Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Most Beautiful Silicone Wedding Rings

Want custom silicone rings for your big day? Check out our buying guide, along with the most important considerations!

If you’re considering going with silicone wedding rings either to replace metal bands or as a “work-safe” alternative, stick around. We’ve talked a lot about these amazing options, and today we’re bringing all of those guides together for you in one place. That way, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for! Let’s get started!

Complete Guide to Choosing the Most Beautiful Silicone Wedding Rings

We’ve covered quite a bit of this information before, but as I said, I want to give you a one-stop guide to buying silicone wedding rings. So, bear with me as I repeat just a few things- such as pros and cons- then I’ll direct you to wear you can find more information. Sound like a plan? Good! Let’s begin with the most important questions- what are silicone wedding rings and why would you want one?

What are silicone wedding rings?

They’re exactly what you think they are- wedding rings made from silicone. In most cases, medical-grade silicone, to be exact. In fact, one of the things I look for when recommending ideas is whether or not the brand mentions “medical grade” in their description. After all, you want something that’s safe and that will last, not just something that looks and feels like a rubber band, right?

What are the pros and cons?

We discussed the pros and cons at length in our post about the top ten silicone wedding rings for women, but let’s recap. The major pros include:

  • Lower price than traditional wedding rings (we’re talking hundreds to thousands lower!)
  • Safer for people who work with their hands, such as in a hospital, factory, and so on.
  • Safer for very active people. Groove Life, one of the most popular options, was actually made for mountain climbers!
  • Good for people with allergies to metals. Silicone allergies can occur, but they’re less frequent than, say, gold or silver allergies.

Of course, even the best bands have their drawbacks. The biggest one is that these aren’t really “heirloom quality” rings. While they’re made to last throughout YOUR lifetime, even the best silicone breaks down much faster than a really good metal band.

I highly recommend checking out that aforementioned post. Even if it is geared towards feminine rings, the basic info applies to everyone considering silicone options.

What options are there for silicone wedding rings?

Once you decide that you want to go with silicone, you’ll have some homework to do. Just like buying a metal band, you have options. Right now, the market is still relatively small compared to “traditional” rings, but that doesn’t mean you’re stick with one style.

Since most of us prefer engraved bands, your best bet is to start by learning your different options and factors to consider for custom silicone wedding rings. There aren’t a ton of brands that make them, but we’ve rounded up the best of the few that do. Engraving is a bit different when it comes to silicone, though. Keep in mind that it can rub off over time, so you want to choose a brand with a lifetime warranty.

Groove Life Silicone Rings

That brings us to the best Groove Life silicone wedding bands. While they’re slightly pricier than other options, we’re still talking well under $100 per ring. Yep, even with customization. They offer one of the widest ranges of styles AND they give you a 94-year warranty. Why 94? No clue. I’m sure there’s a scientific reason regarding the life expectancy of silicone or something. The point is, it’s practically a lifetime warranty.

Groove Life also has metallic style bands, but they’re not the only option if that’s the way you want to go. I recommend checking out our guide to silicone rings that look like real metalIt has a wide range of beautiful options from different companies. The Enso is one of my favorites!

Supgear Silicone Wedding Ring Set with Rhinestones

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a ring that has a real stone in it, you’re going to run into major challenges. We shared 5 Beautiful Silicone Wedding Rings with Stones, but even with those, the “stone” is usually made from silicone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Remember the “pros” of silicone? Popping a diamond in the center isn’t just impractical, it kind of defeats the purposes of the ring entirely.

Looking for stackable silicone wedding rings that won't bust your budget? These 10 diverse options are all adorable yet totally affordable!

The last option that we’ve talked about are stackable silicone wedding rings. Here’s where your options truly become limitless. Along with brands that sell matching stackable sets, you can very easily create your own. Just buy rings in different sizes that you really love, then mix and match them! I’d choose one main ring to act as your “always” band if you want to take a more traditional approach. Or not! Totally up to you!

See, that’s perhaps the best thing about silicone wedding rings- they really let you express your personality! Sure, I suppose metal bands can do that, but let’s be honest, it’s hard to find a traditional wedding ring in purple or blue. Plus, they’re so pricey that you’d have to spend a small fortune to create the stackable look!

Silicone wedding rings may not be for everyone

If you just plain love the bling of a real diamond or the sparkle of gold, then by all means, go the traditional route. Just know that if that really isn’t for you, you do have other options. Likewise, know that if your budget doesn’t really work with your love of bling, you can still find something fun that fits your personality.

I highly recommend bookmarking this page, as we’ll update it whenever we talk about other types of silicone bands. Consider it your one-stop shopping guide! If there’s something else that you’d like to know about- another brand or style, for example, feel free to tell me below. I’m totally here for you.

What other types of silicone wedding rings would you like to learn more about? Share below.



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