7 Gorgeous Gender Neutral Wedding Attire Ideas

Looking for some gorgeous gender neutral wedding attire ideas?

Whether you’re in the big event yourself or just planning to attend as a guest, we’ve got you covered.

From budget-friendly to custom-made, you’ll love our picks below.

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Gender Neutral Wedding Attire Ideas

No matter what type of wedding you are going to, we know you have one thing in mind – to celebrate the love of the happy couple!

We personally feel that gender-neutral wedding attire encompasses many different outfits, but a safe bet is to go with well-tailored suits and tuxes for ladies and men.

There are no labels anymore really when it comes to gender and everyone is encouraged to express themselves in any way they see fit.

That’s why we are here to give suggestions to those who just want some ideas on what to wear for any wedding between any loving couple.

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1. Dignitary Custom 2-Piece Suit

Available on HauteButch for $450.00

Having something custom made is always nice, and HauteButch can create the perfect attire for you on your big day.

Or perhaps you are looking for ideas on a gender-neutral bridesmaid outfit, think about the Dignitary Custom 2-Piece suit.

It comes with a vest and slacks, you can dress it up or down with your choice of outerwear. For a more feminine look, go for a more tailored jacket.

Oversized looks give you a more relaxed feeling and even a leather jacket can look nice if the occasion calls for it.

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2. Women Wedding Cape Jacket and Pants Set

Available on Etsy for $195.00

It’s quite an affordable option and all-white never goes out of style.

We must admit that this is one of our favorites as it just looks so regal with the cape flowing and flailing out behind you as you strut down the aisle.

What’s amazing is you can request other colors since it’s a bespoke item! It comes with the suit pants and the beautiful belted cape blazer

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What’s worn on the inside is all up to you or you can go without anything but a lace cami bra.

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3. The Ambassador Suit

Available at HauteButch for $625.00

Would you like a piece without the vest?

The Ambassador Suit uses their Prince of Wales fabric, but it’s easily customizable with a different one.

Look on their website for a wide array of choices in any formal color you can think of.

There are 4 button sleeves and it comes with a ton of pockets to store all your stuff.

You may not have hands for a bag or even a clutch on the big day, and this is a great example of non-binary wedding attire that is multifunctional.

You can wear it for any formal occasion that may come.

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4. White Strapless Elegant Jumpsuit

Available on Etsy for $106.40

There are so many beautiful choices of wedding jumpsuits we came across that seemed more bridal-like but this one is great for both the bride or a guest.

The wide legs offer a casual yet formal look because it resembles a floor-length broom skirt.

The big belt buckle across the chest gives it extra decoration and won’t steal the show fr if you are a bridesmaid or guest opting for this jumpsuit.

Feel free to wear a tank top or t-shirt or even button-down shirt on the inside and pull the jumpsuit a little lower for added effect

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5. Classic Women’s Suit with Shorts and Jacket

Available on Etsy for $175.55

This one is great for a wedding in the warmer months.

No one wants to wear a stifling full-on tuxedo or suit to a summer wedding.

Counteract the heat with this shorts and jacket combo.

Donning longer socks and dress shoes would look great.

If you think all-black is too dark or white is too boring for a wedding, spice up the look with a vivid shirt!

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6 Power Suit High Waist Pants

Available on Etsy for $137.00

For the lovers of the casual trend, this power suit is for you.

Why tie yourself down with garments that restrict your breathing when you can wear loose fitting attire?

It’s an oversized suit that fits well on any frame.

Bring a bit of a retro style to a modern wedding.

It’s a light fabric that won’t weigh you down and is breathable as well.

Pair it with a loose fitting top for more baggy style or a tight top for a understated sexy feeling.

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7. Butterick 6390 90s Formal Pantsuit

Available on Etsy for $14.99

Are you looking for a power suit and feel comfortable with a sewing machine (or know someone who is)?

Look no further than this Butterick formal pantsuit pattern.

You can take your pick of a long skirt or wide-legged pants in your choice of black or white.

You’ll look good no matter what!

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How do you like our ideas for non binary wedding outfits? We fell in love with the cape blazer, we feel like it would complement anyone’s lines. Let us know what you think!

What are your favorite gender neutral wedding attire ideas? Share below!

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