How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for a Barn Wedding – Ultimate Guide & Tips

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress for a barn wedding, there are a few factors to consider. The rustic and charming atmosphere of a barn venue calls for a dress that complements the surroundings while still reflecting your personal style. From selecting the right fabric to considering the dress silhouette that suits the rustic ambiance, this ultimate guide will provide you with valuable tips to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams for your barn wedding.

Planning your wedding is exciting but can also be overwhelming. You need to find the right dress, pick a venue and menu, decide on flowers and decorations, choose music and entertainment, hire vendors like photographers and florists; the list goes on!

Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Barn Wedding

This post will walk you through choosing the perfect wedding dress for a barn wedding. First, we’ll cover general tips on choosing an outfit that fits your big day’s theme. Then we will give you some ideas for accessories that will help make everything come together for your dream rustic wedding!

1. Do Your Research and Match Your Surroundings

If it’s an outdoor affair, which is often the case for barn weddings, you’ll want to make sure your dress isn’t too dressy or formal; this could be distracting from the natural beauty of your setting. If you are getting married at a barn that is placed near an old apple orchard, for instance, you will want to make sure that your dress can easily bustle so that when you walk through the apple fields while the bottom of your dress stays clean for the remainder of your wedding. 

You may also want to consider whether or not there will be dancing at your reception and, if so, what kinds. All these factors can help determine which dress is best suited for you.

We love this illusion long sleeve wedding dress found at David’s Bridal. 

With this dress on, you’re sure to steal the show. The long sleeves add a romantic flare to your wedding without going over the top. The lacey sleeves catch the light just right, highlighting your gorgeous figure and glowing smile. The slightly sparkly waist detail gives you that little bit of sparkle without going overboard and the corseted top adds a bit of sexy fun while still staying modest for the occasion. 

2. Add Lace for a Splash of Rustic Elegance

You can find a lace wedding dress or one with subtle embroidery to add extra charm to your barn affair. Don’t be afraid to break the rules here — you may like something different than what you thought you wanted and that’s fine! Try on multiple shapes, styles and lengths of dresses; try on different fabrics (like tulle, silk organza or lace); avoid undergarments that are too tight or uncomfortable; ask for help from staff members if needed. If it’s not feeling right for you, move on and don’t worry about judgments from others!

Lace is very popular in country weddings because of its simplicity and elegance. These dresses are usually made of soft fabrics that drape nicely, so they’re perfect for any time of year! Because there are so many types of lace available in different colors, you’ll never have any trouble finding one that matches perfectly with your venue.

Don’t buy a dress just because it’s cheap or because your friends love it. If you don’t feel like yourself in a specific dress, it will not work.

For a perfect low-key lace gown, check out the Inca gown from Grace Loves Lace.

Made with a combination of French and Japanese lace, this low-back lace masterpiece is perfect for any barn-themed wedding. With an effortlessly gorgeous design, this dress serves up all the sexy and romantic vibes you are looking for without going overboard.

3. Add the Right Accessories to Perfect Your Barn Style

Accessories can be a great way to add a little extra flair to your look. You can use them to help cover up any imperfections in your dress or they can be used as accents that add color and personality to your wedding look. A beautiful headpiece or hairpiece made with flowers may enhance your gown’s overall appearance if it has too much detail on its own. If the dress is simple, consider adding jewelry made from natural materials such as turquoise or pearl, floral headbands or wreaths, hair braids or even simple flowers.

If your wedding is more on the rustic side, shy away from overly sparkly items and go with a more natural look.

The Jenny by Jenny Yoo Loudres Gown, available at Anthropologie, is the perfect rustic dream dress to pair with a cute hat, stylish headpiece or simple jewelry. The magnificently designed fluttering sleeves give off an enchanting fairytale vibe with the ideal balance of sweet and sexy.

4. Footwear – The Key to a Comfortable Wedding Day

Wear flats or sandals to keep cool instead of heels if the weather is warm. The best part about wearing flats instead of heels is that they won’t rub your feet or cause blisters. Plus, they’re more comfortable and practical than heels — you’ll be able to move around more easily without worrying about tripping (or falling on your face), which happens a lot at barn weddings due to old, often uneven flooring. 

They can be more flattering, too. They elongate the leg line when worn with a short wedding dress or skirt, making you look taller and leaner. Flat shoes are easier to walk in than stilettos, which makes them perfect for a long day of walking through fields and climbing stairs. They give you better balance when you need it most!

This illusion Embellished Gown with a Drop Waist from David’s Bridal is the ideal dress to pair with comfortable shoes. David’s Bridal describes it best, “Sexy details like a plunging V-neck and an illusion open back provide an alluring contrast to the floral appliques and skirt godets, giving you the ultimate confidence boost on your big day.”

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Barn Weddings Can Be Elegant

A beautiful barn wedding can still be elegant and unique with the right touches and style choices. Be unique. Choose a wedding dress not because it’s what other people wear or because you think you’re supposed to choose it — you want to find something that reflects your sense of style and personality. 

If you want something out of the box and totally your own, check out this stylish Cottagecore gown dubbed the Sachin and Babi Inez Gown at Anthropologie.

The gorgeous textures you’ll find on this gown make it truly unique with a cottagecore flare. Intricate lace, ruffles and different layering techniques make it stand out, unlike any other wedding dress you’ll find. 

If everyone wears floor-length gowns with long trains, consider wearing a short fit-and-flare gown with an asymmetrical neckline instead. If all of your friends are wearing strapless gowns, consider finding a dress with sleeves or even one that features some modern detail like asymmetry or lace appliqué on top of the satin fabric (for example). You don’t have to go rogue when choosing something different from everyone else; just make sure it feels good on your body type and fits your personal preferences and tastes!

There are so many ways to make your barn wedding beautiful, whether it’s with the right dress or accessories. You can also incorporate natural elements like flowers and wood into the decor. The most important thing is having fun with it and finding a style that reflects your personality!

So, to recap: You should trust your instincts, choose a style that flatters your body type and avoid undergarments that are too tight or uncomfortable. If you have doubts about the perfect fit for your wedding day look, try different fabrics like tulle, silk organza or lace! And remember: Your dress is just the beginning — make sure you have the right shoes and accessories to go with it.

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