12 Beautiful Lesbian Wedding Photos You Should Not Miss During Pride Month

beautiful lesbian wedding photos

Get your tissues out; we’re sharing some of the most beautiful lesbian wedding photos that you don’t want to miss during Pride Month!

LGBTQ Pride Month is all about honoring the community and remembering those who fought so hard to win the fundamental right to have their love officially recognized.

What better way to honor them than by celebrating stunning examples of their victory

From gorgeous waterfront events to downsized micro weddings that meet social distancing guidelines, each one proves that love truly does win the day.

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Beautiful Lesbian Wedding Photos That Prove Love Wins

These gorgeous lesbian wedding photos speak for themselves, but for those who can’t see the caption, we’ve included them below each one (when applicable).

1- Just beautiful



I’m gonna love you ’til
My lungs give out
I promise ’til death we part like in our vows ?
I love you, Jackquolyn Jean

2- I would have tears in my eyes too



3- Weddings in the time of Corona Virus



Weddings in the time of Corona Virus!
In a way, a bit sad since most of the original wedding plans have been put aside. In another way, quite nice because that’ll make very interesting stories later!
We had to partly wear masks inside, but didn’t have to outside! In the room, we were limited to very few people, so the guests waited outside with a little surprise for the girls!
Despite everything, the day was filled with emotions and everything was really heartfelt and beautiful. Plans may change, but love always wins!! Congrats girls!!! (And I’m in love with the bubble fish!! Cutest thing ever!).

4- A photo full of emotions


When you’re trying to hold it together but inside you’re full of so many emotions… ?
Yes… there will be some wedding spam on here. .

5- Those colors


There’s a lot of talk about what the ‘average wedding’ is like nowadays – when we know, there’s really no such thing as an average wedding! Let’s be honest, who wants to be average. We want amazing colours and love! A day filled with love! ⁠

[embedpost postid=”5387″]

6- Those bouquets


Happy Anniversary! Beautiful Brides Sarah & Vanessa ?

7- Love is love


love is love is love, there is really nothing better than celebrating love in all forms.  Happy National Pride Month ? ​

8- Those smiles


Rough translation:

Carolina and Carlos, at the command of @nubere_fotografiadebodas are two friends united by their passion for photography. These Murcia photographers have their cameras ready to immortalize every detail of your wedding. Head over to their profile to find out!

9- From Best Friends to Newlyweds


I married my best friend yesterday. Kaitlyn, I am eternally grateful to be loved by you and to now call you my wife. If this extra time together at home has taught me anything it’s that you truly are my person…

10- Aren’t Prue & Lisa just the cutest couple?!



Aren’t Prue & Lisa just the cutest couple?! This Palm Springs inspired styled shoot was featured in @dancingwithher.

11- Covid-19 Could not stop them


After being together eight and a half years, we said WE DO! Covid couldn’t stop us! ❤️

12- Dreams come true


Aren’t these lesbian wedding photos beautiful?

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