Couples Shower Shoe Game Questions (100+ Ideas)

Looking for some creative couples shower shoe game questions? A little old school and have no idea what a shoe game even is is? Don’t worry, I’ll help you out with both. I’ll begin by explaining the rules of the game. Then we’ll check out a whopping 100 questions to ask! So relax and enjoy.

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How Do You Play the Couple Shower Shoe Game?

Playing the shoe game is pretty easy; you only need the right questions, a good setup, an amazing MC, and obviously the shoe.

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The Setup

You want to be where everyone can see your answers, so it’s best to play the game on the dance floor.

Place two chairs back-to-back, and sit on one chair and your partner on the other chair. The idea is not to see each other.

Remove one of your shoes and switch it with your partner’s shoes. So, that means you’ll have one of your shoes and one of your partner’s shoes, and they’ll have the same combination.

The MC

a male wedding host holding a microphone and pen for the couple shower shoe game

Anyone can ask the questions; you can have a relative or friend do it. But if you don’t want to bother them, your DJ can ask the questions.

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The Shoes

Sneakers LGBT colors. Fashionable shoes on wooden background. top view.

So, the rule is, each time the MC asks a question, you raise the shoe of the person who does that thing most (don’t worry, it will all make sense when you see the questions).

If the statement describes your partner, you raise their shoe, and if it describes you, you raise your shoe.

Since you can’t see each other, you don’t know what the responses of your partner are. Well, sometimes you can tell from the reaction of your audience, but as drinks kick in, everything becomes unpredictable, and that’s when the fun begins.

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How Long Should the Wedding Shoe Game Last?

You want to have fun, but you don’t want your guests to get bored. So, 10 minutes are enough, and since the answers don’t need an explanation, you can cover at least 20 questions.

I’ll include many couple shower shoe game question ideas on this list, but don’t feel the pressure to cover all of them.

Simply pick a few that excite you or better, have your friends do it, it’s more fun when you don’t know what’s about to hit you.

Couples Shower Shoe Game Questions

Hands holding different woman shoes on white isolated background. Close up.

As promised, here are 100 fun couples shower shoe game questions.

  1. Who has more ex-lovers?
  2. Who initiated the first kiss?
  3. Who loves PDA?
  4. Who’s the bigger fibber?
  5. Who’s loud?
  6. Who said I love you first?
  7. Who’s more adventurous in bed?
  8. Who’s more romantic?
  9. Who proposed?
  10. Who’s better at gifting?
  11. Who’s the bigger spender?
  12. Who gets angry fast?
  13. Who apologizes first?
  14. Who’s clumsier?
  15. Who fell in love first?
  16. Who’s a better singer?
  17. Who’s more creative?
  18. Who’s a better cook?
  19. Who paid for the first date?
  20. Who asked the other one out first?
  21. Who’s more stylish?
  22. Who’s a party animal?
  23. Who’s likely to get too drunk at the reception?
  24. Who’s a better dancer?
  25. Who does the dishes more?
  26. Who does laundry more?
  27. Who is very needy when they’re sick?
  28. Who’s always late?
  29. Who’s likely to scream loudest when seeing a spider?
  30. Who is always looking for thrills?
  31. Who’s a better financial manager?
  32. Who’s likely to tell a secret?
  33. Who’s likely to cry when watching a sad movie?
  34. Who’s more athletic?
  35. Who flirts more?
  36. Who’s more disorganized?
  37. Who eats more junk food?
  38. Who talks most?
  39. Who’s likely to try something new
  40. Who’s a night owl?
  41. Who’s more of a pet person?
  42. Who’s likely to negotiate their way out of a speeding ticket?
  43. Who’s afraid of heights?
  44. Who’s a better cook?
  45. Who’s likely to try out something new?
  46. Who’s likely to sleep while watching TV?
  47. Who’s likely to replace car keys?
  48. Who’s good at planning dates?
  49. Who’s the boss in the relationship?
  50. Who’s likely to start a fight?
  51. Who will want kids first?
  52. Who has a crazier family?
  53. Who takes the longest baths/showers?
  54. Who’s a better driver?
  55. Who’s an early riser?
  56. Who workouts more?
  57. Who farts more?
  58. Who has a bigger wardrobe?
  59. Who’s more sarcastic?
  60. Who’s a gossip?
  61. Who loves being pampered most?
  62. Who makes the sweetest coffee?
  63. Who’s likely to scream when watching horror movies?
  64. Who’s more social?
  65. Who’s a workaholic?
  66. Who’s a pickier eater?
  67. Whose playlist is better?
  68. Who’s more spiritual?
  69. Who’s kinder?
  70. Who’s chattier?
  71. Who is always window shopping?
  72. Who is good at planning surprise parties?
  73. Who’s messier?
  74. Who’s better in bed?
  75. Who’s likely to apologize first?
  76. Who’s likely to have their phone in the bathroom?
  77. Who will be controlling the TV remote?
  78. Who’s always throwing tantrums?
  79. Who was more nervous on the first date?
  80. Who’s likely to forget anniversaries and birthdays?
  81. Who fought first?
  82. Who’s more brand conscious?
  83. Who’s the jealous one?
  84. Who compliments the other one more?
  85. Who’s a better lover?
  86. Who’s always hungry?
  87. Who has better hair?
  88. Who passes out first after drinks?
  89. Who spends more time on social media?
  90. Who’s likely to break the law?
  91. Who is shyer?
  92. Whose phone has more passwords?
  93. Who’s likely to skip bathing?
  94. Who says ‘I Love You’ more often?
  95. Who had a crush on the other first?
  96. Who reads often?
  97. Who is smarter?
  98. Who is cuddlier?
  99. Who’s a better tipper?
  100. Who’s more patient?
  101. Who has better handwriting?
  102. Who’s always looking for thrills?
  103. Who was the first to take marriages?
  104. Who will be the strict parent?
  105. Who’s friendlier?
  106. Who’s likely to have ice cream for breakfast?
  107. Who’s more excited about the honeymoon?
  108. Who will be the first to have a mid-life crisis?
  109. Who’s likely to get arrested?
  110. Who has a bigger butt?
  111. Who brushes teeth more often?
  112. Who’s older?
  113. Who has more shoes?
  114. Whose car is cleaner?
  115. Who has smelly feet?
  116. Who will be paying the bills?
  117. Who has more shoes?
  118. Who looks better today?
  119. Who replaces the toilet roll more often?
  120. Who’s a clean freak?

Final Words

Wedding showers give us a chance to celebrate our love with our close friends before we say ‘I Do.’

It should be a party full of laughter and loosening up to savor the moment before getting back to a busy life.

One of the common funny bridal shower games is the shoe game, but it’s only fun when the questions are creative.

I hope you got a couple of questions from my list.

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What other couple shower shoe game questions do you have in mind? Share with us below!

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