Looking for creative engagement announcements to share your big news with the world? We love these 9 brilliant ways to get the word out!

Have you just gotten engaged?  Congratulations, what an exciting time!  After you’ve let your family and best friends know the wonderful news, you might want to get creative in how you announce your engagement to everybody else in your life! You can simply tell everyone the big news, of course, but we love the idea of getting more creative.  Here are some super ideas for perfect engagement announcements!

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9 Perfect Engagement Announcements

Tie The Knot

Oh my, this is my absolute favorite engagement announcement on Instagram: a couples’ hands shown literally tying a huge knot, with the fiancée’s hand displaying a brand new engagement ring.  Perfection!

Keep It Simple… With Signage!

A smiling couple, each holding a framed chalkboard sign: hers says “She said” and his says “Yes”.  And both are grinning ear to ear!  Simply awesome!

Firefighter love ❤️

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So many different ways to announce your engagement with a Scrabble board.  You can spell it out in a crossword, or get creative with words and your beautiful new ring!  The choice is yours!


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Save The Date Balloons

Seriously, is there anything more romantic than a shot of the happy couple kissing, holding balloons with their wedding date written on them?  I don’t think so!

Save the date 💗

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Save The Date Sign

How about a framed sign, simple and elegant with an ampersand, your names and the date of your future wedding?  So simple, yet so elegant:

Save The Date Calendar

A simple close-up of a calendar, with your gorgeous engagement ring used to circle your wedding date?  Um, YES! This is one of my favorite engagement announcements!

Here's a great way to flaunt the ring on your save-the-dates! #ShowTheRing #Engagement #Engaged #EngagmentAnnouncement

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Write It In The Sand

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, why not use it to write an engagement message in the sand?  Have a look!

Exciting news! #engagementannouncement #offthemarket #engaged #nothingbutlove

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How about icing some beautiful heart-shaped cookies, and spelling out a simple message about your engagement?  Simple, yet gorgeous:


There are countless ways that you can let the people in your life know that you’re engaged!  You can get creative with all kinds of different poses; choose color or black and white pictures; and you can even use wording or not, depending on your personal style.  A perfect example of a simply stunning photograph is this one: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/35184440815679615/

Getting engaged is wonderfully exciting news, and should be shared in a way that speaks to you as a couple. Engagement announcements can be as simple or as complex as your own personal style mixed with some creativity!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for engagement announcements!  How did you announce yours?

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