15 Wonderful Songs About Marriage Equality for Your Wedding Playlist

Gay couple listening to songs about marriage equality in bed

If you’re looking for the most perfect songs about marriage equality, then this is where you should be!

These 15 beautiful songs are perfect for everything from your walk down the aisle to your first dance together as a couple.

Of course, if you’ve already chosen those songs, they also make wonderful additions to your DJ’s playlist for your reception.

Let’s check them out!

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15 Wonderful Songs About Marriage Equality for Your Wedding Playlist

We’ve included the videos for each of these songs about marriage equality, so you can check them out and see (or rather, hear) if they’re a good fit for your wedding. Enjoy!

1. Jack O’Rourke – Silence

This is one of those old songs that have a very deep meaning. When Jack O’Rourke created this song, he had in mind the idea that love doesn’t discriminate, and he was right.

O’Rourke shared the meaning behind the song during an interview on the Late Late Show, and how he received so many letters from people who had recently come out. Some of those letters even came from people from his father’s generation.

What becomes of silent songbirds

With longing in their hearts to take a breath

and break out in song

without sounding wrong.

To break out in song

Without sounding wrong

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2. Macklemore & Mary Lambert – Same Love

If you’re looking for songs specifically written to celebrate marriage equality for your wedding playlist, you can’t miss this one! It was written to raise awareness about Washington state’s R-74 bill, which legalized same-sex marriage in the state before Obergefell made it legal nationwide. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis wrote the song, while Mary Lambert lent vocals to it.

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3. Brett Every – What a Beautiful Day

This song is incredibly special, and it’s got a very powerful meaning. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you’ll hear them saying:

Son tell me, when two men get married
Who carries and who’s carried?’
Although you know son, well that he knows — 
That, with all his belief, the answer is both

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4. Maria Doyle Kennedy – Pride

Maria Doyle Kennedy’s “Pride” was written for one purpose- bringing everyone together for equality. And she’s doing it all with her wonderful voice!

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5. Tom Goss – You Don’t Question Love

Although you can clearly tell from the title, Tom Goss created this song purely for equality, because after all, no one should really question love.

6. Matt Nathanson – Modern Love

This is one of those misunderstood songs out there, but in reality, it’s all about how everyone should wake up and see that love is love.

7. Ashley Jo Farmer – I’d Marry You

Ashley Jo Farmer wrote this song in support of marriage equality. According to Democratic Underground,

The song “I’d Marry You” is a love story between two women – Kelly & Jill, who build a happy, successful life together but, because they are a gay couple, cannot get married. 

While the song’s verses highlight the struggle that one of the women feels, it has a beautiful happy ending!

8. Lori Michaels – The Right

Lori Michael’s “The Right” is one of the most beautiful songs written about marriage equality, and it’s a great option to play at any time!

If I had the right-then
We could live this dream together, forever
Society would judge us and say that we were wrong
But is there anyone who can cast a stone?

9. Mélange Lavonne – Marry Me

Melange Lavonne is a lesbian hip-hop singer. Many of her songs delve into the issues facing the LGBTQ community, but this one is a really beautiful idea for a wedding song. It’s all about being able to love your significant other no matter what.

10. David Raleigh – I Do!

Back in 2010, David Raleigh launched this song in order to promote marriage equality, and it’s been playing since then to support this cause!

11. Brendan James – Nothin but Love

This is one of those songs that screams “Love Wins!” because to be honest, that’s always the case.

You say, “We can”
You say, “We’re gonna, we can do anything we wanna”

Nothing but love, even when you can’t see it

12. Delta Rae – Chain On Love

In my opinion, this is one of the best marriage equality songs out there, and the lyrics are heartwarming. After telling the story of two same-sex couples, we hear:

And I said someone put a chain on love
‘Cause right now there’s just far too much of it
And Jesus taught it, but now we’ve caught it and we won’t let it run wild again
‘Cause Love doesn’t know when it’s a sin.

13. Tom Goss – Lover

This song is incredibly emotional, and it’s all about how those who lose their spouses in battle do need all our support.

14. Tom Goss – 12 Chairs 

This is one of those songs that Tom Goss wrote in order to thank everyone who is with him in his fight for marriage equality.

15. War Poets – Close Enough

War Poets created this song for the debut album and needless to say, they received a lot of support for trying to create a standard for marriage equality.

If you're looking for the most perfect songs about marriage quality, then this is where you should be! Check out 15 that are perfect for your wedding playlist!

Of course, these songs about marriage equality are everything you need, whether you are hosting a party, or you just want something amazing to listen to!

Do you know of any other beautiful songs about marriage equality? Share below!

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