10 Amazing Virtual Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride

Looking for the perfect virtual bridal shower gifts for the bride? We've got you covered! Check out 10 that she'll absolutely adore!

Looking for the perfect virtual bridal shower gifts for the bride? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll check out 10 amazing options that are just right for our current situation. Your favorite bride will feel like one lucky lady when she opens up one (or more!) of these ideas!

Our Top Pick

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For a quick suggestion, consider our top pick. The Bridal Wedding Slippers are a great idea for the day of the shower, the big day and any other day the bride wants to relax at home!

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Virtual Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride

From cozy slippers to cute totes, we’ve come up with some great gifts that are both fun and practical. Take a look!

1. Bridal Wedding Slippers

Your job is not only to celebrate with the bride, but also to make sure she is relaxed and happy. The big day can be stressful, so using the virtual bridal shower to send her these cute and fluffy wedding slippers that will adorn her feet will put her in a relaxing mood during the shower and when she prepares to get married!

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2. Juvale Advice Cards and Box

The best gifts are often priceless, such as the pearls of wisdom from already married couples that have learned a thing or two. You can gather advice and wishes from all the attendees on these little cards and insert them into the box to create a very thoughtful gift that will hopefully help diffuse a lot of arguments for the brides.

What better gift to send to her in time for the virtual shower and maybe even have her share and read some aloud for the other people in attendance.

3. Amazon Gift Card in a Cute Bag

While a gift card may not seem like the most personal present to give the bride, it’s still among the most appreciated! She can use it to grab something special for herself or to pick up a few extra goodies for her wedding. Totally up to her!

I love how this one comes in a cute pink polka dot bag. It gives it that extra special “bridal shower gift” touch. Plus, it’s super easy to ship- something that definitely plays a role in choosing virtual shower gifts.

4. Wedding Planner Gift Set

While it makes a great gift, the wedding planning virtual bridal shower gift box set also doubles as a great activity during the celebration.

The bride will most likely be overwhelmed by the amount of planning and will surely appreciate having her friends rally around her during her shower. She can write down all the helpful suggestions in this planner. Just make sure to send it well in advance!

5. Wifey Sweatshirt

Here is a gift that is practical and adorable for the virtual shower. The shirt is also quite useful for cold winter nights when the bride is snuggling with her true love and is also great for the shower. After all, she deserves to stand out in a sea of Zoom faces!

If you’re shopping for virtual bridal shower gifts for two brides, grab an extra so they can be a matching pair!

6. Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket

To really pamper the bride-to-be, offer her the ultimate spa day that can be done in the comfort of her own home! This premium virtual bridal shower box includes anything your or she could dream of including scented candles and bath bombs. She can even have a relaxing time in the bath enjoying your gift during the virtual shower!

7. Bridal Shower Gift Set

Another way to alleviate stress for the bride-to-be is a little reminder that her friends are there for her and she’s beautiful. When the bride unboxes this virtual bridal shower gift box on the day, many of the pieces can but put to good use.

She can enjoy celebratory bubbly in the champagne flute, light the candle with the matches and moisten her lips with the lip balm.

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8.  Shany Gift Surprise

We’re on a roll with virtual bridal shower kits and here is another one packed with all the makeup she needs! As a fun activity during the shower, you can request the bride to try on all the different palettes to decide on the perfect makeup look for the big day with the help of her friends!

9. Mrs. Bridal Shower Gift Bag

There is no doubt the bride will have tons to carry with her for the big day. So why not get her a giant tote bag with her future monogram (if she’s not changing her last name, then use her current initials)? The bridal shower is the perfect occasion for her to unbox this cute and practical gift that will make sure she’s more than ready.

10. Floral Scented Bath Soap

Here is an unconventional idea that we’re sure the bride would appreciate. She can keep the little scented soaps for herself or add them individually as thank-you tokens for other attendees. It’s also like getting her a bouquet she can really use. You can choose to present it to her in this box you send straight to her house or add your own to touch to create a bouquet.

Final Recommendation

Looking for the perfect virtual bridal shower gifts for the bride? We've got you covered! Check out 10 that she'll absolutely adore!

We love all these suggestions but the virtual bridal shower gift boxes and the wifey sweater stand out the most. However, if you’re shipping a gift, the Amazon gift card is great!

Which of these virtual bridal shower gifts would you choose to send to the bride? Let us know in the comments below!

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