30 Unforgettable and Fun Wedding Anniversary Games to Play

Wedding anniversary games can make your special day even more special by adding the much-needed zest of fun and liveliness. With these ideas below, you will have no shortage of ways to have uproarious fun and make lasting memories.

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30 Wedding Anniversary Games for Couples

From simple games that require nothing more than your guests alone to outrageously fun ideas that need a little more planning, there’s something for everyone below.

Here is a quick look at some of our most accessible game recommendations:

1. Find Your Mate

Group of cheerful young friends having fun at poolside summertime outdoor party, playing blind man’s buff, running and chasing each other on the backyard lawn

One of the most romantic games for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary is finding your mate. To play, you first blindfold one of the spouses.

For instance, the wife would have to find the husband from amongst all the men in the room, and the husband would have to find the wife amongst all the women, using only their sense of touch and smell.

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2. Couples Karaoke

Mix and match songs of your choice: love songs, ballads, mellow rock, pop songs, etc.

Then, each couple gets to sing their version of the song. You can also have all the couples sing the song at one time. And based on these performances, you get to decide who’d be crowned as the winner!

3. Trivia Buffs

Nothing spells chemistry like charting out an entire fun questionnaire about each spouse and then asking the other to fill it up. Create multiple-choice questionnaires, with an assortment of different questions of your choice.

And once all answers are in, you compute the score and see who the highest scorer is, and which couple knows the other half best.

I should have known that! - A Trivia Game About Things You Oughta Know
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  • Contains 110 cards with more than 400 questions about things that you should know

4. Classic Charades

The nicest part about this game is that it requires very little preparation. Simply ask the players to present movie titles and songs, and have the spouse guess the correct name. No talking allowed from the presenter, of course!

Check out this video for some ideas!

5. Spin the Wheel

Prepare a personalized wheel of tasks or minute to win it games based on your party theme. This can be as crazy or mellow as you like it to be. Get creative!

Plan on the tasks you want your guests to do, make a group of teams, ask each member of the group to spin the task wheel, and voila.

6. Antakshari

Antakshari is a famous musical game common in South Asia. To play this game, you divide guests into groups.

Then, ask a group to sing a song. Once they’re done, the other group has to sing a song that starts with the ending letter of the previous group’s song.

7. Passing the Buck

This is an oldie, but it can be super fun. We all know the drill! You pass around a dollar bill, and whoever is holding it when the music stops will have to do an activity that the guests decide on.

8. How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

Are you able to easily identify what items your spouse uses? If so, consider playing this game! This is a fun game in which you divide couples into separate groups.

Then one facilitator asks all the ladies to collect their everyday items and place them on a table. Then, one partner is tasked with identifying which one of those items belongs to their other partner.

9. Word Jumble

Similar to ‘hangman’, in this game, a person constructs a word jumble. Then, others have to guess the correct answer based on the hint. You can give the hint using an image, a statement, or a gesture. If you need some ideas, these printables are fun to use!

10. Marriage Advice

While giving and receiving advice might not be seen as a fun idea by all, but some do fancy giving or receiving great advice. So here goes!

Place some blank pieces of paper on a table. Ask your guests to write down advice that they have for their spouse, or it can be advice about general things as well. Then, have spouses try to figure out which advice came from their partner!

If nothing else, you’d probably have a great many useful pieces of advice at the end of the day!

11. Photo Safari Taken to the Next Level

So here’s how you play this game. Get all your guests to take a photo from a camera (this inexpensive one works great) that you’ve placed on the table for the game on a particular theme.

What differentiates it from a regular photo safari game is that you’d add a creative twist to it.

So either, you assign your guests a theme to take photos on, and then you decide the winner based on the quality of the pics. Or, they take the pics and you guess the theme.

It can be done both ways. How cool is that!  

12. The Peg Game

Doing the laundry… Ugh, what a chore! But these clothes pegs can be put to a fun use through this game.

It goes like this: your guests have to clip on the cloth pegs to another guests’ clothes without them noticing (kind of like them playing hide and seek but with clothes pegs).

And if they do notice, well, then they’d have to clip it onto someone else’s clothes! And at the end of the day (or night), whosoever has the most number of pegs clipped on to their clothes would have to do a task assigned to them by everyone else.

