Coronavirus is Crashing Weddings Around the World

Coronavirus is “crashing” weddings around the world, driving more and more couples to cancel or postpone.

Between travel bans, fear of infecting older guests, and and restrictions on large gatherings, many couples feel they have no other choice.

Read on to learn more about the virus’ effect on what should be the happiest day of your life.

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Coronavirus is "crashing" weddings around the world, driving more and more couples to cancel or postpone. Read on for the whole story.

Coronavirus is Crashing Weddings Around the World

The coronavirus outbreak is really having an impact on everyone, not just those who are sick.

Many people are self-quarantining. In other words, confining themselves to their homes.

The US recently banned all travel from a number of countries, and other nations barred US visitors as well.

If you planned a destination wedding for the very near future, you’ll very likely have to cancel.

However, even those planning wedding closer to home will find it challenging.

Most US states are urging people to stick to small (or no) gatherings, with some outright banning large gatherings.

In Ohio, for example, all events with over 100 guests must be canceled or postponed and that includes weddings. 

All over the US, people are required to change their showers, bachelorette parties, celebrations, and exotic honeymoons.

The outbreak is gravely affecting the wedding planning industry.

Although no one wants to have their wedding canceled, people may need to accept the fact that their loved ones are missing, or just try to find another option to invite everyone.

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How one couple is making the best of it

For Giancarlo Silvestri, the situation is not amazing, but he is making the most of it. He and his fiancee are supposed to get married this month, in Toronto.

His first concern was that people wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding because of the costs, but he didn’t imagine the new virus would have a role in this.

“Up until like two days ago, they were coming … but now, they’re not allowed to move,” he stated for

Even though some people chose wedding insurances, there is a chance that some events will not be covered.

If people are refusing to attend the wedding, the couples may not be eligible for refunds.

“Even if you already have a policy, canceling simply because you fear you or your guests could get the coronavirus would likely not be covered.

The fear of something happening, is not quite the same, in insurance terms, as a hurricane or an earthquake actually happening.

Only if, say, flights were grounded to your wedding destination, or your venue canceled all events with no refunds, would your insurance kick in.”

Governments are Forbidding Events With Over 100 Participants

Coronavirus is "crashing" weddings around the world, driving more and more couples to cancel or postpone. Read on for the whole story.

The governments are doing their best to protect the people, even if that means restricting the events with over 100 participants, especially if they are indoors.

In January, Lauren Hagee was warned that her dress may not be ready, as the virus was just spreading throughout China, slowing down the factories.

Since she already made a $10,000 deposit, she is not thinking about canceling her wedding in May, but she is worried.

“The real worry is that people are going to be getting very sick, and people are not going to want to travel at all”

People are starting to realize the threats, and most of them refuse to travel, as they may catch the virus in the airports, planes and even get quarantined on their arrival.

Now, the big question comes. What is going to happen with all the weddings?

Well, there is no answer to that.  What we do know for sure, is that everyone needs to be safe. Hopefully, things will get better fast.

In the meantime, make sure you have a backup plan, because you may be required to make some changes. 

In fact, next week we’ll go over some “backup plans,” as well as what to consider when canceling your wedding, so stay tuned!

For now, tell us, what are your thoughts on coronavirus crashing wedding around the world? Share below!

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