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Want to look amazing on your magical day? You need these five stunning yet simple wedding hair ideas! Check them out!

These Wedding Hair Ideas will give you great inspiration for creating a gorgeous look under your veil. Whether you have long, medium or short length hair these are some great styles you can adapt to your wedding needs. Most women go for a fun look that is a bit different than their normal daily style. However, if your husband to be loves your hair like you normally wear it, you may want to incorporate that style into your wedding day appearance.


Wedding Hair Ideas 

Sleek Wedding Ponytail: While you may scoff at a ponytail on your wedding day, it can actually be a beautiful way to keep your hair up, set all day and out of the way while looking gorgeous. Most styles are slick with beautiful curls or waves in the ponytail so it isn’t just hanging limp. With a bit of work, you can add volume on top for a “bump” that makes the style look even more pulled together.

Loose Braided Bun: This style is perfect for the girl who is a bit more relaxed, but still wants to look pulled together. A simple loose bun set a little higher on your head can be accented with a single plaited braid wrapped around it. This is easy enough you can do this for yourself!

Side Swept Messy Curls: This look is a simple loosely pulled together side swept look featuring a few simple braids as accents. Curl the ends of hair and pin in place for a look that is loose, flowing and yet pulled together easily.

Classic Pinup Vintage Styles: The pinup or vintage style of large waves and big curls is a great way to create a unique and stunning wedding image. It takes a bit of practice and work to set, but once you have your curls down you can add some vintage makeup with thick eyeliner and bright red lipstick to make this look work for you.


Half Up Lose Wavy Style: For longer hair, this is a great way to add some simple volume and beauty to a basic look. Pull half of hair up and braid across the back or simply secure with a barrette leaving the bottom half and length hanging loose. Grab a curling wand to style with large loose waves. This style is commonly embellished with some flowers or a tiara with veil.

With these five wedding hair ideas to get you started, you can easily create a dozen more fun ways to put your hair up or down in a unique to you style for your big day

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Do you have any favorite stunning yet easy wedding hair styles? Share in the comments!


Olfa Turki
Olfa Turki

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