Word Scramble Printable Bridal Shower Game

Bridal Shower Word Scramble printable shower gam

If you’re looking for a super simple yet fun bridal shower game, you can’t go wrong with a classic like Word Scramble! It’s easy enough for anyone to play, yet the words are just challenging enough to make it engaging and entertaining. The rules are super simple, but let’s check out how to play anyway, shall we?

What do you need to play

  1. A copy of the game printout for each player.
  2. A printout of the answer sheet for each player (to hand out in step 6 below)
  3. Enough pens or pencils for everyone.
  4. A prize for the winner (optional)

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How to Play Bridal Shower Word Scramble

  1. Before the party, print out enough game sheets for all of your guests.
  2. During game time, hand out the first sheet to everyone and ask them to put their name on the top.
  3. Set a time limit (5 minutes is more than enough)
  4. Instruct players to unscramble the words and write their answers on the line next to each one.
  5. When time’s up, have each player swap sheets with the person next to them.
  6. Hand out the answer sheets so partners can “grade” the answers.
  7. The player who unscrambles the most words wins!


It’s highly likely that more than one player will unscramble all of the words. If you don’t have the budget to give every winner a prize, do a “right answers raffle” instead. After each game that you play, put the winners’ sheets into a bag or a box. At the end of game time, draw a single grand prize winner.

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