Groom Said Renting a Wedding Arbor is “Stupid Expensive,” So He Made His Own (Here’s How!)

DIY wedding arbor with beautiful flowers

A post has been circulating, regarding a groom who felt like renting a wedding arbor was “stupid expensive”. If you’ve planned a wedding or are currently planning one, you’ll likely totally agree with this groom. 

Weddings come at such a cost, that’s why I always recommend going the do-it-yourself route as often as possible. From cute handmade centerpieces to totally DIY wedding favors, not only do they add some individuality to a wedding, but they strip down the cost by tenfold. When we’re talking about arches and arbors, that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings. 

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Renting a Wedding arbor was stupid expensive, so I made my own! from weddingplanning


Groom Said Renting a Wedding Arbor is “Stupid Expensive,” So He Made His Own (Here’s How!)

Renting a wedding arbor can cost upwards of $400, sometimes even more! However, this groom cut that cost down dramatically. The wood used for the arbor cost him just under $50, with the screws and other hardware adding on a few extra coins. Obviously, quite a dramatic decrease. Decorating will add a tiny bit more onto that overall price, but still doesn’t even come close to outright renting or buying one. 

So, how can you make your own wedding arbor, and decorate it to suit your particular style? Let’s take a look. 

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Gather the materials for your DIY wedding arbor

Black Walnut Lumber Turning Squares - 2' x 2' (4 Pcs) (2' x 2' x 8')

For this arbor, you will need to buy some strong sturdy wood. It’s recommended that you get around 20 pieces of 2″ x 2″ x 8′ lumber. By the way, 2 x 2 lumber really only measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″, so bear that in mind while searching for your materials. Another tip- while you can find wood on Amazon (which is super convenient when you can’t leave your house), your best bet is still your local hardware store. 

Obviously, your arbor will have to be tall enough to comfortably allow people to walk underneath. Often, this can be people who are significantly over 6ft tall. The measurements I suggested will allow your arbor to peak at over 7ft, which is just perfect. 

You’ll need a large selection of tools and equipment too. This includes (but is not limited to) an electric drill, a hand saw, and a carpenter’s square. If you don’t have this equipment, it can easily be bought or borrowed. They aren’t items that are uncommon in many homes. Remember, you have to make a base, too – one that is strong enough to hold the arbor up, and all the decorations you will choose to put on it. 

We’ve gathered up a few recommended tools for you below, just in case you don’t have them on hand already. 

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERECONNECT Cordless Drill/Driver + 30 pc. Kit (LD120VA)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERECONNECT Cordless Drill/Driver + 30 pc. Kit (LD120VA)
CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVER – Compact, lightweight design for versatile use.; 24-POSITION CLUTCH – Prevents stripping and overdriving screws for added control.
SWANSON Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Speed Square, Blue
SWANSON Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Speed Square, Blue
WHEN USED AS A SAW GUIDE: The Speed Square makes truing up a board easy
#1 Wood Screw Assortment Kit, 240 Pieces, Model:, Outdoor & Hardware Store
#1 Wood Screw Assortment Kit, 240 Pieces, Model:, Outdoor & Hardware Store
Use for many woodworking jobs; A variety of 18 sizes to suit your needs; Use for attaching items to hard or soft woods


DIY wedding arbor video tutorials

It’s quite a long process, but the Groom who posted about his wonderful creation actually said that it was a fun project. There is something wonderful about creating your own wedding items. If you want the exact tutorial used by the groom, watch the video below. 


Try to follow it step by step, and ensure that you give yourself enough time before your wedding. 

You don’t have to have a wooden arbor, of course. Metal ones are just as popular and are still possible to create all by yourself. The following tutorial walks you through how to make a DIY Copper arbor. 

Crafting together your own arbor may seem difficult, but I can assure you that it is a relatively easy project. Watch through the tutorials, make sure you’ve got all the tools and equipment and you’ll be able to do it. 

When renting is so expensive, it’s absolutely worth spending the time and effort into making one of these. Afterward, you can give it a friend or even sell it. In the Reddit post, a commenter explained that he bought his own arbor from Etsy, and later sold it. This is another much more cost-effective idea. Of course, you can also keep it to use in your own garden!

How to decorate your DIY wedding arbor 

So, you have your own DIY arbor – but it’s looking a little bit…empty. Don’t worry, there are still creative and inexpensive ways to decorate your beautiful crafted arbor. 

One groom said renting a wedding arbor is "stupid expensive," so he made his own! Read on for tips on how to create a DIY wedding arbor yourself!

Flower bouquets 

Of course, flowers are one of the more obvious choices for your big day. I always recommend you opt for faux flowers, like silk. They’re much easier to work with, look just as amazing, and come at a fraction of the cost. 

Silk Flowers

Etsy is an amazing place to find silk flowers in just about every style and color. Some of them look so real, your guests will never guess they're fake!

Shop Now

Don’t forget to add a realistic amount of greenery to colors, to create a gorgeous effect like this. 

If you need any hints and tips on how to make beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements, this YouTube video is ultra-informative. 

If you opted for a metal arbor, you can still add a touch of nature to them. How amazing does this look?

Carnation curtains 

If your arbor is placed for all your guests to walk through, why not create a lovely little curtain? Not only does this make a truly wonderful photo opportunity, but your guests will love it.


Lastly, you can throw, knot, and drape fabric all over your DIY arbor. Of course, you can pair this with a gorgeous flower arrangement – like the one below.

There we have it. If you think renting a wedding arbor is “stupid expensive,” too, it’s totally possible to make your own and decorate it to your liking. This cuts so many costs but allows you to have a piece of wedding decor that you always dreamed of.

Do you have any other favorite DIY wedding arbor ideas? What are your thoughts on renting one? Share below!



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