13 Amazing Drive-By Engagement Party Ideas for a Memorable Day

Sign on a table that says "We Said Yes," makes a great drive-by engagement party decoration!

If you’re looking for some awesome drive-By engagement party ideas, stick around! These socially distanced events are becoming a standard. Sure, they may not be quite as “up close and personal” as an in-person party. However, with a little creativity and flexibility, you can still create a memorable moment for you and your guests.

In this article, you will find some of the best ideas, invitations, decorations and favors for any drive-by engagement party, so everything is set and ready for the big day! Let’s get started!

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Drive-By Engagement Party Ideas

Let’s start with some basic drive-by engagement party themes! Of course, you don’t have to have a specific theme, but it does help you narrow down which direction to go in with decorations and favors. Here are a few that we love.

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1. Bring Out The Balloons

Everyone loves balloons and there’s no doubt about that, so why not have a whole party around them? You need to decorate all the elements with adorable balloons, and even get creative. You can choose a theme, or have multi-colored ones everywhere!

2. Car Karaoke Party

A great idea you can always propose is a carpool karaoke party! These are always fun, and can be easily thrown even when you respect the social distancing guidelines! The App Store has some great carpool karaoke apps that will help make your bash a success, and Tom’s Guide explains how it all works.

3. Barbecue Party

Another great idea would be to have something delicious prepared for your drive-by guests. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set it up, and everyone will be more than happy to celebrate with you!

4. Wine And Cheese Sampler Party

One of the fanciest things you can do is throw a wine and cheese engagement party. However, since your guests will be driving, rather than setting it up as a traditional wine and cheese tasting bash, set out little sampler baskets for each guest to take home and enjoy safely.

Drive-By Engagement Party Invitations

For a drive-by engagement party you can either choose virtual invitations, and have everyone receive an email with the details.

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1. Retro Drive-By Invitation

Retro Drive-By Invitation

If your favorite style is vintage, then these drive-by engagement party invitations from Etsy are exactly what you need. You can download the templates, and place in your details instead.

You can change every single bit of text, including switching the “wedding shower” bit to “engagement party” (we tried it in the demo to be sure).

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2. “I DO BBQ” Invitation

"I DO BBQ" Invitation

This “I DO BBQ” invitation from Etsy works perfectly with the barbecue party idea. You’ll let everyone know in advance, and they will come prepared!

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3. Geometric Engagement Party Invitation

Geometric Engagement Party Invitation

This invitation can be perfect for almost any idea you choose. You can get the template on Etsy and then send personalized invitations to all your guests!

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Drive-By Engagement Party Decorations

Now, let’s talk decorations! You don’t have to go overboard here (unless you want to, of course). These ideas below are perfect for any drive-by engagement party ideas.

1. Wooden Guest Book

Wooden Guest Book for drive-by engagement party ideas

This is a very good alternative to the usual guestbooks, and your guests will be able to sign themselves on this beautiful wooden decor, which you can later place somewhere in your house. It’s available on Etsy, and the price stands around $40.

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2. Engagement Ring Paper Decorations

Engagement Ring Paper Decorations make great drive-by engagement party decorations

These paper decorations will let everyone know what’s really happening, and will make an amazing memory when you open the boxes a few years later. You can find them on Etsy, and they come in sets of three for about $8.

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3. Engagement Party Sign

Engagement Party Sign

Having an engagement party sign is absolutely beautiful. It reminds you at all times what’s happening, and you can keep it as a memory for the years to come. You can get the templates on Etsy, and go ahead and print as many as you like!

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Drive-By Engagement Party Favors

1. Dried Flowers Magnet

Dried Flowers Magnet

Something that will remind everyone about your special day are definitely these adorable magnets from Etsy. You can make a personalized one for every guest, and have them remember the moment!

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2. Mini White Roses

Mini White Roses

These mini white roses available on Etsy will make a beautiful engagement party favor for your guests! You can personalize the tag, so everyone remembers this amazing moment!

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3. Key Bottle Opener

 Key Bottle Opener

These vintage bottle openers can make an amazing gift, especially if you pair them with small bottles of something you really love! You can find them on Etsy, and then you can just go ahead and share them with your loved ones!

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If you're looking for some awesome drive-by engagement party ideas, we've got you covered! We're talking themes, decor, favors and more!

Organizing a great drive-by engagement party can seem like a tough job, but these ideas will definitely help you get the results you want!

Stay tuned, because later this week we’re going to talk all about games to play and fun ways to decorate your car!

Do you have any other drive-by engagement party ideas that you love? Share below!

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