8 Interracial Lesbian Wedding Ideas to Honor Both Cultures

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There’s a ton of flexibility and freedom for interracial lesbian wedding ideas. The key is to honor both of your cultures and blend them together into something brand-new…just like your relationship!

Need some inspiration? Let’s dive headfirst into this guide on 8 beautiful interracial lesbian wedding ideas without any more delay.

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8 Interracial Lesbian Wedding Ideas That Honor Both of Your Cultures

Whether you’re planning to host an intimate wedding or go bonkers, here is a list of things to keep in mind for your Interracial lesbian couple wedding that honor both your cultures.

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1. Do Some Research About Your Culture

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Your family should be one of the first real people you go to for information on wedding traditions. For those in interracial relationships/lesbian relationships, seeking advice from your grandparents and parents will be an excellent way to learn about your traditions and make them feel included in your planning.

They’ll tell you about the rituals that took place at their wedding, including ones you might not be aware of. After speaking with them, browse for inspiration online that might directly speak about your culture.

2. Make These Two Lists

Compile a list of the customs you’d like to add to your interracial wedding celebration after you’re done your research.

You don’t need to incorporate every one of them. Start with individual lists of the elements that you both feel your day wouldn’t be complete without. Then, make a list of the “nice to haves” that you’re willing to compromise on. Compare lists and work together from there!

As expert Sophie Lord told MILK Books, “Take inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, websites, and magazines like Hello May. But be sure to make it your own rather than create a carbon copy of something you’ve seen someone else do. [1]

3. Talk to Your Officient

Some wedding officiants may not have prior experience with interfaith marriages, especially if it’s also same-sex marriage. Some religions won’t even marry two people from different faiths. So, start by asking the officiant if they are willing to hold an interfaith service [2].

One idea (if your respective religions are open to it) is to hire officiants from both faits who will coordinate beforehand to perform the service together, effortlessly merging the two different traditions.

4. Enlist an Experienced Wedding Planner

Honestly, I recommend everyone hire a wedding planner because it really helps alleviate at least some of the stress in pulling together the perfect big day.

When you’re trying to plan something that beautifully blends two cultures, though, a wedding planner can be an absolute blessing.

Find one that focuses on weddings honoring particular ethnicities and cultures. They will be well-versed in the many ceremonial rituals, songs and dances, meal options, and anything else you decide to include.

Likewise, they will have a rundown of suppliers, services, and even wedding bands to help you achieve the aesthetic and atmosphere you desire for your interracial wedding.

5. Explain the Customs to Your Guest

While you shouldn’t have to explain why you chose to incorporate different traditions (it’s your day, you owe no one any explanation about how you choose to celebrate it), sharing those traditions and the meaning behind them is a nice touch.

I once went to a Hindu wedding ceremony and the couple gave out a little booklet explaining the different aspects, like the symbolism of the agni (the fire). It really helped me feel more connected to them during the ceremony, rather than just wondering what it all meant and looking it up after.

6. Dress in Cultural Attire

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Partners who want to pay homage to their ancestors can choose wedding outfits that include “traditional” attire. Korean brides can wear the classic hanbok, Indian brides can wear an ornate sari, and brides from China can don a scarlet robe.

Assuming you do choose to wear two outfits, I would suggest scheduling a photography session for both your classic wedding and traditional attire as well. Multiple designers offer choices of wedding dresses for you to choose from.

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7. Design a Menu That Combines Multiple Cuisines

It doesn’t matter if you’re serving appetizers, hosting a formal feast, or setting a buffet. Regardless of what food you plan to cater to, prepare a menu that incorporates flavors of your cultures.

Tell the caterers all about your favorite recipes, spices, and dishes, and allow them to create a menu that incorporates a multitude of food from different cultures. 

8. Consider Having a Second Wedding

You can also hold two separate wedding ceremonies if you want to include more traditions. You can host both weddings on the same day or schedule a second wedding at a different time and location.

If you or your bride is from Korea and you’re from, say, Texas, you can hold a Korean ceremony close to her family’s home, for example. Then head back to Texas for a good old southern affair.

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Now that you have some great ideas on how to plan your big day, let’s check out some of my favorite inspo pics!

Interracial Lesbian Wedding Photo Inspiration

If you’re interested in holding a wedding ceremony outdoor, this interracial couple took on a different aesthetic for their wedding. Instead of donning the classic black and white outfits for their wedding, they instead asked their guests to wear black and white. For a splash of color, the biracial couple wore brilliant red outfits.

The bridal couple both desired a wedding that reflected who they were. As a result, they chose to hold two outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The multiracial couple had a Marathi ceremony during the day followed by a western ceremony to celebrate their roots.

To celebrate both their cultures, the lesbian brides on a wedding ceremony held their gay marriage ceremony in a chapel followed by a Chinese tea ceremony on the reception day at the wedding hotel, which is one of the many Chinese wedding traditions.

To honor her heritage, the Chinese bride also donned a beautiful Chinese wedding dress.


Is it possible to hold two different wedding ceremonies on the same day?

Yes! As I mentioned earlier, you can very well celebrate two traditions on the same wedding day.
Plus, if you wish to add more traditions, you can do so!

Can both brides walk down the aisle?

It totally depends on you and your significant other. You can choose to walk down the aisle together or separately.
In some cases, one bride walks down the aisle first, accompanied by either or both the parents. At the same time, you can entirely skip on that as well.bride walking down the aisle with a lady and flower girl


That concludes my guide on beautiful interracial lesbian wedding ideas. Remember, as long as you focus on making the day equally special for you and your future spouse, that’s really all that matters.


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What are your favorite interracial lesbian wedding ideas? Share below!

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