Bride Proves You Really Can Organize a Tasteful Lesbian Wedding for Under $6K

Photo of tasteful lesbian wedding table settings made by the brides

Can you organize a tasteful lesbian wedding for less than $6,000? Turns out, it’s absolutely possible, as one bride proved on Reddit. In a very detailed post, she shared how she managed to organize what she calls a “tastefully gay wedding” for just around that amount, give or take. Read on to learn how she did it!

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Bride Proves You Really Can Organize a Tasteful Lesbian Wedding for Under $6K

Sometimes setting the budget for your wedding can seem overwhelming. You don’t know how much money you need, you don’t know if you’ll find everything you need in that budget or if it will turn out the way you want to. However, as noted above, one couple managed to pull off an incredible day with a modest budget.

According to her very detailed Reddit post and accompanying Imgur photos, they had a “tastefully gay wedding” in Upstate New York and they were very happy with the results and for having everyone there with them.

Even though they had a $5,000 budget, by the end of the wedding they spent about $6,000, which is still pretty good for any wedding.

In the process, our bride said that she and her wife did almost everything by themselves.

I was so picky throughout the process and we ended up doing almost everything ourselves.

Let’s look over some of her tips for planning a budget-friendly yet tasteful lesbian wedding

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Make your own wedding invites to save a bundle

She chose to make the invites and save the date cards herself, and they ended up looking incredible.

The save the dates cards and place cards were the only rainbow-patterned decorations they had, and the bride’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law designed them.

They did this cool stamping thing where they picked up leaves and rolled ink over the veins and then used watercolor pens. We then arranged everyone’s names alphabetically into a rainbow pattern

Create your own playlist and skip the DJ

They also saved a lot of money by creating the playlist themselves. As her wife used to be a DJ, they decided to use Spotify and an amp for the music and managed to choose what they wanted to hear at their wedding.

They used Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody” for the processional and “You’re So Good To Me” by the Beach Boys as they recessional.

Choose unique and meaningful table place cards

One of the most impressive things they did was to have women from the LGBT community to represent their table numbers.

After thorough research, she ended up finding their bios and printing them at the school’s library. They ended up having Kate Bornstein, the trans woman who wrote “Hello Cruel World,” social worker Jane Addams, S. Josephine Baker who caught typhoid twice, Ugandan LGBT activist Kasha Nabagasera, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, the dead lesbian YouTuber, Jackie “Moms” Mabley, the black lesbian comedian and Nobuko Yoshiya, the famous Japanese author.

Ask a friend to officiate the wedding

Instead of paying someone to officiate their wedding, one of their dearest friends did it. The bride said that their friend was with her the night she met her wife.

I would 100% recommend doing some version of this because it was super special to have our friend do it, since she knows us both well, and I got to write our ceremony.

Ditch the guestbook in favor of vintage postcards

The last and very impressive thing they did was to replace the guestbook with a lot of postcards she bought from a thrift store. She asked their guests to write them a message and then hang them up with little clothespins.

At the end of the day, they were both very excited with the results. Our bride said that if she were to do it all over again, she would change a couple things.

For starters, she would give up the hotel for the night before and after the wedding. Even though they got to take some amazing pictures, she said that they could have taken pictures elsewhere.

“Spend money on what makes you less stressed”

Her advice for anyone organizing a wedding, is to spend money on what would make you less stressed. She said that she would have happily spent an extra $1,000 on credit so she wouldn’t have to spend the days after the wedding putting picnic tables back.

Can you organize a tasteful lesbian wedding for less than $6,000? Turns out, it's absolutely possible, as one bride proved on Reddit. See how she did it!

Have you ever thrown a tasteful lesbian wedding on a super tight budget? Share your tips and stories below!

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