationship with your partner’s friends, you can simply ask one of them to casually suggest trying on rings while walking past a jewelry store and note down her size for you. If you’ve already closed in on a jeweler you want to work with you can use the opportunity to find out which ring she likes best so you can get both the design and size right. Just ensure you don’t pick the blabbermouth that’s unable to keep secrets!

Go ring shopping together

If you’ve been actively talking about getting married in the past few months, chances of a surprise proposal are slim to none as she’s likely on guard. Instead of trying to be sneaky and failing only to find you got the wrong size, just bring her along. Some women like going ring shopping together so they can pick out one they actually like. Yes, you read that right, women are walking around with rings they don’t like. If you’re trying to get a very intricate design, this small decision will save you tons of money.

Use a ring she already owns

If your girlfriend likes wearing rings, you’re one step ahead of the rest. But only if you pay attention! Try to find out which ring she wears on which finger and once you’re sure you’ve got the fingers right, you can bring it to your jeweler to get a sizing. If you can’t sneak it out for the day, trace an outline of both the inside and outside of the band and take it to your jeweler. Of course, if you’re one of the guys that went out of your way to get her promise ring then you’re ahead of the pack. While the rest are scrambling you laid your game plan early on and you can simply use those measurements to get her her next ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Larger or Smaller Can a Jeweler Make an Engagement Ring? 

Usually, a professional jeweler can make a ring two sizes larger or smaller than the original size. However, they typically cannot change the ring size much more than that. It puts too much stress on the ring, and the jeweler cannot risk breaking or damaging it. 

How Long Does it Take to Get an Engagement Ring Resized? 

Getting your engagement ring resized usually takes one or two weeks. However, certain factors can affect the time frame. For example, if your jeweler is extraordinarily busy, it can take much longer to get the ring resized. 

How does a jeweler resize a ring

When it comes to making an engagement ring smaller, the process is relatively simple. All the jeweler has to do is cut the bottom of the band, expand the ring to whatever size is desired, and then solder a custom-cut piece of metal onto the ring. 
Once that’s done, the jeweler will clean and polish the ring, making sure that there are no imperfections. 

Are There Any Rings That Can’t Be Resized? 

While most rings can be resized, there are some types that cannot be resized. Engagement rings that feature diamonds or other gems all around the band cannot be resized. The intricate design keeps them from being easy to alter. 
Sometimes the type of material affects whether or not an engagement ring can be resized. Some metals, like rose gold, crack very easily, so they’re hard to resize. Other materials — like tungsten and titanium — are simply too hard to resize. 

Are There Any DIY Ring Resizing Hacks to Avoid?

While there are a multitude of DIY ring resizing hacks available on the internet, not all of them are helpful in the long term. For example, any hacks that include candle wax, hot glue, nail polish or similar materials should be avoided. 
Using those kinds of materials can damage your ring. The heat from the glue and the chemicals from the nail polish can damage or even ruin your beautiful engagement band. 

How Much Does a Ring Resizing Cost? 

Since situations, materials and ring types vary so much, there’s no set price for a ring resizing. If only slight, minor adjustments are needed, then it may cost around $50 or less. 
However, if the ring needs more extensive work, then it can cost up to several hundred dollars. Always consult with your jeweler so that you can figure out the best possible solution. 

What Do I Do if My Ring Keeps Slipping From Side to Side?

There may be a couple of different reasons why your ring keeps slipping from side to side. First, the ring may be just a bit too large. Second, the ring may be off balance due to a large center stone. Three, both things may be true.
In this case, we recommend getting some kind of sizing assistant, such as sizing beads or a ring guard. This will help stabilize the ring and keep it from sliding from side to side.  

What Does a Proper Ring Fit Feel Like? 

When your ring is the perfect size, you’ll know. Your engagement ring should feel snug but comfortable, and it should never feel too tight. It should always be easy to slide on, but taking it off should require a little bit of extra effort. 
If your engagement ring is ever uncomfortably tight, you should look into having it made a little bit larger. Your engagement ring should always feel comfortable — tight but never painful. 

Final Thoughts

If you try on your engagement ring and it’s too big, don’t panic. It’s an incredibly common problem with numerous possible solutions. While some DIY ring resizing hacks are reliable, make sure you do your research before you mess with your ring. 

If DIY hacks don’t get the job done, we recommend reaching out to your jeweler for advice. He or she can guide you to the option that’s going to work the best for you. And once you find that option, you’ll likely never have to worry about it again. Here’s to the perfect fit! 

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