7 Brides Who Rocked Colored Hair

Wondering if you should go with a bold hair color for your wedding? Get some inspiration from these 7 brides who absolutely rocked colored hair!

When it comes to weddings, we really like color! Color is what makes a wedding pop in photos. If you’re like most brides, you probably already have your wedding colors picked out, along with your flowers, invitations, food menu, and more. You probably also have your hairstyle for the day selected.

If your hairstyle is still up in the air, the good news is that there are hundreds of gorgeous wedding hairstyles you can use as starting points to figure out the bridal hair that suits you best. If you want to get a bit daring with your wedding hair, consider giving your natural hair some color! Here are 7 unconventional brides who rocked color hair on their special day.

Brides Who Really Rocked Colored Hair

1. Pink/orange hair


We love this bride’s hair color choice! The sunbeams off of the color and the shade also looks amazing with her bouquet. The simple straight bob finishes off her bridal look.

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2. Purple streaks


This bride’s dark hair with dark purple streaks looks beautiful! The curls accentuate the purple and honestly, we think she looks quite royal.

3. Purple/blue hair


The sun against this bride’s hair is simply beautiful! Her hair is the focal point of this picture, outside of the obvious love between these two. The simple hairstyle fits this bride perfectly.

4. Jewel-tone hair is beautiful!


Who needs one color in their hair when there are dozens of colors to choose from? This bride embraced jewel-tone colors in her hair and she looks absolutely wonderful. The front French jaw dropping braids show off the different tones in her hair without being over-the-top.

5. Rose gold hair is out of this world!


Rose gold hair has become extremely popular in the beauty community and we just love how it looks on a blushing bride! The color is very subtle but still offers just enough to draw your eye. Rose gold hair with a floral accent sets this bride apart from any others we have ever seen!

6. Green hair works too!


When done wrong, green hair can look washed out and a bit too loud. However, this bride’s hunter green streak fit perfectly into her woodland and boho-themed wedding! We also love her headpiece that portrays her themes perfectly.

7. The easiest something blue


This bride’s pastel blue colored hair is gorgeous! The blue really brings out her stunning eyes! A bride with blue hair already has her something blue colored, and we love filling traditions in non-traditional ways!

Did you rock colored hair on your wedding day? Share your experiences below!

11 thoughts on “7 Brides Who Rocked Colored Hair”

  1. So my favorite is no. 2. That is something I would definitely try. I like the highlights and it’s so pretty.

  2. Wow that is interesting. I wonder if most will feel the same about it years later though. Whatever makes them happy…lol

  3. I wish I would have been so bold! Each one of them is absolutely stunning! My favorite? The last one in blue .. or maybe it’s just the photo itself. It’s so dreamy!

  4. Oh WOW! I LOVE the blue one, it’s just so stunning and despite being bold and dramatic, it’s also so elegant and classic at the same time!

  5. Oh Wow! They are so brave. I don’t think I could ever rock colored hair and especially not on my wedding day.

  6. They are so brave. Wildest I’ve done is a blonde – ish colour. I loved the short dark blue hair and the mixed coloured in. She looked like a fairy pixie princess. I loved it.

  7. so wish I’d been brave enough to do this at my wedding. Jewel tone is just amazing and once my hair recovers from being purple, I might try this next.

  8. All of these brides look so beautiful! I often have pastel coloured hair and if I got married would keep that as it’s who I am!

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