44 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Hairstyles for Your Big Day

If you’re looking for some jaw-dropping wedding hairstyles to inspire you for your big day, you’re in the right place! Your hair is among the last wedding preparations you have to do, but it can also be the hardest.

It is also important to consider what kind of accessories you will wear, how long your wedding hairstyle will need to last and where you want to attach your veil if having one. We will take you through 40+ wedding hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

44 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Hairstyles

Pro tip: try out more than one of these hairstyles BEFORE your big day, then pick your favorite.

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#1 Elegant waterfall braid with simple twists for a stylish optical illusion.

#2 Beautiful and voluminous curled up-do with a floral hair piece on the side.

#3 Voluminous braided high-based bun with a sparkling accessory around the bun.

#4 Braided Low chignon worn with a beautiful yellow and white accessory on the side.

Credit: IHMS

#5 Beautiful braided high bun hairstyle that goes for any occasion.

Credit: Elstile

#6 Cute slept in waves with a center braid woven with a ribbon to bring out the vintage effect.

Credit: Ryan Ray

#7 Side fishtail braid woven from the crown and stopping midway down, perfect for a romantic bride.

#8 Pulled back chignon worn with a sparkling white accessory at the bun.

Credit: El Stile

#9 Glamorous up do with a beautiful accessory running around the forehead.

#10 A voluminous up do with stunning accessory clasped on one side.

#11 Glamorous top note bun with a Chinese bang that enhances a stylish appeal and accentuates your beauty.

#12 Romantic waves matched with a flower crown and cute hangings that blend into each other.

#13 A well done waterfall braid

#14 A dark waterfall braid

Credit: Renee Marie

#15 A gorgeous colorful waterfall braid. I’m LOVING that Ombre effect!

#16 Hair left down, with a simple side-swept curl to the front.

#17 Beautiful half-up/half-down hairstyle, with an elegant headband.

Credit: Belaire Bridal

#18 A romantic braid crowns these stunning curls for a “Disney princess” look

Credit: Art4Studio

#19 An elegant bun

#20 A long sparkling ponytail for a sporty look

Credit: Elstyle

#21 A loose braid blended into sea-swept very loose waves, perfect for a beach wedding.

Credit: IHMS

#22 A very vintage glamourous look, with loose waves and a simple accessory.

#23 A loose bun that captures the bride’s elegance.

Credit: Elstile

#24 A beautiful classic French braid swept to the side

Credit: This Modern Romance

#25 A short and cute braid tucked into a loose bun for a playful vibe.

Credit: Ulyana Aster

#26 A classic side-swept braid that launches into voluminous wavy curls.

Credit: Web Salon

#27 A classic wavy style made elegant with a simple accessory

Credit: Elstile

#28 Unique colorful braided bun with side-swept bangs

#29 A simple bun with a show-stopping floral accessory.

#30 A beautiful fishtail braid

Credit: Weddbook

#31 An amazingly done braid to bun

#32 High and loose bun, perfect for a night wedding.

#33 A simple yet elegant low bun

Credit: IHMS,

#34 A small waterfall braid crowning beachy waves

Credit: Luxury Hair

#35 Glamorous vintage waves

#36 Beautiful flowers on top of waves

Credit: Sonya Khegay

#37 A creatively done combination of French and fishtail braids.

Credit: Missy Sue

#38 A gorgeous braided bun

#39 Don’t have an idea on how to do a free waterfall braid? Here is an idea!

Credit: Web Salon

#40 A lovely fishtail braid with a simple accessory that matches her hair color.

Credit: El Stile

#41 Another idea of doing an attractive waterfall style

#42 Simple yet beautiful short bun

#43 A tall bun that works great with shorter hair.

#44 A loose braid with a gorgeous white accessory that pops against her dark hair.

a gorgeous bride with a curly bun pinned with a big white flower hairstyle

Which is your favorite wedding hairstyle on the above list? Comment down below!

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