20 Beautiful Lesbian Brides That Will Inspire You

Looking for photos of beautiful lesbian brides that will help inspire your own wedding planning?

We’ve got you covered!

The following 20 are just a small sample of all the amazing and gorgeous couples out there on social media.

Check them out!

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Looking for photos of beautiful lesbian brides that will help inspire your own wedding planning? We've got you covered! Check out these 20!

20 Inspiring and Beautiful Lesbian Brides

I scoured Instagram looking for some of the most beautiful lesbian brides around.

Before we get to that list, I wanted to share with you a quote from one of my favorite movies.

Jenny’s Wedding is a 2015 romantic comedy-drama movie. Jenny Farrell (Katherine Heigl) and her partner/roommate, Kitty Friedman (Alexis Bledel) want to get married and start a family.

The problem is that Jenny’s conservative Catholic family don’t know she’s gay. And when they do find out about the couple’s plans, they are left with a simple and difficult choice – either change with it or drown.

My favorite quote from the movie comes from Jenny’s dad, Eddie Farrell (Tom Wilkinson) when he tells Jenny- “When you meet the right person, you go the distance.  And let me tell you about the distance.  Everybody changes.  If you’re with the right person, and they change, you meet the right person all over again.”

Now, on to those gorgeous brides!

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1. This sweet couple with their adorable pup!

This one comes from 14 Stories- an LGBT wedding planning service whose mission “is not just to design innovative, distinctive weddings but also create a wedding and travel industry inclusive of all LGBTQ people.”

Don’t you love the idea of including your dog in your wedding photos? So cute!

I also love how the pink flowers add a pop of color to the “two white dresses” combo.

2. Two lovebirds on their magical day

If you’re looking for an idea that includes one of you in a dress and the other in a suit, this should give you some inspiration!

I love the muted grey of the suit, it goes beautifully with the white dress.

Courtesy of 2 Brides 2 Be– a “wedding resource for the modern lesbian bride.”

3. A real inspiration

Another idea for a dress and suit combo, the black suit contrasts nicely with the white dress.

Courtesy of A Bicycle Built for Two– “real wedding inspiration for lesbians, queers and everyone else.”

4. Let’s make wedding hats a thing!

I agree, wedding hats should definitely be a trend, especially when they add a much-needed burst of color to an all-white dress palette.

I also really love the lace details on both dresses, so beautiful!

Courtesy of A Practical Wedding– a wedding planning website that was founded by Meg Keene, a leading wedding expert.

5. A Gorgeous Pair

Could these two brides be any more beautiful? I’m loving that white suit with the black bow and shoes. So classy and elegant!

Courtesy of Canada Gay Weddings– Canada’s first website dedicated to educate, inform, inspire and support the LGBT wedding community.

6. A Flawless Floral Swing

Flip through to the second picture and check out that amazing floral swing! Isn’t it perfect for a garden wedding?

Courtesy of Catalyst Wedding Co.- a blog featuring “wedding advice & inspiration, with an intersectional feminist lens.”

7. Fun & Funky

Forget uncomfortable suits and boring ties! Everything about that suit says comfy and cool, especially the tie!

Courtesy of Dancing With Her– world’s leading wedding blog, directory and magazine for lesbian couples.

8. Utter Elegance

Everything about these beautiful lesbian brides just screams elegance.  I particularly love the matching hair clips!

Courtesy of Equal and Forever– a wedding planning website dedicated to the “celebration of love, equality and the pursuit of happiness.”

9. Stunning Nonchalance

Nerves, schmerves! These beautiful brides are taking a moment to relax on their big day!

Courtesy of Equally Wed– an international online LGBTQ wedding book, education resource and magazine.

10. Married by moonlight

If you’re planning a nighttime wedding outdoors, grab some inspiration from this couple. The white lanterns really brighten things up and give off an “enchanted forest” vibe.

Courtesy of Gay Wedding Blog– an award-winning LGBTQ wedding blog and directory.

11. Reunited (and it feels so good)

I love the story behind these beautiful brides. They knew each other in college, but lost touch. Apparently, it was meant to be because they found each other again!

Courtesy of Gay Wedding Ideas- a website for LGBT couples to find wedding ideas, inspiration, planning resources, planning tools, as well as vendors and services.

12. A gleeful day indeed!

I adore the gleeful expressions on the faces of these brides! Scroll through for some great tips on creating the perfect rustic wedding.

Courtesy of Gay Weddings Magazine– a print and online magazine featuring wedding planning advice, inspiration and tips for LGBTQ couples.

13. They’ll be together until the cows come home

Hey, the caption said to insert a line about until the cows come home, so I did! Great inspiration for a farm wedding!

