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candy match bridal shower printable game

Candy Match is a printable bridal shower game that rewards you for having a sweet tooth by challenging you to match up tasty treats with wedding-related words. It’s very simple to play. Let’s find out how!

What do you need to play

  1. A printout copy for each player.
  2. Pens or pencils for each player.
  3. A prize for the winner (optional)

How to Play Candy Match Bridal Shower Game

  1. Before the party, print out enough game sheets for everyone.
  2. When gametime rolls around, hand out a sheet to each player, along with a pen or pencil.
  3. Instruct players to match the sweet treats from the second column to the phrases in the first one.
  4. First player to match all of them correctly wins!

That’s it if you want to just play a basic quick game. However, there are a few things you can do to make it even more entertaining.

How to Make it Even More Fun

Before the party, put together little goody bags with each of the candies mentioned in the game. Then, instead of just having players match up the candies on the sheet, instruct them to lay them out in the order of the answers. The first person to get all of their candies in the right order wins!

You can also put together a single goody bag with all of the candies and use it as your winner’s prize.

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