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Looking for some of the most stunning wedding bouquets for your walk down the aisle? From unique flowers and plants to more traditional blooms, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some of our all-time favorite bridal bouquets that totally took our breath away!

14 Marvelous Wedding Bouquets That Will Take Your Breath Away

If there is an event in your life that will need lots of flowers, it’s is your wedding. From flower bouquets for the church, to decorations at your wedding reception and your photo-shooting areas, there’s just so much to consider! Today, we’re helping you out with the first part- the perfect buds for your bridal bouquet. Take a peek!

1: Succulents – green flower; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves;

A beautiful wedding bouquet comprised of succulent green flowers and other thin flowers of the same color

Credit: KT Merry photography

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2: Decorative thistle – poppy fruit in the bouquet; Poppy fruit – flower in the bouquet; Flower Otton – white down at the bottom of the bouquet;

3: Roses – pink flowers; Peony – white flowers;


4: Tulips – bright pink closed flowers; Peony – large orange – red flowers; Bells of Ireland – small green flowers; Snap Dragon – bright pink frayed flowers;

5: Peony – large white and pink flowers;

6: Ruscus leaves – bouquet of leaves, Roses – large white flowers;

7: Salal leaves – leaves; Dhalia – white flowers;

8: Tulips – white hanging flowers; Lisianthus – white flowers with yellow center; Peony – pink and orange flowers;

9: Sunflowers – large yellow flowers; Decorative thistle – prickly beads in the bouquet; Roses – yellow flowers; Delphinium – blue flowers;

10: Roses – pink flowers;

11: Craspedia – yellow balls; Geranium – leaves in a bouquet, Carnation – white flowers; Mountain Ash – small orange balls; Roses – cherry blossoms, Chrysanthemum – large bright pink flowers;


A lovely wedding bouquet consisting of yellow fruits, green, red, purple, white and green flowers

Credit: Nina Claire

12: Hydrangea – pink flowers; Mountain Ash – orange little balls; Maple – maple leaves for decorations;

A lovely wedding bouquet comprised of beautiful red fruits mixed with green, purple and red flowers

13: Roses – bright flowers Dhalia – cherry and orange flowers;

A small wedding bouquet comprised of large round red and pink flowers mixed with other green and purple flowers

14: Ranunculus – orange flowers, peonies – pale pink flowers; Succulents – green flowers; Decorative thistle – prickly balls in a bouquet, protea – red flower bouquet on the right side;

A wedding bouquet made of large white and orange flowers mixed with blue flowers tied with a blue ribbon



Looking for some of the most stunning wedding bouquets for your walk down the aisle? Check our 14 that totally took our breath away!

Your best bet is to research more about the types and colors of flowers you will need to grace your occasion and then contact a reliable even organizer. Having understood your floral preferences, you will be able to explain to the florist exactly how you want your venues to look like.

What are your favorite wedding bouquets from our list? Share below!

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