Courtesy of H&H Weddings– a wedding planning resource for LGBT couples.

14. Pretty in Pink

This gorgeous couple proves that you don’t have to wear white to be a little traditional on your wedding day. The pale pink dress is just as gorgeous!

Courtesy of LGBT Weddings– an online wedding resource where same-sex couples can find ideas, inspiration, planning tools and screened wedding professionals.

15. Beautiful Beach Wedding

Make sure you flip through these pictures, the second one has an awesome idea for table markers for the guests!

Courtesy of Love Inc. Magazine– a leading equality-minded wedding publication for LGBTQ wedding ideas and inspiration.

16. Coiffed and Coordinated

If one of you will be wearing a suit, try matching the bow tie and the pocket handkerchief to the bouquet for a gorgeous coordinated look.

Courtesy of Offbeat Bride– “the web’s most popular and most inclusive website catered to nontraditional wedding planning.”

17. A perfect day in the Hamptons

Could these two be any more gorgeous?

Courtesy of Pridezillas– a website that promotes wedding vendors who celebrate and support marriage equality.

18. Taking in all that is you

I think the caption says it all;!

Promote Love Movement, a collective of LGBT community members who are united for the purpose of promoting love.

19. Love wins the day!

Another stunning example that proves a suit can be anything but boring!

Courtesy of The Gay Wedding Guide– an “award-winning wedding guide for LGBT couples.”

20. Those boots!

Look closely and you’ll notice that their boots match!

Courtesy of Wedding Wire– an award-winning, largest and most trusted online wedding resource for couples to find local vendors and venues, as well as to find wedding planning ideas, inspiration, tips and tools.

There are so many beautiful lesbian brides on Instagram that will completely inspire you! These are just a few of our favorites!

Tips For Planning For a Lesbian Wedding 

Preparing for the perfect day with your loved one doesn’t have to be tricky and expensive. Thanks to legal protections, laws advocating for same-sex marriage, the world adjusting to gay and lesbian weddings, and several inspiring lesbian brides you can emulate, planning for a memorable wedding is more exciting and straightforward than ever.

Still, like preparing for any wedding, without a proper approach, it will be stressful. So, here are 8 helpful tips to guide you on occasion: 

1. Gender Identity

Be prepared to have answers to somewhat intimidating questions like ‘who’s the bride?’ Wedding vendors, some family members and friends may raise this question. So, cool your gut and boldly answer that we both are!

2. Wedding Decor

There should be no fuss about the ideal types of decorations. So don’t stress about the perfect flowers, chandeliers, lights and centerpieces to decorate your wedding day. The most important thing is that the couple is happy and in love with their favorite people around to celebrate the occasion. So include decorations you both like and spice them with creative handmade centerpieces. 

3. Costs

Weddings can be costly. Budget for all the expenses you might incur on your wedding day, from clothes, rings, flowers, makeup, decor, wedding bands, and food to flowers and champagne. Cost-wise, do they exceed your budget? If that’s the case, figure out what to scrape off the list together with the your-to-be bride. But remember to include the things you both have been obsessing over.

Also, some wedding vendors are willing to offer discounts for lesbian weddings, so go for such to plan for your big day. 

4. Wedding Invites

Remember to include the clause ‘attend only if comfortable’ when sending wedding invites. This will help prevent drama from family members and friends who might not be comfortable with the wedding proceedings due to religious beliefs or personal convictions. 

5. Wedding Traditions

Are there any wedding traditions you want to include on your big occasion? From past experiences, only a few heterosexual wedding traditions fit with lesbian ceremonies. I recommend foregoing any wedding traditions that could backfire and sticking to a unique plan that resonates with both of you. 

6. Wedding Attire

When choosing appropriate dress codes, many brides get stuck on the perfect wear for their big occasion. Either they can’t find matching dresses, or one wants to go on with a suit. So first, you should shop together to ensure the outfits match and that you both relish them. Also, consider outsourcing an expert designer to make custom lesbian outfits for your big ceremony. 

7. Walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day is among the most exciting and memorable activities. So, it’s best for both of you to get it right. You can decide to walk together holding hands or borrow from straight marriages where your parents walk you down the aisle. Settle for the most favorable option for all parties to avoid embarrassment on your wedding day. 

8. Honeymoon

Finally, remember to plan for the best and most exciting part, your honeymoon! Remember, not all countries or states accept same-sex couples. So, do your research before and settle for a destination you are both comfortable and welcome. Learn more from our favorite post: 9 Best LGBT Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

Do you have any favorite photos of beautiful lesbian brides? Share below!

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