11 Best Gay Friendly Jewelry Stores to Shop Fine Jewelries!

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When you’re looking for a place to buy fine jewelry, it’s essential to find a gay-friendly store.

This means that the staff welcomes and understands the LGBT community [1] and carries pieces that reflect who you are as a person.

Here are some of the most gay-friendly jewelry stores in the country!

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11 Gay-Friendly Jewelry Stores

The following list of stores caters to the LGBTQ community! Whether you’re looking for wedding bands, engagement rings, or just some stylish accessories, these businesses will be happy to help.

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Plus, shopping at one of these stores helps support some queer-owned businesses!

1. Automic Gold 

I’m always looking for fabulous jewelry that isn’t just another striking piece.

One of my favorite places to find it is at Automic Gold. An up-and-coming brand from New York City focused initially on rings and necklaces.

The designs by founder AL promote sustainability practices through their manufacturing process while also being mindful about ethics in production (they offer 100% lifetime returns!).

The pieces are simple but sophisticated – perfect if you’re looking forward to minimalism or modern design without compromising quality!

Last year, I got this gorgeous ring set, which has genuinely lasted well.

Here’s a cool video review about Automic Gold!

Make sure to also check our list of other LGBTQ stores.

2. Carolyn Nicole Designs

Why not get married with a vintage-inspired accessory? Carolyn Nicole Designs has something for everyone, and it’s one of the top gay wedding ring vendors.

The majority of her collection covers themes like this and offers custom designs to match your needs!

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3. Lolide

For those looking to shake up their wedding plans and create something more unique than what’s offered at most events, Lolide is here with an alternative that will suit you perfectly.

Her designs meld organic shapes like leaves or flowers with industrial elements to be modern and traditional.

This means no gold bands (unless requested) and ensuring every ring she creates celebrates love just as much–or even better!

4. Woolton & Hewitt

Woolton & Hewitt is a U.K.-based company specializing in engagement and wedding rings, a gay-owned/operated business.

They offer different designs for every taste, including the LGBTQ+ flag collection with gold-filled bands from rose silver to champagne platinum yellow, white gemstones!

The Rainbow Collection offers many options of colors combinations so you can find your perfect match no matter what preference or mood strikes when it comes down to selecting an elegant yet budget-friendly ring.

5. Aide-mémoire Jewelry

The company, Aide-memoire Jewelry, is committed to being environmentally conscious. They use 100% recycled precious metals and diamond resale materials in their products. 

Aran wants his jewelry design brand to empower people by showing them how individualized it makes each person feel when given something special just because–whether it’s an heirloom piece meant for family longevity or a gift for a friend.

6. Rony Tennenbaum

Rony Tennenbaum is the perfect choice for a company that uses EcoGold [2] for its pieces if you’re looking to buy an elegant piece of jewelry without compromising on sustainability.

The selection ranges from $400 -$8k and features traditional designs with refined details such as soldered seams or engraving within each ring’s band – all made out of eco-friendly gold mixed mainly from existing metal supplies!

7. EraGem

The perfect engagement ring awaits you at EraGem, where they specialize in vintage jewelry that covers the entire spectrum of rainbows.

You can find your dream piece on their website or make an appointment to visit them privately showroom.

8. Proposition Love Fine Jewelry

Proposition Love Fine Jewelry is making a statement with custom-made rings that celebrate contemporary designs.

The founders, Sam and Jonathan, saw the need for such after same-sex marriage passed in America.

They became an active part of the LGBTQ+ rights movement by designing a fine jewelry collection including wedding bands + gay pride ring tones.

9. LYON Fine Jewelry

LYON Fine Jewelry is the work of Lauren Bedford Russell, who launched her eponymous line in 2011.

Her designs are eclectic and eye-catching, emphasizing gold chains that can be seen as both classic and trendy.

A signature move for this confident designer! The ring price starts at $90.

10. McFarland Designs

Shop for original jewelry or order custom designs at Mcfarland Designs and help make someone’s day a little better.

Every purchase you make helps charity, with 5% of gross sales going towards good causes!

Plus, they specialize in eco-friendly rings.

11. Global Rings Jewelry

Global Rings Jewelry is a company that’s been around since 1983.

Over the years, they’ve built up an excellent reputation for themselves by offering customers plenty of stunning jewelry options and top-quality products from their team of talented designers!

You’ll find something here sure to please your tastes whether you’re looking for engagement rings or want some new earrings in addition to those trendy ones already on trend this season.


If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry that celebrates your relationship and your love, there are many gay-friendly jewelry stores to choose from.

We’ve provided a few options below, but be sure to do your research to find the perfect store for you.

No matter what you choose, we hope you have a wonderful experience and find the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your love.

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Have you found a great gay-friendly jeweler that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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