7 Too-Cute Drive-By Bridal Shower Car Decorations We Just Adore

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If you’re looking for some of the cutest drive-by bridal shower car decorations, stick around! I promise, finding fun ways to dress up your guests cars isn’t nearly as challenging as coming up with driveby shower themes or party games.

How to choose the perfect drive-by bridal shower car decorations

Basically, to choose the perfect decorations for your car, you need to do just two things. First, make sure you choose something that matches the overall theme of the shower. It just makes for a beautiful aesthetic, to see all of the cars lined up in complementary décor.

Second- and most importantly- make sure you choose SAFE decorations. Let’s talk a bit more about that, then we’ll check out ideas.

Safety factors to consider in drive-by bridal shower car decorations

The last thing you want is to have your decorations cause an accident. So, as you shop, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your decorations will actually stay on your car. Magnets and decals are a great choice.
  • Don’t choose anything that will block your view of the road behind or in front of you.
  • Leave mirror decorations until the last minute. Just keep them in the car with you, then add them as you pull up.
  • Be mindful of local laws. In some states, it’s illegal to drive with anything attached to your rear-view mirror, for example.

Obviously, you also want to avoid anything that could damage your car. For example, if you choose to decorate with markers, make sure they’re actually safe for your car’s finish. Also, avoid Silly String! I have a friend that let her son spray her car with it, and that stuff NEVER comes off entirely.

Drive By Bridal Shower Favors And D...
Drive By Bridal Shower Favors And Decor Ideas

Okay, now that we cleared that up, let’s check out some of my favorite ideas for drive-by shower car decorations.

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1. Bridal Shower Banner for the Bride-to-Be’s Car

This banner can be easily attached to the back of your car, and let everyone know what is happening there. You can have it customized, and be prepared for the big day! This is available on Etsy and can be customized with any text you want!

Wedding Shower Banners

White chipboard, choose your custom colors, charcoal edges, gold metallic letters, light pink heart, ivory twine.

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2. Custom Plates

Drive-By Bridal Shower Car Decorations license plate

A set of custom plates can be one of the best ideas, of course, if the legislation in your state allows it. You can have it personalized with your name, date, or simply the name of the event.

These custom plate templates are available on Etsy and come in a ton of beautiful designs that are perfect for wedding showers. Then, you can just print your own! The best part? You get access to all of the designs, so you can use different ones for other events, too.

76+ License Plate Designs

Digital file. After paying, you get access to a Google Drive folder with all 76+ designs.

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3. Dried Flower Car Mirror Hangers

These adorable dream catchers are available on Etsy in sets of up to 10. What’s amazing about them is the fact that after the party is over, each of your guests can keep one, thus also having cute favors for them. Just make sure all your drive-by guests receive one, and you’re ready to go!

Dried Flowers Dream Catcher

You can pick single catcher, set of 3, 5 or 10. If you need set of more dreamcatchers - just get in touch with me via etsy messages and we will arrange everything 🙂

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4. Custom Car Decals

If you want to have something personalized that you can keep on your car for quite some time, then you should take a look at these custom car stickers from Etsy.

They come in multiple colors, and you choose the text that goes between the hearts.

5. Window Marker

car marker white

This is probably the best idea someone can come up with. Amazon offers this super cute white marker which you can safely use on your car windows.

For this to have a huge impact, you should get someone who knows how to write beautiful calligraphy, or use some templates in order to achieve the perfect results. After you’re done, you can simply wash it and prepare for the next party!

FYI, it also comes in a bunch of other colors, which is great since obviously it wouldn’t show up on a white car.

Car Marker Pens Auto Writer White - Windows, Glass, Tire, All Surfaces - Any Motorcycle, Truck or Bicycle, Wet Erase Removable Markers Pen (White, Wide 15mm Tip)
  • BETTER THAN LIQUID CHALK- Specially made to write on vehicles Window, Windshield, Bike, Motorcycle Helmets, Tires, Mirror and all Non-Porous Undamaged Surfaces.
  • RAIN RESISTANT & WASHABLE - Durable enough to resist light rain showers but still be removable by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not leave on car hood in direct sunlight for more than a couple days (especially on very hot summer days).
  • CRAFT SUPPLIES - Unleash the artist in you. Instead of using car stickers, decals or vinyl wraps buy this cool art marker and draw your own design.
  • KID SAFE - Enjoy drawing with your toddler with its non-toxic, solvent-free formulation. Be the hit of the party, parade, graduation, holiday, celebration.
  • WARNING - Do not use on damaged paint surfaces (including paint oxidation and clear coat peeling) as the ink may not remove completely from surfaces with paint damage

6. Hanging Car Decoration

Another beautiful car decoration for your drive-by bridal shower, could be these cute hanging car decorations from Etsy. You can make sure every set of guests has one, and allow them to keep them as party favors in order to always remember your party!

Hanging car decoration with essential oil air freshener.

Tiny paper sack comes with a felt ball so you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and create a car air freshener.

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7. Car Ribbon

If you want to really make an impact, then these adorable and personalized ribbons from Etsy may just do the job. There are over 10 colors of ribbons for you to choose, meaning that you can really keep up with the theme you already choose. On top of that, after you’re done with the party, you can beautifully fold it like a flower and keep it as a memory!

Personalized 6m Wedding Car Ribbon

The luxury ribbon measures 5m in length, 50mm in width and is available in 12 different colors.

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If you're looking for some of the cutest drive-by bridal shower car decorations, stick around! We came up with 7 adorable ideas!

No matter what kind of drive-by bridal shower car decorations you choose, everything needs to be just how you like it. This means that if you like something, you should just go for it, and enjoy your special day!

What are some of your favorite drive-by bridal shower car decorations? Share below!

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