23 Fun Prizes For Bridal Shower Games

What’s a bridal shower without a few fun games to get the party started? To get everyone in a fun mood you could play any game you like, but don’t forget to think about prizes!

Whether you’re the bride organizing the event, or a MOH who’s making it a big surprise, you’ll probably want to organize a few games for both the guests and the bride-to-be.

If you want the attendees at your bridal shower to be excited about playing the games that you have selected, you might want to think about presenting some amusing or unusual prizes to the winners of each game.

You can always do easy prizes like gift cards (everyone can put a gift card to good use), but if you want a few unique ideas, the goods below will get you started on the right track.

Keep reading to find some fun and unique gifts to give to your friends and family after the party games are all over.

These fun prizes for bridal shower games will not only make the guests happy but also add to the overall enjoyment of the event, making it a day to remember for everyone involved.

1. Custom Wine Bottle

A bottle of wine would make an excellent reward for one of the games at the bridal shower because it’s probably already a boozy celebration so why not add more?!

Grab a couple of bottles of your preferred wine, and then have some adorable personalized labels stuck to the bottles.

You are free to personalize the label in any way you see fit.

Whether it be your guest’s name, the name of the future bride as well as the date of the wedding shower, or just write a cute or amusing statement instead, this is a gift that anyone would love.

2. Mini Spa Set

This mini-spa pack is the ideal gift for the winner of any of the games during your wedding shower.

Your choice of herbal facial steam, pink clay face mask, or foot soak salt is included in each set in addition to the lip balm of your choosing.

3. A Fancy Mug

This thermal mug is available in six different colors and two different sizes, and it can keep beverages warm for up to three hours.

The activities you have planned for the wedding shower, it’s certain to spark some healthy competition among all your guests.

4. Personalized Pot Holder Kit

When the guests use this personalized pot holder, they will be reminded of the good time they had at the bridal shower every time they take something out of the oven.

As a gift suggestion for a wedding shower game prize, these pot holders are both a practical and economical option because they come with a spatula or whisk in addition to the cute sayings that are printed on them.

5. Succulents

The winner of almost any bridal shower game would enjoy receiving a succulent as a prize.

Not only do they have a hip vibe that is reminiscent of the desert, but they are also quite simple to care for.

This succulent planter from The Sill features an excellent variety of colors as well as sizes of succulents.

6. Body Mousse

Everyone enjoys using a beautiful lotion, and this Mer-Sea & Co. body mousse with lavender essential oil is so rich and creamy that it feels like a dream.

7. Self Care Package

This gift box, which included a lip balm, bath salts, and a bath bomb with a scent derived from natural ingredients, is an excellent prize for any bridal shower winner who really could benefit from some rest and relaxation.

8. Nice Lip Balm Set

When it’s cold outside on the day of your bridal shower, practically everyone will appreciate receiving a beautiful lip balm as a gift, but this is especially true if you give this version to them.

Because this is a package of six miniature lip balms, more than one player will be able to take home a prize and leave the party with softer, smoother lips.

9. Tea Set

Matcha, sweet peppermint, and rose earl grey are some of the flavors included in this adorable boxed gift set from Tea Drops.

Also included is a variety of other flavors on their site so you’ll be sure to find one that everyone will love.

Even though these teas aren’t packaged in bags, the winner won’t need an infuser because they already come pressed to perfection.

10. Fancy Dominos

This elegant set of light blue dominoes from Anthropologie would make a wonderful present for the winner of one of the games during your bridal shower.

The game’s innovative yet classic design will make everyone try extra hard to win this wonderful prize.

11. Winter Candle

An excellent candle from Anthropologie is guaranteed to be a person’s favorite, particularly one that exudes a joy and spirit of celebration.

The fragrance known as “champagne toasts” is an excellent option for a favor to give out at a bridal shower.

12. Personalized Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are a versatile culinary tool that may be used for everything from stirring to spreading, scraping to dishing.

The winners of the bridal shower games will enjoy receiving these useful presents, which come with an engraved remembrance from the shower.

Cooks can never have enough of these, so these gifts are a great choice.

13. Beautiful Hairpiece

This stunning hair clip is encrusted with cubic zirconia, giving it a glamorous look that will be sure to impress the guests at your wedding shower.

A great idea would be to gift this hairclip to all of your bridesmaids so they could all wear them on your big day.

14. Nice Earrings

Because of their fun and festive design, these hoops make an excellent present for a wedding shower.

The wearer will have the ability to accessorize a wide range of looks with these sparkly earrings, which add just the right amount of shine.

15. Cooking Ramekins

Those attendees of the bridal shower who have a passion for the kitchen will adore these sweet ramekins, which are available in three different hues.

Winners of bridal shower games who aren’t particularly fond of spending time in the kitchen can put these hand-glazed stoneware ramekins to use as a receptacle for small accessories like earrings or barrettes in addition to their intended usage as ramekins.

16. Marble Coasters

The gift-giving potential of these marble coasters is limitless. The interior design of virtually anyone’s house will look classier after including them.

17. Upmarket Wine

The fact that each of these one-serving bottles of wine is packaged in its unique bottle makes them an ideal present for a bridal shower. The most exciting part?

Because it does not contain any added sugar or additives, as well as grapes that were grown in an environmentally friendly manner, this rosé wine will be the best you’ve ever tried.