13. Musical Chairs

Yes, it’s common, but it’s a classic for a reason, so don’t count it out. Plus, it’s even more intense than it was when you were kids. This video below proves it!

14. Dance Party!

You can mix and match songs and have people display their groovy skills on the dance floor. You can do it in couples, teams, shy people teamed with boisterous people, a dancing contest, take your pick!

The video below has a great mix of songs to use.

15. Dance… Freeze!

While a dance party is itself a lot of fun, you can make it even funnier by asking the DJ to stop the music at specific but sudden intervals.

And at that point, everyone is supposed to immediately freeze. Hilarity will ensue as even the shyest dancers will laugh it off at the awkward poses you get to see (or be in!).

16. Walk the Cat Walk

The best game has no winners or losers. And this is that game. You can create a runway, and then ask your guests to walk the catwalk.

This game has no rules. It’s a recipe for an amazing time as people strut their moves trying to mimic their favorite models!

17. Ring Toss

Cheap and easy, simply throw rings in hooks (bottles, sleek stands, etc). It’s a game everyone can play without qualms.

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18. Giant Jenga

Jenga on its own is super fun, but when you scale it up, it’s even more of a blast!

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19. Bowling

This may require a bit more infrastructure than other simpler options, but it’s all the more rewarding.

And, it isn’t as challenging to set up either. All you need is to mark the ‘lane’, get some sturdy pins, a bowling ball, and you got yourself a bowling ball game everyone can play. 

20. Sit or Stand

Prepare hilarious questions with “yes/no” or “agree/disagree” answers, and then assign ‘sit’ as ‘yes’ and ‘stand’ as ‘no’, or vice versa.

Everyone would get to know a lot about each other whilst getting a bit of exercise.

21. Name the Song

Get your DJ to play a few seconds of a tune or song, and your guests have to guess which song it is.

You can divide the people into groups, couples, and teams… as you like it.

22. Puzzle Time

It’s awesome when games center on the anniversary celebrating a couple strengthening their bond.

But it can be cool if it involves your guests in it too. Prepare questions from the life of the celebrating couple, and hide the answers in the form of a crossword which guests have to fill. You can even add rewards for correct answers, or select the winner at the end.

23. Wacky Photo Booth

Everyone loves a photo booth. But why not spice things up with some competition? Whoever takes the wackiest photo of the lot would be the winner!

Check out the video below for ideas on how to make your own photo booth

24. Anniversary Piñata

Create an extra hilarious piñata full of dessert goodies for dessert time. Blindfold the person with the biggest sweet tooth of them all to take an aim and break the piñata. This way, you get to serve up the dessert but with much fervor!

25. Identify the Note Giver

This is a beautiful way to build memories and collect sentimental and/or funny notes too.

For this, ask your guests to write a note on chits of paper as they enter the party without writing their names. When all notes are ready, the anniversary couple has to read out the note and identify who wrote it.

26. Pictionary

Write down random words and place them in a bowl. Then, one person takes the word out of the bowl and gets only 30 seconds to draw it for everyone to guess.

27. Limbo

Create a limbo bar and then ask the couples to go through it, either one by one, or together. Lower the bar after every round.

28. Not-so-Newlywed Game

A fun spin on the classic Newlywed game, this one is perfect for couples who have been together for a while. For this, you prepare questions about the life of the celebrating couple. Ask one spouse to leave the room, and ask these questions from the other spouse.

Then, repeat but this time with another spouse answering. Finally, match their answers!

29.  Who Did What First?

Refresh the memories of the couple by asking them “who did what first?”.  It acts as a sweet reminder of all the times they’ve shared together.

30. Find the Missing Piece

This one is exclusively for the celebrating couple. Either pick some random objects (like a specific number of rings) or some of the couple’s own items and hide them around the house. The spouse to find the maximum objects first wins the game and gets a prize.

Remember you can acquire some of these games here:

Final Thoughts

Celebrating the time you spend together as an anniversary couple is worthy and meaningful. We hope these ideas give you a chance to make your special day and your married life even more cherished.  

If you’re looking for interesting ideas to make your bridal shower a success too, then check out our post on bridal shower questions. 

couple playing board game for their wedding anniversary

What are your favorite wedding anniversary games? Please share your pick below!

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