10 Zoo Wedding Pictures & Videos That Have Our Hearts Melting

Blue and green Lovebird parrots sitting together on a tree branch,Lovebird Kiss,Image with Grain

If you’re looking for some zoo wedding pictures to help inspire your own big day, settle in with a cup of tea! We’re checking out some beautiful brides and grooms who tied the knot surrounded by adorable animals. We’ll also take a peek at some amazing zoo-themed wedding décor and cakes!

10 Zoo Wedding Pictures That Have Our Hearts Melting

From the mighty elephants to sweet baby deer these brides and grooms really showed us that everything is possible!

1. This gorgeous boho bride with baby deer

Bride in a short dress strokes a young deer

This gorgeous bride proves that you don’t have to dress in a floor-length white gown to make a major impact on your wedding day. I love the boho feel of her dress, combined with her free-flowing hair style. Oh, and those deer are darling too!

2. This stunning bride surrounded by butterflies

pretty young bride with the big beautiful butterfly on her dress

If you’re holding your wedding at a zoo, definitely take inspiration from this bride and find out if you can snap some shots in the butterfly habitat!

3. Winter Zoo Wedding Inspiration

Beautiful bride and groom walk with the deer. Wedding ceremony in winter.

I’m just so in love with that adorable reindeer! How amazing would this be for a winter wedding?

4. Double Lesbian Marriage Proposal at Zoo

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a wedding, but it’s one of my favorite proposals of all time. This amazing same-sex couple both planned proposals (without the other knowing, of course) during their day at the Memphis Zoo. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they tied the knot there, too?

5. Stunning Animal Sanctuary Wedding

While a zoo wedding is fun, I really love the idea of getting married at an animal sanctuary, like this couple! Just make sure you respect the animals that call it home and follow all of the sanctuary’s guidelines.

6. Bride with her amazing zoo cake!

How incredible is that zoo-themed wedding cake? It’s so gorgeous, I almost wouldn’t want to cut it. Almost… Hey, I have a sweet tooth, what can I say?

Here’s a tip to make decorating for your zoo wedding a lot easier- start with the cakeChoose an amazing design that really brings you joy. Then, plan your décor around it, using colors that either match or complement it. Basically, make that cake the focal point of your decorations.

7. Chic Santa Barbara Zoo Wedding

I love how this bride opted for a pant suit (or maybe it’s a jumpsuit, it’s hard to tell behind those gorgeous zoo-themed wedding flowers) instead of a gown. If you’re planning to actually spend the day at the zoo before or after your ceremony, this is a great way to go.

Another idea- get married in that stunning gown of your dreams, then change into a jumpsuit or pants for the reception.

8. A “Wild” Photo Shoot

Everything about this bride is beyond stunning. While I love the pant suit idea above, I also love how an elegant gown really POPS in a zoo setting. I feel like it really puts the focus where it belongs- on the beautiful couple!

9. The perfect zoo wedding shoes

How perfect are these shoes for your wedding outfit? Whether you tuck them under a flowing gown or make them a focal point with a pantsuit, they’re beyond amazing!

10. The most gorgeous zoo wedding cake ever

Okay, so I definitely drooled over that cake up there in number 6, but this one takes the prize (or the cake, if you love puns) for the most stunning zoo-themed idea ever. The water-color style designs and attention to detail- looking at it brings me so much joy.

Looking for zoo wedding pictures to help inspire your own big day? From gorgeous brides to stunning cakes, these 10 will definitely help!

You know how I always tell you that your wedding should be exactly how you want it to be? Well, I mean it. And this is yet another proof that I’m right. Everything about these zoo wedding pictures and videos is just perfect!

Have you seen any amazing zoo wedding pictures of videos that will inspire other couples? Share below!

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