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Bouquet of wildflowers - chamomile, clover, yarrow, tansy, thistle, aster, golden vin

Finding amazing zoo wedding flower ideas & bouquets is not easy. The regular bouquets won’t make the cut here, and we need to get as creative as possible. That means thinking outside the traditional roses! Let’s go ahead and take a look at some awesome flower ideas for your zoo-themed nuptials!

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What Flowers Can You Use for a Zoo Wedding Bouquet?

When it comes to planning the perfect zoo wedding bouquet, you’ll want to think beyond basic buds and get a bit “wild,” so to speak! Look for flowers and plants that scream “grown in nature” rather than “cultivated on a farm.” Here are some of our top picks.

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1. Eucalyptus

Greenery Wedding Eucalyptus DIY Box | FiftyFlowers

Even though it can be hard to find eucalyptus for your bouquet, it’s completely worth it. It will make any bouquet truly impressive, and you will maintain the theme! Fifty Flowers has a wonderful box of greenery that includes eucalyptus.

2. White Hydrangea

Hydrangea Ivory White Flower

These adorable white flowers are suitable in almost any situation, but for a zoo-themed bouquet, they are really special. You can get them from almost any flower shop, and create something amazing with them.

3. Acacia Leaves

Green Acacia Fresh Greens

A favorite of giraffes, these leaves make a beautiful highlight of your zoo-themed décor. They’re a bit large for bouquets, but you could trim down a clipping as an accent. I think the hydrangeas would really pop against it!

4. Tulips

Farm Mix Wholesale Standard Tulip Flowers | FiftyFlowers

Tulips are a wonderful idea for a zoo-themed wedding and because they come in so many different colors, you’ll be able to fully express your personality with them! They’re also a favorite of many animal species (although they’re toxic to cats and dogs, so keep your pets away from your decorations).

5. Wild Flowers

Wildflower Spirit DIY Combo Box

Any wildflowers will do for a zoo-themed wedding, especially if you’re having it in nature. They are going to give you a full boho look, and the wedding will be quite impressive.

6. Silk

I know, silk flowers don’t scream “beautiful zoo wedding flower ideas!” Just hear me out

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Related: Wedding Flower. If you’re having your wedding at an actual zoo, these are really the safest and best option for the animals. Many buds are toxic to different species.

Even though it’s highly unlikely that your bouquet will end up in the lion’s den (so to speak), it’s just not worth the risk when there are so many beautiful silk options.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some zoo-themed flower bouquets and arrangements you can buy for your wedding!

Zoo-Themed Flower Bouquets and Arrangements

7. Colorful Dried Flower Bouquet

This incredibly colorful bouquet is one of my favorites on this list. It’s suitable for any zoo-themed wedding, regardless of the location. Each bouquet is totally unique, too!

Colorful dried flower bouquet

Each bouquet is unique. There may be slight differences with the bouquet of the photo but we do our best to respect the colors and appearance. It does not depend on our will but on the availability of flowers.

8. Fréjus Bouquet

This is one from Ayana on Etsy of the classic ones out there, and you may really love it. Even though it look simple, it will complement any dress. It’s made out of preserved and dried flowers, including hydrangea, baby’s breath, stoebe and eucalyptus.

Dried flowers bouquet Fréjus decorative bouquet | Etsy

This delicious round bouquet is made of real flowers and natural leaves:

Preserved flowers :hydrangea, baby's breath, stoébé and eucalyptus.

Dried flowers: tatarica and rodanthe.

9. Rustic Flowers Arrangement

This is one of those arrangements that can be placed anywhere, and will make the whole décor feel a lot more special. On top of that, when the party ends, you can give them as wedding favors to your guests, so they’ll have a forever memory from your wedding.

Artificial Flower Arrangement Fake Plants Home Decor Rustic | Etsy

Flowers material: silk & plastic

Greenery material: plastic wire stems and silk leaves

vase: the vase material is very environmental, they are made of real bamboo branches.

10. Colorful Silk Flower Arrangement

Dried Wild Flowers Bouquet

Now, this is a flower arrangement that will really stand out. It reminds me of something straight out of an enchanted forest! You can decorate all the tables with it, and it can perfectly match any zoo-themed wedding!

Artificial Dahlia, Morning Glory and Ranunculus and Blossom Fillers Mixed Bush - 30 Stems for Home, Wedding, Restaurant and Office Decoration Arrangement, Turquoise/Lilac/Celery
  • Quantity: 1 Set of Flowers
  • Item Fully Expanded Size:32"H x 18"W x 12"D. Item Compressed Size:32"H x 6"W x 4"D.
  • Artificial dahlia, morning glory and ranunculus and blossom fillers mixed bush is perfectly for wedding, restaurant, office or home decoration arrangement. Display flower bush alone with your favorite vase for table arrangements or centerpieces.
  • Item comes compressed, primping and fluffing required to match on the image shown. Neat, hassle free and look fresh all the time. Dimensions based on image shown. The actual color/finish may vary slightly from screen display. Accessories shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the products. If you like the small potted plants at the shelve, please visit our store at Admired By Nature. Not Suitable for exposure to excessive sunlight.
  • Item comes compressed, primping and fluffing required to match on the image shown. Not Suitable for excessive sun exposure.

11. Dried Wild Flowers Bouquet

Dried Wild Flowers Bouquet

If you’re going for a full boho zoo-themed wedding, then this bouquet will make your whole day. It’s incredibly beautiful, and you can keep it for a long, long time after the wedding.

Need some stunning zoo wedding flower ideas and bouquets to complete your décor? We're in love with all of these blossoms & buds!

As with any other wedding, you need to remember that it can be exactly the way you want it to be. It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and you definitely don’t want to compromise on the zoo-themed wedding bouquet!

Do you have any other favorite zoo wedding flower ideas? How about bouquets? Share below!

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