45 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Older Brides

Are you in search of wedding hairstyles for women over 50? I’ve got you! From simple and fab to over-the-top posh, below you’ll find 45 amazing hairdos that are perfect for older brides. Let’s dive right in!

45 Best Wedding Hairstyles Ideas for Women Over 50

As you browse through these stunning wedding hairstyles for older women, I recommend saving any that really pop out at you. That way, you can take a bunch of ideas to your stylist and work together to find the right one for your hair type and face shape.

1.     Straight Hair Wedding Hairstyle

bride with straight hairstyles for wedding

The first mention in our list is among the simplest and easiest when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

Go right ahead and section either the right or left side. After that, you need to sleek the hair in the front. That’s it!

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2.     Sleek Back Plaited Hair

To achieve this hairdo, you can start by sleeking your hair backward, then braiding it. Make it a bit fancier for your wedding by adding a gorgeous accessory. Easy yet elegant!

3.     Side Bangs

For this cute hairdo, you section the front view hair either towards the left or right side. The hairstyle depends a lot on how you position it on your head.

4.     Romantic Updo Wedding Hairdo

bridal updo

For this perfect hairstyle, just section your hair in the middle and sleek the fringes. When you’re done, curl up the remaining sections of your mid hair.

5.     Sleek Left Long Hairstyle

Young, brown haired beautiful model with long, straight, well groomed hair is touching own hair with tenderness.

A simple sleek and straight side-swept hairstyle is amazing for brides with long straight hair! Sweep it to the left or right and tuck it behind your ear.

6.     Middle Part Hairdo

Sleek your hair right down the middle, then either leave it straight or give it a bit of a wave. Voila! Easy and beautiful!

7.     Medium Layered Hairstyle

All the action happens around your neck with this hairstyle.

8.     Side Swept Dutch Braid

Nothing says wedding hair better than a beautiful loose dutch braid!

9.     Sideways Tendril

sleek bun wedding hairstyles for women over 50

Sweep all of your hair up into a beautiful bun, then choose a few tendrils to let loose. This complicated hairstyle will look exceptionally great on you if you have long luscious hair.

10. Medium Hair Pixie Look

short bridal hair

If a traditional short pixie cut is too short for you, this medium pixie is a great compromise. It’s easy to style and looks stunning on your big day.

11. Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle

In case you wish to shine at the wedding without going crazy with your hair, just wear a ponytail hairstyle. Let the fringes sit on your forehead once you’re done layering them.

12. Uptown Layered Hairdo

woman with short layered hair

Since the hairdo requires little maintenance, we encourage women over 50 to wear the Uptown layered hairdo.

13. Thinly Layered Wedding Hair

You’ll notice that the hair on the sideways also naturally blends with a middle part. Sleek your hair straight for this stylish look.

14. Sleeked Back Redhead Hairstyle

This gorgeous look is amazing for redheads! Just sleek it all back and let your edginess shine through.

15. Long Curly Wedding Hairstyle

bride with perfect curls

Nothing says “beach vibes” better than a loose wave!

16. Simple Hairstyle For Weddings

bride with curly wedding hairstyles extensions

Keep it simple and just blow-dry your hair. It will help enhance the texture and look of your hair.

17. Blonde-Black Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

happy beautiful bride with long blond hair in ponytail waring artistic smoky eyeshadow and smiling on bokeh background.

Use black and blonde hairstyle colors and blend them together. Then, go ahead and make use of layers to accentuate the look.

18. Medium Balayage Wedding Hairstyle

Using either the left or right sideways, blend your mid hair and fringes. Also, ensure to give it an appearance of a layered wedding hairstyle.

19. Medium Length Hair Bob

simple short hair

For this particular hairdo, give an appearance of natural waves sideways. Since this medium bob wedding hairstyle is of equal lengths, you might need to trim your hair a little.

20. Curly Ombre Hairstyle

curly ombre hair

Begin by adding layers to your hair. Based on how you position it, let the hair on the front rest in the direction of the left or right side. To further accentuate the look and texture of your hair, use a blow dryer.

21. Shag Wedding Hairdo

Begin by achieving a wavy-curly and layered appearance. You will find it much simpler to make the shag wedding hairstyle this way.

Since the marvelous hairstyle is flexible enough to blend in with a variety of outfits, anyone can choose to wear it.

22. Trendy Wedding Bride Hair Styles

bride with pretty wavy hair and flower crown

You need to make use of either the left or right side for this hairdo. Go right ahead and sleek and blend the hair on the front.

23. Classic and Loose Natural Curls

bride with natural curly hair

Another natural style, let your gorgeous curls fly loose!

24. Simple Updo Bun

bride with low bun hair

In order to highlight the look and texture of your hair, begin by blow-drying thoroughly. Make a classic updo bun once you’re done.

25.  Swept Back Wedding Hairstyle

The hairdo makes for an ideal option for those with long hair. Begin by adding layers to your hair.

Based on how you position it, use the hair on either the left or right side and blend it with your mid hair and bangs. Perfect the hairdo by combing your back hair straight.

26. The Prom Hairdo

side swept curls for wedding hairstyles for women over 50

Sweep all of your beautiful waves to one side for this beautiful look!

27.  Wavy Wedding Hairdo with Fringe

Show off your amazing bangs by making them the star of the show. Then give the rest of your locks a bit of a wave.

28. Sleek Up-Layered Hairstyle

Start by asking for a layered cut. That makes maintenance easy and simple for you. Sleek your hair and fringes up, then to the side, and finally to the back.

