10 Easy DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

‘I just got a housewarming party invitation, and I’m really on a tight budget. I’m freaking out. Somebody HELP.’ If this sounds like you, I’m here to give you great DIY housewarming gift ideas for a couple. Not only will they be pocket-friendly, but you’re going to be their favorite guests too because they’ll love your gift. Let’s dive in.

10 DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

diy welcome home signage as a housewarming gift for couple

One key to getting a great housewarming gift is to ensure that it’s both thoughtful and, most importantly, practical.

Here are some ideas.

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1. Dishtowel Cake

yellow dishtowel under sponges

This is my all-time favorite housewarming gift idea. Every new house needs new towels, and there is never something like too many kitchen towels.

I love to throw in some wooden serving spoons and a few other items, just to make the package prettier.

It’s a budget idea, and the couple will really appreciate it. If you have no clue how a dish towel cake is made, watch the video below.

2. Breakfast for Two

DIY breakfast for two

Moving can be very frustrating; unpacking the boxing and having every item where it’s supposed to be can be very exhausting. And it could take time.

This means the couple may not get a chance to prepare a healthy meal for a few days, and we all get bored with takeouts at some point.

So, a good breakfast for two is a really an amazing DIY housewarming gift idea for a couple.

And this is easy-peasy if you love cooking.

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3. Garbage Disposal Fresheners

garbage disposal fresheners in a wooden plate

Do you know that funky smell that’s always coming from your kitchen sink? That can be very annoying, and that’s not how any couple wants to remember their first days in their new home.

You can save them so much trouble by simply gifting them with homemade disposal fresheners. It will barely take you 10 minutes to make some.

Here is a video showing all the ingredients and steps you need to follow.

4. Love Pot

white and gray pots planted with cute plants

I love this idea, and it will look so cute on their front porch. It’s a handmade pot with at least two plants and a home address.

It’s unique, and the couple will love you for it.

This idea was inspired by Maison Pax, and she has explained all the steps of how to go about here.

Check this DIY video:

5. A DIY Cleaning Basket

basket beside a white towel and bar soaps

The basket contains crucial things that the couple is likely to forget to buy immediately they move in. They include detergents, trash bags, disinfecting wipes, bathroom cleaner, carpet cleaner, a toolset, a first aid kit, etc.

Buy all those small things and neatly pack them in a basket, tie a ribbon around the basket. And voila! You have a housewarming gift for the couple.

6. DIY Coffee Basket

coffee basket full of coffee beans

As I always say, ‘A Couple that Takes Coffee Together, Sticks Together.’

And we all need coffee to jumpstart our minds in the morning. For most couples, the only time they get to stop and talk before a long workday is in the kitchen making coffee.

This DIY basket will help them start the routine earlier on in their new house.

I loved this simple coffee basket by April; it’s so creative and cheap. Check it out.

7. Mug Herbal Garden

fleshly plant in a brown pot

This is a beautiful addition to any home décor, and every home should have a few plants.

Many couples appreciate plant gifts in their new home. They see it as a chance to start nurturing stuff in their home and becoming more responsible.

You can also give them potted cacti or succulent. It would look so cute as a kitchen display.

8. Cookie Mix in a Jar

DIY jar filled with cookies

Many homemade gifts come in jars because jars are cute and very functional on their own. For this gift, prepare different types of cookies for the couple and put them in a jar.

The couple will enjoy the cookie, and they can use the jar for storing other stuff or for display.

9. Flower Vase with Fresh Flowers

diy flower vase with fresh hyacinth flower as a housewarming gift for couple

We all appreciate flowers; they’re beautiful and somewhat sentimental. You can buy a few fresh flowers from the local grocery store and a beautiful vase from Etsy.

This is an amazing housewarming gift because the couple can still use the vase for other purposes.

10. Wooden Spoons

DIY wooden spoon with a shape of heart in the middle

Plain wooden stamps are boring, but you can do a few things to make them special. For starters, you can print out some of your best recipes and pack them together.

You can also add some linen bags or stamp the spoons.

I know all this sounds confusing, but this blog from Farmhouse Chick Blog explains all the steps with pictures.

DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couple (Final Verdict)

Being a homeowner is a huge step for every couple. It’s brave and requires a lot of effort to make it happen.

So, it’s only fair that we celebrate with them and show them our support. And running low on cash isn’t really an excuse for not carrying a gift to their housewarming party.

You can try one of the discussed DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Couple, and the recipient will be so grateful.

What other homemade housewarming gift ideas for couples already living together did I leave out?

Cookie mix in a jar with text

What are your favorite DIY housewarming gift ideas for couple? Share with us below!

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