How to Host an Epic Virtual Bridal Shower

Knowing how to host a virtual bridal shower can help you make epic memories even when a IRL shower isn’t possible.

Sure, we can’t have large gatherings right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate at all.

The tips below will help you host the most epic and memorable wedding shower ever AND still obey social distancing rules.

Let’s take a look!

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Virtual Bridal And Wedding Showers Planners And Timeline
Knowing how to host a virtual bridal shower can help you make memories even when a IRL shower isn't possible. Check out our tips to make it truly epic!

How to Host a Virtual Bridal Shower

We know it isn’t ideal – you never envisioned your bridal shower falling during a global crisis. 

However, with social distancing measures being a necessary part of life right now, you still have the means to celebrate. 

Of course, it’s not what you always dreamed of – but life is strange and unpredictable.

To be honest, it actually makes for a great story for generations to come. 

Another silver lining: A virtual bridal shower can easily be attended by anybody, regardless of their location. 

So, below we’ve compiled a list of how to make your virtual bridal shower as perfect as possible. 

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Knowing how to host a virtual bridal shower can help you make memories even when a IRL shower isn't possible. Check out our tips to make it truly epic!

Decide on a theme

While a theme isn’t essential, it does make the party a little easier to organize. If you need a little inspiration for planning a successful online party, we put together a list of amazing virtual bridal shower themes for you! We included videos to help you out and some great party favor recommendations. So check that out!

Create some ground rules

Those little details that you wouldn’t let slide in a non-virtual setting? Don’t let them slide now. 

This will help you all get into the bridal party spirit and allow your guests to celebrate their friend getting married – the right way. 

This can be achieved in several different ways, just ensure that every member is fully aware of the rules. 

Our top suggestion is obviously in the outfits. Everybody should dress just as they would if you were meeting in person. 

Backdrops, props, and music are also great little additions. 

Of course, you can change some things if you want. For example, many same-sex couples like to have a joint wedding shower for two brides or grooms.

If you want to continue with that plan, go for it. You can also decide to host two virtual showers and attend each other’s as a guest…or not.

The great thing about virtual bridal showers is that everything is totally flexible.

To help you get organized, check out these virtual bridal shower and planners.

Still send out the invites 

There’s no reason why you should miss out on anything.

There might be a few changes to your invites, but you can still send them out and have them as a little memory. 

Alternatively, you can send out virtual/paperless invitations. This matches your virtual theme and is also much better for the environment.

Etsy has some beautiful templates that you can download and fill out. You can still send out formal invites – they just exist in the virtual realm. 

Don’t forget to include instructions on your invite. For instance, choose which video conference platform you’ll be using, the time, date, theme, and dress code. 


Bridal shower Photo Prop, Personalized Bridal shower photo booth frame,

More than likely, you had an idea in your brain about the aesthetic of your bridal shower. 

Don’t worry, you can still achieve this. 

You might not all be in the same room, but you can pretend to be with the same backdrop or decoration.

We love the one above from Charming Blush on Etsy!

We’re sure your friends will be more than willing to make this effort. 

Other ideas include fringes, balloons, garlands and banners in your theme colors.

You can send your decorating plans ahead of your shower so that your guests can copy. 

Brides can also send a package to each guest, with the props and items. Again, Etsy has some great finds.

For example, if you’re going with a Rose Gold theme, this set has everything you need:

Artunique 58pc Rose Gold Party Decorations Kit

Depending on your budget, send one out to each guest or grab a couple of them and break it into smaller packages.

Alternatively, you can use a virtual backdrop. Zoom and Minted offer virtual backgrounds, which would look super cute. Here are some free backdrops for you.

This article will help with the virtual bridal shower food and decorations.


Have you created a wedding registry?

Not to worry, all your friends can order your gifts online, and send them directly to your door. (You can send them even some cute suggestions we round it up here: super cute virtual bridal shower gifts for the bride.

Delivery companies are doing contact-free delivery, so it’s all perfect. 

Of course, allow your guests to watch you open them over your video call.

This way, they can all see your reaction, it’s so sweet. 

If you haven’t thought about gifts, or are a bride who has it all – consider asking for for gift cards to local restaurants and businesses.

This is a great way to help out your community AND line up some fun date night ideas once this is all over.

You can even ask for gift cards to businesses owned by members of the LGBTQ community so your gifts will do triple the good!

Don’t forget about gifts for your guest. We have a cute suggestions here: virtual bridal shower gifts. You can send them out ahead of time with instructions to your guests to not open them until the party.

Party Time

Now that you’ve done all the prep work for your virtual bridal shower, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do during your event.

You’d think that being stuck in different houses would limit your options, but really, it doesn’t!

If getting tipsy was on the agenda, you can still drink plenty of tasty cocktails together. The main difference is you don’t need a designated driver!

Maybe you planned to hit a spa? Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, you can recreate pretty much any spa treatment at home.

Lizush on Etsy actually has a “cancelled party” spa gift set.

While it was designed as a “sorry your wedding got canceled” type gift, it’s perfect for a spa day at home party.

Get it on Etsy from Lizush

Virtual Bridal Shower Party Games

Don’t forget the party games! Fortunately, most of the games we usually play work just as well at a virtual bridal shower.

Quizzes, bingo, and name that tune are hilarious options. 

Send out little prizes with your party prep package, or offer gift cards as awards to the winners.

You could also make donations to charities in their names as a fun way to do your part.

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What about the food?

The food is really your only major obstacle when planning a virtual bridal shower.

While you can’t really have that candy buffet you dreamed of or serve up your mom’s famous shrimp cocktail, you can do some things to make it feel more like a party.

For example, send out cute bridal shower cookies ahead of time to everyone on your list.

You can also order food from a national restaurant (or local, if you all live in the same town) and have it set to arrive to each guest around the same time.

The same goes for drinks, too. Make sure to clink your virtual glasses, and toast to the bride to be. 

It’s a strange time for everybody, but you shouldn’t out your plans on hold or miss out on the important bits. 

Even during uncertain times, we should carry on with life. That’s the human spirit – which is unbreakable. 

You’re allowed to be disappointed that your bridal shower isn’t exactly as planned. However, you can still dedicate hours to your little special celebration. 

Remember why you’re celebrating, and that you’re filled with an abundance. Better days will come – and one of those will be the day you say “I do”. 

Do you have any other tips on how to host a virtual bridal shower? Share below!

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