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Finding a wedding dress that is perfectly meant for you is not so easy a task. What could be appealing to the eye might not do the same magic once it’s on your body. As we get started, it’s imperative to know the different types of bridal gowns. They include the A-line (princess) gown, the mermaid gown, the empire gown, the ball gown and the sheath (column) gown.

Our wedding ideas will help you settle for a gown that will embrace the nature of your body, bringing out the queen in her royal splendor. How to go about this begins with understanding your own body type and the kind of wedding dress that suits you best. Let’s do this.

Infographic – The Perfect Solution To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Infographic - The Perfect Solution To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

The rectangle body type

The rectangular figure defines shoulders and hips which precisely lie in a rectangular plane with very little waist definition, for which a sheath (column) gown would work best. Other gowns that would work for rectangular body shapes are: the empire gown, the ball gown as well as the A-line gown.

The triangle body type

This is the kind of body type where the hips are broader than the shoulders. It’s recommended that A-line gowns are best for this figure, though a mermaid, empire or ball gown would do the trick as well.

The inverted triangle body type

In this case, the shoulders are prominently broad while the hips are small. Since emphasis needs to be put on the lower body, this figure works well with a ball gown, though an empire or A-line gown would come in handy too.

The pear body type

The pear body shape applies for fuller ladies whose hips are broader than their shoulders. An A-line gown is best, though mermaid and ball-gowns would do the trick too, as well as empire gowns for ladies who would prefer some freedom with the waist line.

The hour-glass body type

Just like the name, the hour-glass figure describes a full bust and full hips and a well-defined waist. This kind of figure flows perfectly with all kinds of wedding gowns, but the mermaid and sheath types work best on the curves.

The round (apple) body type

The round body shape characterizes a full bust and full hips but without a defined waist. An A-line gown or an empire gown are the best for the apple kind of figure.

That’s it. In case you know of a bride-to-be who is having a hard time settling for a bridal dress, some shared knowledge on their body shape would be a great shot in the arm. You’ll be glad you made someone’s wedding livelier.

Do you have any other tips for finding the perfect dress for your body shape? Any thoughts on the infographic? Share below!

Olfa Turki
Olfa Turki

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