29. Simple and Curly

pretty pixie cut

I’m crazy for these simple wavy loose curls for older brides with shorter hair.

30. American Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

bride with short hair

Sleek the hair on the front to the left or the right, keeping in mind the natural direction of your hair growth. Then push it all back and secure it with a beautiful headband.

31. Medium Bohamian Hairstyle

lady with bohemian hairstyle

Boho brides will love this classic look. It’s simple and carefree yet still classy.

32. Simply Sleek Back Beautiful Wedding Bun Hairstyle

messy bridal bun wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Attain soft texture by first blow-drying your hair. Once you’re done, pull the entirety of the hair backward and form a bun.

33. Mid Apart Black Bun Wedding Hairstyle

On the backside of your head, draw a part. Then just make the bun by sleeking your hair in that direction.

34. The Elegant Chignon

This glamorous wedding hairstyle is perfect for you if you’re someone who frequents galas, cocktail parties, and luncheons on a regular basis.

35. Formal and Festive Stylish Updo Hairstyle

The gorgeous curled pin-up hairdo is ideal for graduation ceremonies or weddings.

36. Braided Low Bun Classical Wedding Hairstyle

bridal braid

You might be thinking that a combination of the messy bun, crown braids, and the blonde side bangs hairstyle might be too much, but rest assured! These three elements blend quite harmoniously.

37. Sophisticated French Twist

The wedding hairstyle for women over 50 is an efficient option for those seeking a touch of romance. The elegant French roll will last you the entirety of the ceremony without you having to fix it.

The maintenance is easy, and it’s simple and classic.

38. Milkmaid Braided Wedding Hairstyle

The marvelous wedding hairstyle is a fan-favorite for the bohemian fairies out there. Pair it with an airy maxi dress or flowing blouse.

39. Bangs on Tousled Side Blonde Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

bride with wedding hairstyles extensions

The wedding hairstyle is effective for a mature woman over 50 who is aiming for a playful appearance. This easy side half ponytail bun very well complements the bangs.

40. Soft bangs and Interlocked Braid Hairstyle

This gorgeous and sophisticated hairstyle is a globally acclaimed hairdo. The elegant updo boasting interlocked braids surely accentuate your amazing hairstyle even further.

41. Tight Curly Hair and Bold Color

Women over 50 who have a passion for thrills and adventure and boast long luscious hair can choose to flaunt this simple style.

Stand out and show off yourself with tight soft curls in bold natural hair color through this hairdo with a modern twist.

42. Laid-Back Beachy Waves Medium Wedding Hairstyle

bride with long waves hair

The hairdo makes for an efficient option for those who have long hair and are brunettes. Make use of the curling iron to enhance the natural texture of your hair.

43. Intricate Bun

Beautiful model girl with elegant hairstyle

In comparison to other bun hairstyles on the list, you’ll find the intricate bun a little more time-consuming. At the same time, the chic hairstyle surely is worth it.

44. High Bun and Flat Twists

This amazing wedding hairstyle for women over 50 fits the needs of a number of occasions. You’ll find it extremely comfy to wear, and it’ll surely look pretty on you.

The flat twists on the high bun are for sure a classy choice for women.

45. The Smoky Swirl

braided bun

This particular hairdo is among those simplest wedding hairstyles for older women that don’t require extra touches that often. It’ll remain firm and last long.

The smoky swirl boasts a stylish look and is effective if you have pepper and salt hair.

3 Tips to Know About When Styling Hair for Women Over 50

  1. Ensure to never forego using suitable styling tools and products.

These products and styling tools can impact your final look to a great extent. You might end up with frizz or flat hair if you don’t make use of efficient tools and products.

  1. Take advantage of the good ol’ internet.

Are you looking for sleek, left long wedding hairstyles for women over 50? Just punch in the keyword on Google, and check out the images and tutorials it offers.

  1. Be open to learning your beauty type.

Your overall energy, body language, and facial features will assist you in pinpointing which energy type you exude.


How should I wear my hair over 50?

Wear your hair in a way that brings you happiness and doesn’t require too much maintenance. A simple hairstyle that’s comfortable to wear but looks elegant is ideal.
A lob or bob straight bangs with layers or a seductive pixie cut are effective options for wedding hairstyles for older brides.pretty woman over 50

Does long hair make one look older after 50?

Hairstyles such as crazy long hair will definitely make you look older after 50. But in case you’re into that kind of look, dive headfirst into it.
Ensure that the hairstyle isn’t longer on the backside and shorter on the front.

What do older brides wear in their hair?

Hairstyles for older brides could include the sleek finger wave hairstyles embellished by pretty hair combs and pins. Older women with short hair can even flaunt side tiaras. Other than these, beautifully sculpted feather embellishments are a good option too.

Can older brides wear veils?

It completely depends on the personal preference of the brides. They can choose to wear the veil or decide to entirely forego it. Brides can simply walk down the aisle without wearing a veil, or they can go for headbands or fascinators, or any other hair jewelry.groom removing the bride's veil


Be it a formal event or a simple luncheon, or any wedding theme, we all wish to flaunt dazzling hairstyles. We are absolutely sure that you’ll find something that fits your needs in this list of the top 45 wedding hairstyles for 50-year-olds. At the same time, we would advise you to run some trials before the actual big day. Do not forget to feel fabulous, make tons of memories, and just have fun.

bride with blonde bun

What are your favorite wedding hairstyles for women over 50? Let us know below!

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