These Brides Prove You Really Can Throw an Epic Socially Distanced Lesbian Wedding

Two brides in blue dresses kissing after proving you really can have a classy socially distanced lesbian wedding

Think you can’t plan a socially distanced lesbian wedding that even remotely resembles your dream? Stick around, because these brides are about to prove otherwise! With a little creativity and a few compromises, both of these amazing couples pulled off a wedding that no one will ever forget. One couple even did it for just around $5K!

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These Brides Prove You Really Can Throw an Epic Socially Distanced Lesbian Wedding

By the looks of it, social distancing is going to stick around for a while, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our dream entirely. Our hearts broke for this bride, who told fellow Reddit users that she wanted to cancel her wedding completely because of the virus. Although they already reduced the number of guests from 120 to about 25, their guests were still very reticent and didn’t want to attend the wedding.

I’m just very sad about this entire situation and not sure how I can accept this new plan without our loved ones being there.

Happily, some of the couples we found on Reddit managed to find a way to celebrate their weddings, and did it in style. So, before you throw in the towel on your dream wedding and just elope, see how they pulled it off. It just might inspire you!

A Socially Distanced Micro-Wedding in a Park

These two brides had a perfect wedding while still maintaining the social distancing guidelines. Their guests stood in groups with masks on, except for the brides and the officiant .

At the ceremony where only 10 of the 150 guests were present, they all installed separated picnic blankets and served individual lunches made by one of their friends.

Even though they are planning to hold the reception sometime in 2021, they are very happy with their minimony and plan to send videos and photos to all the people who couldn’t attend.

We’re hoping to hold our reception in 2021 with all our invited guests, but holding the ceremony now was so worth it to us.

A lesbian wedding 6 years in the making

And then, there’s this beautiful couple who decided to just go for it.

One of the bride’s father carved their wedding date a beautiful birch arch, starting an amazing new wedding tradition for the whole family.

As the bride said.

Its going to become my family arch! I have two sisters that already want to use it when they get married too. My parents name and wedding as well as our names and dates are already woodburned into one of the supports.

Their wedding was under $5,000 and they ensured everyone socially distanced in order to stay completely safe. The bride has some great tips on how she managed to keep her budget under $5K, too.

We got our venue for free by helping our friends build it. Our friends who own the venue have slowly accumulated a lot of wedding items likes signs, cutlery and plates, tables, etc. they gave us full access to.. My wife’s father owns a restaurant and was able to get everything food and alcohol at cost. Both of us bought our dresses for super cheap at a bridal bash sale. My mother had a friend who donated or let us borrow all the fabrics we used to decorate. We both used to work weddings, so we were able to do all the set up and interior stuff. With covid, our wedding was also super small (less than 30 people.) Honestly, it was just a lot of little things that just happened to work out for us

What’s very impressive about this couple is the fact that even though they live together, they managed to keep their wedding dresses a secret from each other, and ended up being absolutely perfect together.

Marrying her wife made all the stress worth it

The other half of that beautiful couple shared her own thoughts on their big day, saying that all the stress and planning was worth it.

When comments poured in about the matching dress, she said:

We didn’t look at each others dresses until our first look. Our friends that had seen both teased us for the past year and a half saying that they will DEFINITELY match ?

One Redditor loves the idea of small weddings and really hopes they’ll catch on, saying:

I really hope that the small wedding with a “select few” guests will catch on even when there is not a pandemic. I think people are seeing that a small wedding means that you both can enjoy the day more–fewer details to deal with, fewer people to talk to–just a wonderful day to celebrate. Congrats!

Yes, it’s hard not to have all your close ones around for the wedding, there are still things you can do to have a small and perfect day!

Did you pull off a classy socially distanced wedding? Share your tips below!

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