18. Cross Stitch Set

Investing in some do-it-yourself kits could be a good idea if many of the guests at your bridal shower have a passion for arts and crafts.

Guests will undoubtedly keep in mind this adorable cross-stitch kit that was purchased from Anthropologie as a prize for participating in a wedding shower game.

19. Nail Polish Set

The visitor at the bridal shower who gets this nail polish set will be able to make herself a full manicure because the set comes with a primer, a top coat, and a set of three neutral colors to choose from.

20. Face Mask

Give the guest who won the game the gift of glowing skin with a luxurious mask from Origins, such as the one seen here.

Your generosity will allow the lucky winner of the bridal shower game to take their existing skincare routine to the next level.

21. Succulent Assortment

If you don’t want to give one big succulent as a prize, how about a mini assortment of them?

The little and sweet succulents are available from The Sill in packages of three, six, or twelve, depending on how many gifts you need to purchase for the bridal shower.

Have some extras left over? Repurpose them as centerpieces for your tables.

22. Cheese Knives

These exquisite cheese knives are something that almost anyone who hosts guests would like to have in their possession.

The gold-plated set of three cheese knives will lend an air of refined sophistication to any table setting.

23. Hand Crafted DIY Mani/Pedi Kit

There is something classic about a mason jar, and this particular one is stocked with everything you need for the ultimate at-home pampering experience in the form of a pedicure or manicure.

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How To Plan A Bridal Shower?

So, now you’re probably wondering what you need to plan for a bridal party to make sure that it goes off without a hitch.

As you work on the details of this event, go to this bridal shower checklist for a comprehensive outline of all of the items and services you’ll need to take into consideration.


Although some hosts of bridal showers choose to handle a significant portion of the event on their own, at the very least give some thought to engaging some suppliers to help.

For instance, you could hire a caterer to supply the food, get a cake from a local bakery, or decide to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the event.


Invitations to the wedding shower can be sent by e-mail or printed out. In either case, we advise getting them in the mail approximately four to six weeks before the big event.

On the bridal shower invites, it’s appropriate to include information about the guest of honor’s wedding registry; however, as an alternative, you may also include the address of the couple’s wedding website.

Also, don’t forget to let your guests know the best manner to RSVP, along with a deadline, so that you can finalize the guest list approximately one week before the big event.


You’ll want to select decorations that go along with the theme of the wedding, regardless of whether it’s going to be held at someone’s home or another location.

This may include the use of floral table centerpieces; if so, you may want to think about working with a florist to create the appropriate arrangements for the tables.

You also have the option of using various kinds of decorations for the bridal shower, such as balloons, string lights, signage, interesting picture backgrounds, garlands, and more.


Depending on the time of day and the theme, you may decide to serve a complete brunch with a mimosa bar, a Mexican-themed lunch containing margaritas, afternoon tea, hors d’oeuvres, or just cake and dessert.

You will need to collaborate with the event space to prepare the food for the bridal shower if you are holding it at a restaurant or another location that offers in-house catering.

In that case, you can decide to hire a caterer or order food to go from one of your favorite restaurants.

Even if it is an option to have the hosts prepare the food and deliver drinks, this is a lot of work and could cause additional stress for everyone involved.


The appropriate music can help to establish the ambiance for an occasion.

You can delegate the task of creating your own to a member of the bridal party. You could want to include some music that goes along with the theme of your shower.

For an even more unique and memorable experience, you might even consider hiring real musicians to play during the event.

Activities And Games

Although tearing open presents is typically a significant part of wedding showers, it is also a fantastic idea to organize some fun games and activities for your guests to participate in.

There is an abundance of fun and inexpensive printable bridal shower games, or you can always go with the tried-and-true competition to see who can make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper.

You may also have a lot of fun with the shoe game if you’re throwing a couple’s shower or if the guest of honor’s future spouse is going to be there to celebrate with them.

Unique Presents And Speeches

Because a bridal shower is about celebrating (and indulging!) the guest of honor, including a handcrafted gift or getting loved ones to give speeches can be nice touches to add to the event.

Some good gift ideas are a picture collage; a video slideshow; or a unique album that contains personalized notes and photographs. If you need more help take a look at the gift ideas above!

Someone To Keep Track Of It All

One component of a bridal shower checklist that is frequently overlooked is appointing a person to keep track of the presents that are received.

This allows the guest of honor to compose thank-you messages in the future.

Ribbon Bouquet

This is an entertaining custom that we think should come back into style.

This is when a member of the wedding party, another member of the bride’s immediate family, or a close friend, fashions a hat or bouquet out of the ribbons and bows that have amassed throughout the gift-opening ceremony.

The traditional foundation for a hat or bouquet is a paper plate, and you’ll also need some scissors and tape to help put it together.

After that, the bride wears the invention as a humorous hat during the bridal shower, and she also has the option of using it as a bouquet during the wedding rehearsal.

Favors For The Party

There is a wide variety of options available to select from when it comes to bridal shower treats. Naturally, you also have the option of going the edible route with candies, cookies, or mints.

You might also choose keepsakes that are relevant to the subject of the shower, such as mugs for a winter-themed shower, measuring spoons for a cooking-themed shower or nail polish for a spa-themed shower.


Planning a bridal shower can almost be as stressful as the big day itself, but with the guide above and all the amazing gift suggestions, everything should hopefully go much smoother for you!