7 Lace Wedding Dresses We Adore

These 7 lace wedding dresses are perfect a traditional romantic look! Check them out and say yes to that dress!

Wedding dresses can be made in all sorts of fabrics, from silk to tulle to, of course, lace.

Lace is one of the most widely used fabrics.

In the past, lace was the go-to fabric for creating the traditional wedding dress and today it is still a popular choice among designers and brides alike.

Though some would say lace can look too old-fashioned, today’s wedding dress designers have found ways to take lace and use it to make a modern beautiful dress.

Here are 7 of our favorite lace wedding dresses.

Gorgeous Lace Wedding Dresses We Love

1. Never too much lace.


We love this all-over lace wedding dress. You don’t see too many brides wearing lace cap sleeves but this bride does it flawlessly!

2. Hint of lace and a hint of blue


This dress is definitely one of a kind! From the buttons down the back to the subtle lace to the beautiful hombre of white to blue, this dress is definitely an eye-catcher!

3. Lace can look so dreamy.


When we look at this bride’s dress, all we can think about is just how dreamy it is. The dress looks like something out of a fairy-tale. The v-back that leads to buttons is so unique as well!

4. Open backs are lovely.


Any dress with an open back is bound to be beautiful, but this dress with an open back that is top to bottom lace is seriously gorgeous! The simple veil allows this bride’s dress to really stand out.

5. Lace sleeves are lovely!


Some would say that a sleeved-lace dress will look dated and way too classic but this bride’s dress is anything but! The lace used throughout the entire dress has a soft pattern that isn’t too busy or overpowering. We love this dress for an outdoor wedding!

6. This dress breaks all the barriers!


Featuring lace, tulle, and a pop of color, we really think that this dress is the perfect combination of the traditional wedding dress with a subtle but beautiful nod to modern day designs. The combination of tulle and lace creates a dress that looks ethereal.

7. Sometimes subtle is the best way to go


The little bit of lace used on the upper portion of this dress is just enough to add a touch of elegance and a classic look. The lace flowers are cute and super bridal.

Did you wear a lace wedding dress for your big day? Tell us what made you choose that fabric!

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