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Need the perfect game for a lesbian bridal shower? “That’s What She Said” is a, “She Said, She Said” style game with a fun LGBTQ theme! It’s easy to learn, quick to play, yet so much fun!

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What do you need to play She Said, She Said

  1. A copy of the game for each player.
  2. Pens/pencils/markers.
  3. A fun prize for the winner!

How to Play

  1. Give each player a printout of the game.
  2. Assign a color to each bride. For example, the red lips can represent Chris and the purple represent Lola.
  3. Instruct players to circle which bride claims she does/says each item on the list the most.
  4. The player with the most correct guesses wins!

Extra tips for added fun

That’s it, really! Super simple, yet oh-so-fun! If it’s a little too simple, though, try these tips:

  • Set a time limit instead of letting guests play throughout the entire party.
  • Rather than filling in just five blocks, the winner is the first person to fill the entire card.
  • Only have a few minutes to play? Make it “Minute to Win It” style! Give each guest ONE MINUTE to fill in as much of the card as they can.
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