Gifts for a Daughter Who Eloped: 10 Sweet Ideas She’ll Love

Looking for some meaningful gifts for a daughter who eloped? While you’ll likely want to get the couple a bigger gift they can both use, you may also want to give your daughter a little something just for her from you. That’s where these sweet ideas below come in!

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Gifts for a Daughter Who Eloped

More and more couples are choosing to elope instead of cancel or postpone a wedding due to coronavirus. It is something you may want to celebrate, but it’s incredibly hard to find the right gift for your daughter. You can check out this list, and pick something awesome just for her (and her new spouse, of course).

1. Galaxy Rose

Roses always make wonderful gifts, and this one is truly special. It’s got a lot of awesome colors, and it comes with “The Beauty and the Beast” vibes to make it even more special. It’s available on Amazon.

2. “I Do” Slippers

Some slippers are way too cute, and it’s the case with these ones. The moment you say “I do” is the moment that changes everyone’s life, and this can be an awesome gift for your daughter who eloped. They’re available on Amazon.

3. Hand Casting Kit

With a hands casting kit, your daughter can mark the moment she and her partner got engaged, married, or simply moved in together. It doesn’t have to be a special day to make a special memory. It’s available on Amazon, and will create an awesome sculpture.

4. Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card

Cards are still very popular gifts for any occasion, and this one from Amazon is truly special. You can write a heartfelt message in it, and she will always keep it as a decoration. Use it to go along with another gift, or add some money or a gift card so she can pick out what she needs for her new home.

5. Adventure Photo Book

Every elopement starts a new adventure, and she will be able to use this photo book to show hers off. It will be filled with amazing memories of the couple, and you can even add a cute message for them in there.

6. Scented Candles Set

Candles are perfect in every situation, and this gift set is just perfect. You can find it on Amazon and buy these 8 candles for your daughter who eloped. She will have a hard time choosing between Lavender, Secret Mint, Vanilla Almond, Coffee, Wood Sage, Lemon, Fig and Rose.

7. Bath Bomb Set

A bath bomb gift set is the perfect opportunity to tell your daughter to relax and enjoy these times. They are incredibly beautiful and will provide the needed care for dry and normal skin. She can use them alone or in a romantic bath for two! These are available on Amazon.

8. You Are My Sunshine Bracelet

This is the perfect gift to let your daughter know that no matter how grown up she is, she’ll always be your sunshine. It’s available on Amazon. If you don’t love this one, they have dozens of other sayings available.

9. SassyCups “Mrs” Wine Tumbler/Mug

Everyone needs a special cup for a good glass of wine or an amazing cup of tea. This tumbler can handle both! It’s available on Amazon and it’s sure to create some awesome moments. 

10. “I Love You” Box

Even though she knows you love her, this Amazon box will always remind her of you. It’s a 3 by 3 inches box, and she can display it anywhere in her house. 

Again, you’ll also want to get a gift that both your daughter and her new wife can use together. Not only is it just more polite, but it shows that you aren’t harboring hard feelings about not being included in her big day. Still, these sweet gifts make nice little extras.

Which one of these 10 gifts for a daughter who eloped is your favorite? Share below!

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