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10 Must Haves on Your Wedding Day

10 Must Haves on Your Wedding Day

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Make your dream day a smashing success with our bride’s survival kit filled with 10 must-haves for your wedding day. Check it out!

Before you head down the aisle, make sure you check out our list of ten must-haves for your wedding day. Think of it as a bride survival kit! While wedding days are exciting and filled with all sorts of emotions, you can count on facing a lot of stress. Up until the moment you finish your walk down the aisle, you will have so many things running through your mind! You’ve prepared for months and you want things to go as perfectly as possible. To ensure you are prepared for anything that can happen, here are ten items you’ll want to have with you just in case!

Bride Survival Kit: Must-Haves on Your Wedding Day

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1. Snacks! With so much going on during your big day, it’s unlikely you’ll take time to eat or drink, let alone the time to do so. Be sure to pack a few small snacks for the day so that you can maintain your energy levels so that you don’t faint!

2. Spot remover pen Stains happen, so prepare for them! Bring a spot remover pen just in case something happens to your dress or one of your bridesmaid’s dresses.

3. Bobby pins. Even if your hair is being done professionally, you can never have enough bobby pins, especially at a wedding!

4. Dental floss. In the event that you eat something that leaves a bit of food behind, be sure you have some floss with you. No one wants wedding pictures with a less than perfect smile.

5. Shoe strips. Always break in your heels before your wedding but to prepare for the day, bring along shoe strips to prevent blisters for you and your bridesmaids.

6. Kleenex. It’s almost certain that you’ll cry before, during and after your vows. Tissues will come in handy!

7. Fashion tape. This stuff is a miracle on a roll. You can use it to hem a dress, your ring bearers pants or to ensure a strapless dress stays where it should.

8. Cell phone charger. You can expect guests to call or text you the hours before the wedding and you’ll of course be taking tons of pictures. Bring your charger along so that you remain connected!

9. Mints You’ll be talking to dozens of people, especially before and during your ceremony. Pack some mints to ensure you remain fresh!

10. Umbrella. Though no one wants it to rain on their wedding day, random precipitation can happen! Be sure to have an umbrella nearby just in case the skies open up.

What types of must-haves would you put in your bride survival kit for your wedding day? Share below!

3 thoughts on “10 Must Haves on Your Wedding Day”

  1. Its really a good advice to all the brides cause on the day of wedding nobody gets time too look after these stuff, so its better to keep it in mind before only.

  2. Wow I think you got everything! Great list. I think snacks were the biggest thing for me. It is so easy to get distracted and forget to eat during your big day. Then, you end up feeling terrible. No one wants that on their big day.

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