This Bride Turned A Plain White Dress Into A Stunning Masterpiece

Back view of the stunning fire wedding dress, designed by Taylor Ann of Canvas Bride.

What do you do when you find the perfect wedding dress, but pure white just isn’t your thing? Why, you grab your paint brushes and turn it into a stunning masterpiece, of course! At least, that’s what one bride did. The results of her “fire wedding dress” weren’t just stunning, they turned Taylor Ann into a viral sensation and helped launch her own business, Canvas Bridal. Read on for the full story.

This Bride Turned A Plain White Dress Into A Stunning Masterpiece

Without a doubt, it’s beautiful when you manage to take something fairly plain and turn it into a very impressive piece. And this bride managed to do so!

Taylor Ann is the artist behind this project, and her wedding dress went completely viral. She explains the process on her blog, about how she picked the colors and how it became her full time business.

It all started when she had to pick out a wedding dress. She didn’t know what she wanted, until she tried this one on and realized it was the one.

When I put it on I just felt like a bride. Trust me I had no plans to go this traditional, but you do only get one chance to go this fancy.

Because she is an artist though, she felt like the dress was not colorful enough, so she eventually did something about it.

The one thing I wasn’t even sure I could do, but I knew I couldn’t go without, a colorful dress.

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A “fire wedding dress” full of meaning

Each color that she chose for her “fire wedding dress” had special meaning. The first ones, purple and blue, are the couples’ favorite colors. Yellow was her Grandfather’s favorite color, and she wanted to create something to remember him.

She added orange, the color of friendship, referring to how she and her husband used to be for many years. For red though, she said that it needs no explanation.

At first she didn’t think about painting her dress. Instead, she tried adding patches of colorful lace and tulle, but that didn’t work as planned.

There was nothing online at the time that really fit and my ideas were not panning out. First I cut out and colored tons of pieces of lace, planning to sew them to the dress. Too Patchy. Next, I tried adding colorful tulle under the lace. Too Subtle. Puffy Paint. Too Shiny. Dip Dye. Too Light.  

Eventually, she decided to actually paint the dress. It didn’t quite come out as what she wanted to at first, so she decided to take a small break and go from there.

At first, I was 99% sure I could do this. 20 minutes into coloring, I thought I ruined my dress. It took a few days for me to regain confidence and work on it again. 

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A colorful happy accident…

Since the dress was about $1,000 there was the risk of completely ruining it, which wouldn’t have been what anyone wanted. Our bride said that at some point her mother had to take all the paints away from her, minutes before a colorful accident occurred.

One point Mom took the dress from me, said it was time to be done, I was definitely not done but it was darn good timing because seconds later my paint jar bust open and covered me in blue paint, right where the dress was. We both just busted up laughing at the pure insanity this all was.

After cleaning everything up, it was time to finally paint the dress, and she was extremely happy with the results. Everyone was very happy to see that she managed to make the dress she wanted to wear, and the wedding was a complete success.

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Plus, once the internet caught wind of this amazing fire wedding dress, Taylor Ann became a viral sensation overnight. Now, she uses her talents to create stunning one-of-a-kind wedding dresses for other brides.

What do you think of this stunning “fire wedding dress” artistic masterpiece? Share below!

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