10 of the Prettiest Bridal Buns You’ve Ever Seen

Flowing curls aren’t for every bride! If your wedding will be outdoors, pulling your hair into a bun may be ideal.

This type of hairstyle will keep you cool and ensure your hairstyle lasts all day long.

Or, if you’re going for a super classic look, a bridal bun may be the most suitable.

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Here are 10 of the prettiest bridal buns that we have seen.

Plus, check out some of our favorite bun accessories for your wedding!

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Flowing curls aren't for every bride! If your wedding will be outdoors, a bun may be ideal. Here are 10 of the prettiest bridal buns that we have seen.

Prettiest Bridal Buns Ever

1. The semi-braided/cross-criss look is really pretty!


2. This messy side bun with a floral crown is so whimsical!


3. Flower crowns also look nice around a bun instead of the whole head.


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4. There is nothing wrong with a simple bun. This hair style is super classic!


5. A French braid that runs into a bun? Beautiful!


6. A high birdnest bun looks amazing! Super glamorous.


7. Small floral accents can turn a burn into a chic look.


8. This bridal bun is so soft and romantic. We love it for an outdoor wedding!


9. Sometimes a single flower does the trick. This look is simple but super pretty.


10. A sock bun turned bridal. This hairstyle is so versatile!


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Gorgeous Accents and Accessories for Your Bridal Buns

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Notice how many of our favorite bridal buns are accented by a gorgeous accessory? While you could just let your hair go “naked,” I really do think these accessories take the look from a simple “night on the town” hair style to a dreamy wedding look.

Check out a few of my favorite accessories for your bridal bun!

1. Crystal Rhinestone Hair Pins

Samaju wedding hair pins

These crystal rhinestone hair pins from SAMAJU would go beautifully with a blush-toned wedding dress. Comes with two pieces accented with beads, crystals, and leaves.

2. Mariell Crystal Bridal Hair Vine

Mariell Crystal Bridal Hair Vine

I absolutely love the Mariell Crystal Bridal Hair Vine because it’s perfect for any color scheme. It’s made with Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestone Sprays and can be worn as a tiara or as a bun accent.

3. Unicra Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Pins 

Wedding bridal rhinestone hair pins

If you want something simple yet elegant, I love the vintage look of the Unicra Wedding Bridal Rhinestone Hair Pins! They are 100% handmade and flexible enough to change the shape of the pins to fit your hairstyle. 

4. FAYBOX Handmade Bridal Silk Flower Hair Clips

FAYBOX Handmade Bridal Silk Flower Hair Clips

On the flip side, if you want something that stands out a bit more, you’ll love these FAYBOX Handmade Bridal Silk Flower Hair Clips! They make such a stunning statement, don’t they?

5. Mariell Rose Gold Designer Bridal Hair Comb

Rose Gold Hair Piece

How gorgeous is this Mariell Rose Gold Designer Bridal Hair Comb? I like it not just because rose gold is so elegant, but because the comb makes it easy to place just right in your bun. 


Did you wear a bun on your wedding day? If so, show us your pictures! We love to see blushing brides.

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