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The popular cryptogram-style puzzle that we all know and love gets a 21st-century upgrade in our Bridal Emoji Pictionary printable shower game. The result is an engaging activity that’s modern enough for younger guests to enjoy yet still familiar enough for Great-Auntie Muriel to master. Let’s see how to play, shall we?

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What do you need to play Bridal Emoji Pictionary

  1. A copy of the printable for each person at your party, including the guest (or guests) of honor.
  2. Pens/pencils/markers.
  3. A prize for the winner (optional)

How to Play

  1. Give each player a copy of our printable Bridal Emoji game. Hand them out upside down so that players can’t see the clues just yet.
  2. Set a time limit (5 minutes works well, but you can even do a “minute to win it” style game). Start your timer, then instruct guests to flip over their copy.
  3. When the time is up, read out the answers from our included answer key.
  4. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Tips for Playing During a Virtual Bridal Shower

Throwing a virtual shower? You can easily email these to guests so they can play along at home. However, to keep it fair, I recommend sending it out only when you’re ready to play. You can set up your emails beforehand, save them as drafts, then just zap them out when it’s time to play.


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