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If you need some inspiring lesbian wedding ceremony ideas, you’re going to love our list!

From your journey down the aisle through your joyous first stroll as a married couple, we’ve got you covered!

Read on for some of the most beautiful and unique ideas for every last aspect of your ceremony.

If you need some inspiring lesbian wedding ceremony ideas, you'll love our list! From the entrance to the

Inspirational Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The wedding ceremony can be one of the most beautifully unique parts of your big day!

We love how modern couples are encouraged to embrace that creative freedom – and that couldn’t be more true than for lesbian wedding ceremonies.

Other than needing to include lesbian wedding vows, nothing else is set in stone.

With such a blank slate, the range of truly unique queer wedding ceremony ideas can be overwhelming!

Who enters first? What will the ceremony space look like? What to say, who says what, when to say it… It can start to do your head in!

Never fear though!

We’ve not only lined up some awesome lesbian wedding ceremony ideas, but we’ve broken them down into four chunks to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Our “how to plan a lesbian wedding ceremony” tips include:

  • The perfect lesbian wedding ceremony entrance
  • Beautiful wedding decor you and your guests will love
  • The actual ceremony & some unique wedding ceremony script ideas
  • Your exit as a newly wed couple.

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered for your Mrs and Mrs wedding, so let’s dig in!

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In The Beginning: Ceremony Entrance Ideas

1. No Sides, Only Brides!

We love this adorable addition to the classic reminder for friends and family to not bother with sides since a ceremony is all about love and coming together!

It’s definitely one of my favorite Mrs. & Mrs. wedding ideas!

2. Go Full Circle

Why not do away with an aisle all together, and circle up?

It beautifully reflects the support and connection everyone watching will no doubt have with you as a couple,

Plus it makes entering from two sides at once a total possibility, doing away with any need for a “who walks in first” conversation.

3. Come Together

If you’re still keen on an aisle entrance, we’re so down for the idea of the brides entering together.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got space, especially if you’re accommodating huge wedding dresses, but it’s always moving to see the upcoming unity shown by arriving arm in arm.

4. Take A Colorful Rain Check

It’s important to have a Plan B for your ceremony in case of rain!

If that Plan B can be an opportunity to embrace more pride like in the shape of these gorgeous umbrellas, then it’ll be impossible to rain on your parade.

All Things Decor: Ceremony Space Ideas

5. A Glamorous Mrs and Mrs

Looking to include a reference to the title you’ll both soon have?

We seriously admire this golden, glittering decoration for how proudly it claims the label.

It could definitely be a perfect addition to any lesbian wedding ceremony signing table

6. This Ceremony Arch That Really Pops

We couldn’t look past this gorgeous couple and the special lift the balloons gave to their ceremony arch.

Your bride-to-be surely makes you feel like you’re walking on air, so it only makes sense that the archway is too!

7. Have A Heart

For a softer take on incorporating a “Mrs and Mrs” at your wedding, this idea of having it be a part of your ring display has a lot of heart.

The contrast between the white wood and black inscription really makes the words stand out (and still works with this couple’s beach theme).

The best part is that, unless you’re the ring barer, it’ll be a sweet little secret just for the two of you to see those words as you prepare to exchange rings.

8. Balance Out The Bouquet

If you’re not 100% sure on your plan for the bouquet, we love the idea this couple had to pair one bride’s bouquet with the other’s flower crown.

It keeps things simple (and keeps costs down, bouquets are expensive y’all!) but still ties everything together and adds a fresh touch for both brides.

9. Or Just Go Full Flower Power!

Nothing wrong with going full-out, and the degree of detail that these brides have put into their flower coordination is absolutely stunning!

Not only do both their bouquets tie in with the garland atop their ceremony hexagon (now there’s a phrase you don’t say everyday!), but the leaf pattern totally compliments the lace-work on their dresses too!

The Nitty-Gritty: Ceremony Script/Reading Ideas

10. Remembering Love Wins

Unless you’re opting for a religious affair, the flow of your ceremony is entirely up to you.

If you’re looking for gender neutral wedding vows, why not include a snippet from the day when love won?

Our personal favorite section:

“Marriage embodies a love that may endure past death. It would misunderstand these women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves.”

11. Subtle and Sweet

For something a little more reflective of love itself, we think this reading could slip seamlessly into any lesbian wedding ceremony.

It so beautifully reminds us of the power love has to make us the best versions of ourselves and is definitely one of our favorite lesbian wedding ceremony readings.

“You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign. You have done it by being yourself.” Does anyone have tissues??

12. A Promise Is A Promise

If you’re stuck for vow ideas, we love this passage that does away with the old “in sickness and in health”, and has the brides making promises that are much more in line with a deep, committed love.

We particularly love the promise of always letting your partner see through the window of your world into your fears, dreams and feelings.

Isn’t this such an inspirational part of a lesbian wedding ceremony script?

13. Tell Your Story

When all is said and done, your ceremony is your time for your relationship, so aside from the vows and readings, why not tell the story of how you met and the affect it had like the gorgeous couple in this video?

It makes everything that little bit more special when you take a moment to remember where you’ve come and how you’ve both come to be where you are.

Plus it’s gives your friends and family the rare opportunity to share in the joy of the bond you’ve created.

14. Hold Fast

We mostly follow the sage advice of Beyoncé during wedding ceremonies (put a ring on it), but if you’re looking for something different that’s just as symbolic of devotion and connection, a hand fasting ceremony can be a wonderful addition .

It’s also another chance to add something personal, like this couple tying in their woodland theme with the cord’s earthy tones and natural touches.

So Long, Farewell: Ceremony Exit Ideas

15. Out With A Bang

We don’t know what we love more with this happy couple: the simple and easy phrasing of “you may kiss your wife” or the dazzling burst of golden streamers that go off for the exit.

Watch from 5:50 to see what we mean and get inspired!

16. Or Out With A Bomb!

Whether for your entrance or exit, take the celebrations up a notch and get explosive… Literally!

Color is such a fantastic way to highlight the passion and joy of a lesbian wedding, and this couple has got us feeling the love and energy with their colored smoke bombs – take that rice and confetti!

These are just some of our favorite lesbian wedding ceremony ideas to get you started!

No matter how you plan everything out, we know it’ll always come back to celebrating the most important thing: the beautiful brides!

Have any lesbian wedding ceremony ideas of your own? Sharing is caring, so let us know in the comments below!

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